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  1. 1974 MG-B

    The car looks great, and I am glad that Aoshima finally included the Rostyle wheels with the kit. I had a friend who owned a '75 MGB, painted bright greenish-yellow, and he asked me to find him the kit when it was first issued. The wire wheels and rubber bumper combination never looked right, IMO.
  2. The Prisoner Lotus 7

    The light is reflecting off the mesh stone guards over the headlights. I built a replica of the Lotus 7 years ago, and it is a fabulous kit. I even had a set of the Elan wheels (from Mini Exotics, IIRC), but I couldn't figure out how to properly mount them on to the model. Techniques and skills have definitely improved in the decades since then.
  3. Pontiac did build some cars with the 409, but it was a really small percentage of production. Most Canadian Pontiacs of the era were equipped with a 261 c.i. six or a 283 V8. I have seen pictures of a '63 Strato Chief 409 which ran in the NHRA Stock division, so there were some out there. I really liked this build. I had a neighbour who owned a '60 Strato Chief when I was young, and I have appreciated the styling since then. P.S. I couldn't get your question to quote here Cliff, but there is a photo-etch set which has those scripts. Okey Spaulding used to sell them as extra detail for the JoHan '55-56 Pontiacs. If you're planning to go to Kingston, PM me, and I'll bring them down so you can see them.
  4. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    It's pretty much the same shape as the misshapen one on the "65 Bonneville kit. Fortunately for me, there's only one kit that is getting my attention (the Datsun 240Z). I'll consider the Tamiya Mercedes if they ever do the purple and white Wynn's livery from this year's IMSA races...
  5. Cool! With all the talk of the GarWood over the years, it will be nice to see actual proof of its' existence (even as a wood master)
  6. Triumph TR4A, Airfix, 1/32

    Looks like a really clean build, Matt. I really should start building my stash of Airfix cars.
  7. A good source for photo etch and aftermarket parts is the Hobby Centre In Ottawa (www.hobcen.com). They do a lot of mail order, and they get in a lot of aftermarket from collections, which means if you are looking for something discontinued, they may have it in stock.
  8. Butch Leal California Flash Duster color ?

    IIRC, I think the Leal cars were Ford Poppy Red, so you could try Testor's Chevrolet Engine Red, or even Hugger Orange, and adjust to taste.
  9. I think this kit would sell just on it's sexiness alone.

    I want to see the Cheetah offered in a 1/24 double kit, alongside a Gee Bee R2 airplane. Both subjects seem to share the same design philosophy!!!
  10. Matchbox's Cold Warrior - F-101F Out of Box

    The Voodoo was always a favourite of mine, there were always so many variations on the paint schemes on the Canadian units. I remember passing the display unit at CFB Uplands many times when I was a teenager (used it as a navigation aid for making the turn to get to my girlfriend's house). One of these days, I will build one, but will leave the Matchbox one for the collectors.
  11. Rolls Royce Merlin colors

    From the references and real life examples I have seen, the basic block is black, while the heads, rocker covers, and sump can be either black or natural metal. I have seen one painted maroon, and it was intended as.a training aid for mechanics IIRC.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    The local hobby shops have the kit in stock, so it should be making its' way to your local shop soon.
  13. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    I haven't seen any in central Canada either. Probably won't get my hands on one until I head down for NNL East.
  14. The T-handle is not something you see often in kit form. The only one that comes to mind is the one in the AMT '69 Cougar Eliminator kit.
  15. Moebius 66 Ford F100 Pickup preview

    I had someone at my LHS mention that there was a delay or cancellation for the utility bed version. Has anyone else heard this rumour? I'm hoping it's untrue, because I am looking forward to these kits.