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  1. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Matchbox sunset box art - to brighten your day!   

    I teach in a school which is mainly rural, but I have also implemented a similar program at an urban school. The club is open to all, but I have found that the majority of students who participate regularly are girls. There are boys who like to build, but they also like to get outside at recess. I don't chase after them to attend, though; they come when they feel like it.
    I agree with you on the content of SAMI. I have been buying the magazine for many years, and have enjoyed the variety of aircraft they cover. Since I enjoy building older kits, I enjoy reading Classic Plastic and Clark's Field (I also like Mike Grant's work, but it almost falls under the category of re-engineering). I just hope it doesn't fade out like SAM has over the past couple of years. I was buying it when Jay Laverty was editor, because it catered to a wide variety of subjects (the Canada Day issues were great), but I find that the content is no longer worth the price of admission. I do hope SAMI doesn't fall into that trap.
  2. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Matchbox sunset box art - to brighten your day!   

    Yes it is. I run a program in the school where I teach, for students from Grades 4 to 8. The students start with a group build of a 1:24 car, and move on to building other models (usually 1:72 aircraft, depending on donations). I have been taking the group builds to contests, with a number of awards over the past few years, with a picture in the Model Cars annual being the biggest. There are a few teachers out there who build with their students; I was inspired by the model building which Bill Eh! did with his students, so I hope other like-minded teachers will encourage their classes.
    I liked the article on the Ta-152. I always liked the Classic Plastic section in SAMI, and hope that they continue to run articles which are different from the other model aircraft magazines. With the cost of magazines these days, it's depressing to encounter the same basic article in both SAMI and SAM. 
  3. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Matchbox sunset box art - to brighten your day!   

    I have always liked the Matchbox kits for their subject matter and ease of building. I know that some builders and reviewers have complained about too-deep panel lines and some lack of detail, but the kits fit together!!! After building many Airfix, Revell, FROG, and other manufacturers' airplanes, it is nice to have a kit which falls together without paying Tamiya prices. When I buy models for my model building program, I try and avoid biplanes, but my students have a fighting chance of finishing a Matchbox version. Right now, I have one of their SAAB J-29's on my workbench, ready for final assembly, and have enjoyed it thoroughly.  
    BTW, your name is familiar, Adam. Have you written for a British model aircraft magazine, by chance?
  4. 64Comet404 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Sox & Martin '67 GTX-a question
    I recently won the latest issue of the GTX at the silent auction at Kingston. On opening the kit, I found the GTX chrome tree, but with a set of Cragar S/S mags instead of Keystones. I know the Cragars were found in the Drag On Lady Coronet, but has anyone else noticed this issue?

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  5. 64Comet404 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for AMT '65 Pontiac wheel cover
    I recently purchased an original-issue '65 Bonneville at NNL East. When I went through the kit, I found I was missing one stock wheel cover. It is a wheel cover, and not the 8-lug aluminum wheels found in later issues. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  6. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic One of the weirdest Die Casts Ever, I'd say, just in time for 4-20...   

    This is what happens when the Department in charge of Children's Programming smokes a few, and queues up a double feature of Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine.
  7. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Quick Build-Lindberg 1/32 1949 Ford   

    A picture of the Ford's visit to the Model Building Club.

  8. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Quick Build-Lindberg 1/32 1949 Ford   

    I only had a few students building yesterday, but the one who was building the car was impressed. I will see what the other students think today. I still have two groups who need to finish their cars for NNL East, so that will be the priority for the next few days.
  9. 64Comet404 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Quick Build-Lindberg 1/32 1949 Ford
    One of my local hobby shops donated a box of bagged 1/32 Lindberg kits to the model building program I run at my school. There were a few mangled kits, but we ended up with enough car models (mainly '49 Fords) for students who wanted to build something other than airplane kits. Since my students were asking about some of the techniques I use in building, I decided to build up one of the incomplete kits (fortunately, I had the missing glass tree in my parts bin). I started the build on Saturday, and have about 4-5 hours into it. Paint is Testors One Coat Root Beer, with no primer; a mistake, considering that I had heavy sanding on the transition between the top and sides of the body. A brush coat of Future gives it a bit more shine. Chrome is Molotow paint markers, and the interior is Testors Fabric Tan, and some Tamiya tan paint. I wonder what my students will think when they see it tomorrow...

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  10. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Shizouka Hobby Show 2017   

    Personally, I am not really interested in a CSL, since they have been kitted before (not well in 1:24, but still). Pop out a 2.8 or 3.0 coupe without flares or spoilers, and I will definitely be interested. Bring on the 2002's!!!
  11. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Page Resin   

    I seem to recall that the Modelhaus kit was used for pics when AMT/Ertl introduced the 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air.
  12. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Lipstick on a pig! Mercury LN7 Out of Box review   

    I remember those kits when they first came out back in the 1980s, and didn't think the 1:1 were that bad (at least in comparison to the competition). For some obscure reason, R-M put out a run of bagged kits back in the mid '90s, and I grabbed another one. It's not for everyone, but at least it's more adventurous than the Cavalier/Omni/Horizon hatchbacks that were modeled at the same time.
  13. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Matty Winspur's "The Fabulous Hudson Hornet".   

    Apologies to Brett on misspelling his name.
  14. 64Comet404 added a post in a topic Matty Winspur's "The Fabulous Hudson Hornet".   

    I picked up the kit a couple of days ago. Although it does look good, I wish Moebius had tooled up the standard bumpers (without guards) for these versions. My Modelhaus bumpers are packed away, so I can't check on how close they are to stock. I agree with Brent on the paint; to my eyes, it looks like the 1:1 was painted with Ford Guardsman Blue, or something very similar.
  15. 64Comet404 added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    Kingston, Ontario Modelrama

    Model Car and Truck Contest/Flea Market, 9:00-4:00
    Location: Royal Canadian Legion #560, 734 Montreal Street, Kingston, Ontario (3.2 km South of Hwy 401)
    More information at www.kingstonmodelcar.blogspot.ca