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  1. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Boulton Paul's Turret Fighter - done!   

    Great job on the Defiant. I still have the bits from an original bagged Airfix kit which did not fit together at all. I have the cockpit finished in the newly-tooled version, and hope to get back to work on it over the winter months.
  2. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    Years ago, I built a Palmer '64 'Vette convertible, and thought it looked like the fiberglass cars you used to see on the carnival kiddie rides. If you could find the right size rider, it may be a possibility...
  3. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Toyotas   

    There is a kit of an FJ available from Italeri. It was originally an Esci kit, and a curbside, but it's still pretty nice. The only things I don't like about the kit is the Italeri version does not give you the hardtop roof, and you will need to add detail to the inside door panels.
  4. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I have owned this for a while, but I was finally able to bring it home from the dealership last week. 2015 BMW R1200RT. While I had to sell a few toys to purchase this bike, it's a completely different ride from my old Beemer. I'm glad it has cruise control, or else I could see many tickets in my future...

  5. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic New MasterBox 1/24 figures   

    I'll save that one until they come out with the 1/24 scale Brad Keselowksi figure...
  6. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic '77 Porsche 924   

    Looks good, Mike. Checking on your other builds makes me want to have another go at building a model of my '84 944. I just need to remember where I stashed the 924 interior bits and the cookie-cutter rims.
  7. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic 1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked   

    What an amazing piece of construction on a horrid kit. Simply stunning!
  8. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

  9. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I stopped in at an antiques market this afternoon, not expecting to find anything interesting. Came across a couple of aircraft and ship models, and then found a vendor with a number of built-up models. There is nothing out of the ordinary, until I came across a complete Hubley Metropolitan. I have seen these before, but usually as resin re-pops. The original builder used plenty of glue on the interior posts, but with Dremel and de-bonder, it did come apart. Now to see what it looks like when it comes out of the dunk tank.

  10. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Scale Finishes - Blotchy Paint   

    I have had similar problems when I tried using some of the new paints like Scale Finishes and Gravity Colors. Part of it was using an airbrush which couldn't flow enough paint, but I also found that I would get blotches on areas where the color coat ate through the primer. I use Plasti-Kote T-235 as my primer, but there were some areas which were not protected well.
  11. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic 1962 Chevrolet Sinkhole Corvette Is Completed   

    Great looking paint and workmanship, Mike. I have to get to work on my '62 at some point; my Dad owned one in that colour scheme back when I was in my teens.
  12. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic BMW 2002 tii   

    Looks great so far. Is the colour a modern BMW shade, or vintage?
  13. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic What's In The Box, BMW 2002 tii   

    I just checked my kit, and I'm a bit disappointed with the limited door engraving (you can see where they laid out the lines for engraving, but didn't follow through), but I think I have some winders and arm rests which will work.
  14. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic 1968 Lincoln   

    It is a different engine from the 1965 Lincoln. The 1968 could be found with two different engines; a 462 V8 (1966-mid 1968), and the 460 V8. The 460 can be found in the old AMT Ford F350 truck kits, and I think that someone had been casting the original 462.
  15. 64Comet404 added a topic in NASCAR   

    Question about NASCAR '61 Pontiacs
    I am researching the cars before I start building the Model King kit, and I have a few questions about the actual cars which I can't find on Google.
    1. What system was used to mount the dual shocks in the front? I know later cars used a hoop tied into the cage, but some blurry pictures I have seen make it look as if the shocks are mounted using frame mounted brackets.
    2. I am building the Joe Weatherly car, and I am attempting to come up with a plausible timeline for the paint scheme. I know that Bud Moore's cars, from 1961-64, were painted in a two-tone scheme of black and 1959 Chevrolet Roman Red. Pictures and film from the 1961 Daytona races show the car with what appears to be a metallic finish (the 1961 Pontiac paint chart lists one red-Coronado Red Poly). When would the change have taken place?
    Thanks in Advance!
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