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  1. Hasegawa also has a really nice 1/24 scale MB.
  2. I have been working on the Winning Fumina and the Hyper Gyanko figures, but there are a few others I will probably get sooner or later. The Bear'Guy kits are intriguing, and I'm tempted by that large scale Haro that my local shop keeps restocking. I was really impressed by the latest one I saw on my last trip to Wheels and Wings (the big Fumina figure, where you layer the parts in order to get an accurate skin tone representation), but I couldn't justify the buy-in at almost $100.
  3. Thanks for the compliments Dave! I also agree with you about the Vallejo primer, but have found it needs a lot longer. I once tried to do some priming over a surface painted with masking fluid. When I went to remove the mask (5 days later), the primer stripped off in sheets.
  4. Looks pretty good, Adam. I have been working on a couple of the Break Fighters as a diversion from my other areas of interest, and they are some of the best mouldings available to model-builders.
  5. I like using the Vallejo paints for airbrushing interiors and for detail painting, but for painting bodies or anything glossy, the Tamiya rattlecans are the way to go. You can also thin the regular Vallejo paints for airbrushing. Here are some pics of a model I built using Vallejo paints (Model Air red for the body and running gear, thinned Model Colors yellow for the wheels).
  6. I would go, but it is held on the same day as the big biannual IPMS contest in Ottawa.I wish Group 25 would go back to holding their show on a Sunday.
  7. When did the practice of the yellow stripe/bumper come into use in NASCAR? I have some older cars I would like to model, but want the details to be accurate. TIA.
  8. It happened during the middle of the show, when a vendor decided to put out some models that he didn’t have room for earlier. I happened to glance over, and saw the Maverick on top of some kit boxes. I went over and asked the price, and it was reasonable enough for me to hand over the cash without bargaining. As soon as I brought it back to my table, I had a number of guys who recognized it for what it is and where I had found it.
  9. This one was such a find, I had to give it its own post! Definitely the right place at the right time!!! I don’t know if I will do anything with it yet, or pass it along to a friend for his Tom Daniel collection. I’m just happy to say I have actually owned one of these rare beasts.
  10. I was at the AMRO contest today, and found some neat pieces for the collection. The Corvette and stock car are draw prizes, while the Charger and the Bug are donor kits (the bug is a complete glue bomb, but it has all the bits I need to finish mine). The MPC Monte and the trucks are good rebuilders, but there was one more model I bought, which will be posted later.
  11. The kit has been out for a few days at my LHS, haven't picked one up yet. I built one years ago, and it was a nice kit; wish I could have bought the 1:1 back in the day.
  12. The stock Cadillac engine would be a darker blue shade, but it could be any colour you want to complement the exterior. The block-connected oil filter was introduced for the 1956 model year. Hope this helps.
  13. Grabbed this one at the local shop today. Pricey, but I was fortunate to have a discount coupon at hand, making the cost more bearable.
  14. There is a Testor's enamel colour (square bottle) I have used for Pontiac engines. It is listed as Gloss Turquoise, number on the bottle is 107-RM11071_0711.
  15. That would be a cool version to build. If memory serves, one of the drivers was Robert Bateman, before becoming famous as a noted wildlife artist.
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