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  1. I would buy a couple of Project X '57 Chevs. The evolution of that car has always fascinated me from the first time I saw it in PHR.
  2. I remember buying a quantity of these paints at a store (may have been a Wal-Mart) in Ormond Beach, Florida back in the early 1990s. I brought them home with me in my carry-on luggage, which would probably land you in prison nowadays! I have one hood left painted in those colours, wish I still had a few of them in the rack.
  3. If you are looking for larger oval taillights, Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland sells resin units to replace the stock units in AMT's Sunbeam Tiger.
  4. There was a 1:1 pictured in a recent issue of Collectible Automobile. The article stated that perhaps 7 sedan deliveries were made by Oldsmobile in 1950.
  5. Looks great! I had a similar project underway with the Magnum, but I never completed the work. If anyone wants to try one of these as a '70s type retro wagon, the wheels from the 1:20 scale AMX work great as a styled road wheel (and the Magnum tires fit as well!)
  6. I love all these not-quite a wagon but not a SUV-type cars. I can fit tons of swap meet material, including tables, into my Kia Rondo, and have absolutely no issues with room. I call it the TARDIS, because it is a blue box that seems to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside! I wish I could have the manual trans on mine, but it was only available on the entry-level model for that year. No issues with the automatic transmission, but I have to keep this car in good shape since I don't think I can find a good replacement anymore.
  7. Hi Mike, I should have been more clear, but I am looking for the hood for the Impala kit. I did check the one from the Lindberg kit, but it's far too small.
  8. Looking for this piece, hoping someone out there has a spare one. Thanks in advance!
  9. ...and if it progresses the way many thing have, I still have a couple of first issue '30 Coupes in hand, waiting for that big online score!!! Seriously, I hope we do see good distribution of the Coupe here, after all the time builders have waited to get their hands on these kits.
  10. The Modelhaus did have a '57 150 4 door available, but they are probably unobtanium nowadays.
  11. Bandai has some really good car kits in their tooling bank. Unfortunately, they don't want to re-release them. Not much in 1:24 scale, but ta lot of well-detailed 1:20, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:8 kits.
  12. Tamiya also had the NSU TT 1000 in their R/C line, need to get these into the 1:24 kit line.
  13. The Salvino's has the better body dimensions, and 'looks' like a Charger; not quite sure what PL used for their rendition. The Salvino's chassis is similar in concept to the old MPC stock cars, but the torsion bar front and leaf-spring rear represent what a Charger would have ran. The PL is more of a purpose-built chassis, but the designers didn't do a great job. As Bill S. states, the tranny tunnel on both is huge. The roll cage on the Salvino's looks good, though. I have thought about using the Salvino's roll cage and related parts with the chassis from a Revell '69 Charger, just to get the more accurate floorpan stampings for the interior. If you are just building it out of the box, however, the Salvino's kit is the winner, hands-down.
  14. I would love to see a C8 Corvette be introduced, along with the recent 911 GT3 car and some other racers. I keep hoping Tamiya will go back and revisit their vintage sports car line, now that the 300SL and Fairlady are in the line-up. A Volvo P1800E, Saab 850 Monte Carlo, or a Mk.I Lotus-Cortina would be welcome.
  15. There are plenty of copies of this kit to go around, so build and enjoy it. I have a couple of the Model T's in my stash, and hope to start working on them one day.
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