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  1. There are two manufacturers out there with a Honda S600/800. There is the one pictured here, which started life as a Nitto kit, IIRC. It came in a series with a Toyota S800 and a Nissan Fairlady roadster. You could even get them with a bodyshell molded in clear plastic. Fujimi now sells these kits. Tamiya also does a S600/800, which was first introduced in the mid-1990s. Detail is much better, and there is also a racing version (with removable hardtop) available.
  2. You must have been reading my mind, Peter. Your post showed up while I was typing! I know that Jim at DRB has Tim's Musclecar book in stock, so if I don't hear anything soon, I'll probably order the new book from him.
  3. We would have to pay the conversion fees and the shipping, probably wouldn't get charged by Customs for duties. All part of the joys of being a hobbyist in a smaller market. If amazon doesn't get it in stock in the next couple of weeks, I will contact my source for car books and see if he can source one for me.
  4. There was one many years ago, think it was from All American Models. The easiest part of the conversion are the wheels-nearly all AMT '32 Ford kits come with the '35 Ford wire wheels.
  5. I'm in the same situation with amazon.ca. Chapters/Indigo doesn't even list it as available for ordering, so who knows when we will see this book in our mailboxes.
  6. If you need a slightly larger flathead six, look at the ones in the Moebius Hudson kits. Combining that with bits from the Chris-Craft and Plymouth kits may get you close.
  7. Great job on the build, should get back to my WIP!
  8. The only way it could be done with just a body, trim, and interior change is if a manufacturer converted a Chevrolet into the same year Canadian Pontiac. Right wheelbase, right engine, but would you have the interest from the US market for such a beast?
  9. I believe a '57 Oldsmobile would do quite well in the model world. Stock, custom, drag, and stock car (the '57 was Richard Petty's first Cup ride). Some of the other cars would also be fine additions to the hobby. It just depends on how many different variations a manufacturer can offer to make the project viable.
  10. I wouldn't mind having a new kit of the Elan to make Mrs. Peel's ride. While we're at it, a kit of Steed's Bentley would be nice to have. While we're at it, I really want a model of Crowley's Bentley from Good Omens. Great book and TV series, and the car just looks right!
  11. Received my parts in the mail today, look pretty good! Thanks again for the recommendations.
  12. It comes down to getting more 'life' out of a show car, back in the day. Some changes were to modernize the car, such as Ed Roth changing the engine in the Tweedy Pie to a SBC, and other changes were for the sake of change (pretty much everything George Barris did after Sam's death). Very few, if any, cars were 'improved' by such actions. The L'il Coffin looked good in both the Stuckey and Starbird versions. The later mod was fugly beyond belief.
  13. The Lada and Lada Niva were popular in Canada in the late 1970's and early 1980's, due to their standard features and cheap price. Haven't seen any in my area recently, though I did see a couple of sedans in Toronto a couple of years ago.
  14. I wish that Atlantis could find the Bekins van body and other bits that originally came with the Kenworth. There was a caster who made a resin copy of the parts years ago, but can't remember who it was.
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