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  1. Thanks! Ive gotten one of my best friends into modeling as well! We're both doing the 66 GT350. And i understand the video game black hole! I was addicted to World of Warcraft for a few years. I still play, but not as much anymore, ive realized that some things are more important than games. And now with two classic trucks, i need the time to keep them running lol Mike
  2. Thanks guys! WoW! Its been forever since i finished this model! Ive since turned 18 and have bought two real people trucks! 1971 GMC Sierra Grande with a 7.7l Cadillac 472!! And also a 1978 GMC Sierra Grande 2500 4x4 4-speed! I love them! Ive rebuilt 3 carbs, 2 transmissions, and im rebuilding a mild 350 for my 71. Deadline is may 1st for the first car show of the season. Ive finished the 65 chevy pickup in my signature and im almost done with a Pro-street-ish 72 GTO and i just bought a 66 mustang GT350 kit and started that a few days ago. Thanks, Mike
  3. Absolutely Stunning! You need to do more! Mike
  4. I looked and It seems that I dont have them on photobucket right now. Will try to find them or take new ones.
  5. Alright, so i did alot with the '72 GTO most everything is done except the painting of the body. Now witht his model, i think about a week or so after i posted the above post, I took it out and brainstormed. I decided to scrap the lifted 4x4 idea. Its just too much for me to handle right now. I went back to the street rod idea. I have the body in paint waiting for clear. I have the interior half done and I have the frame and drive train finished. If i can find some pics, ill post em up. So thats where im at right now.
  6. Awesome! Where did you get this kit? I love this era of truck and cant find the kt for less then like $50. Mike
  7. AWESOME! I love this era of chevy/GMC trucks, where did you get the kit at?? Would LOVE to have one! Thanks, Mike
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