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  1. Salvino's is keeping the more modern releases (anything 1981 and newer) at 1:24, as it is the scale popularized by Monogram's kits. Any of the 115" cars are in 1:25, as they are the same size as the MPC, AMT and JoHan offerings. Jim Rogers (the 'JR' in Salvino's JR) 3D-printed one of the 1981 LeMans bodies in 1:25, in order to show the difference between the 115" and 110" cars. It is surprising to see how much smaller one of the later cars is compared to the older racers.
  2. For 1:48 biplane kits, it's hard to beat some of the latest Eduard releases. Their earlier kits were short-run mouldings, but more recent kits have good tooling and quality. I would also check out some of the pages like Hyperscale for build reviews. I like some of Roden's kits, but they can be fiddly. Decals also leave a lot to be desired. Hope this helps.
  3. Nice to have this one back, but I hope a decal company will release a sheet with the gold leaf markings. I remember trying to brush-paint these on the Model King reissue with mixed results.
  4. I'm going to play a bit of Devil's Advocate here, because I think Revell may have replicated the 1:1 wheelwell accurately, just not the ones found on the original car when manufactured. Just hear me out on this. You have to remember R-M was based in the Chicago area, which was known for heavy salt use in the winter months. Combine this with the nonexistence of replacement quarter panels and wheelwells, and you can see how many older cars were rebuilt with quarters which were close to, but not exactly like, the originals. The Comet wagon you see as my avatar is a case in point. It lived the majority of its life in the Ottawa, Ontario region, which used a lot of salt on the roads. When the second owner took it in for bodywork in the early 1980's, the repair shop rebuilt the quarters and rockers with shaped metal and a lot of brazing rod. It looked like an original 1964 Comet wagon, until you looked at a picture of an original car. Does that mean that Revell did a poor job on replication? Possibly. I think they should have found other vehicles to compare their prototype with, even if it would have added some travel time to the budget. As always, YMMV.
  5. The Jefferies logos were also on the Fonzie Dream Rod issue, but you had to find a full length top and the Monkee licence plate.
  6. I have that one, but I would like a retooled version with recessed panel lines and some state of the art engraving.
  7. Good looking build, Pat. I keep hoping Italeri or some other mfr. will make a new tool kit of the Boxcar.
  8. They need to add the camper conversion interior to that one! I don't know if there was one, but it looks the part. I'm not going to consider getting the highroof version until I finally get the regular kit in my hands. Hopefully it shows up in the mail this week...
  9. Lindberg 1:32 kits were my first builds. A 1976 Ford Granada and a 1934 Ford 'Tub', bought on the same day at the local Woolworths. Long, long gone but I have built replacement versions for the display case.
  10. Scale Finishes makes a Chevy engine orange. If you can't order it, you can always buy a spray can of Chevy Orange engine enamel from your local auto parts store. Hope this helps.
  11. The way I always understood it was: Johnson: parts that weren't up to Evinrude standards Mariner: parts what weren't up to Mercury standards Force: They're not up to Mariner standards, but the engine will run until 1 second past the warranty expiration! There were a pile of store-brand outboards made by OMC which contained pieces of older Evinrude and Johnson design work. There were some badge engineered Mercs, but not as many as compared to OMC. Then there were the Chryslers...
  12. I always loved the Darlington announcer describing "The young rookie, Dick Petty..." 😀
  13. I'm surprised there hasn't been any 1:24-1:25 models of any SAAB cars. With all the interest in rally kits, I hope we can finally get a GT850 or a 99/900 series in plastic.
  14. The Revell '68 Mustang has a reasonably accurate chassis and engine compartment. The pics being shown of the conversion are using an AMT 1968 Shelby GT500, which is based off the '68 Mustang annual, with an AMT/ERTL '67 Mustang engine compartment and chassis. If you do go with the Revell kit, try to find the newest issue you can find. Some of the original kits came with 1967 Mustang interior pieces, and it is hard to tell by looking at the box art.
  15. I would have liked to see an earlier Yamaha RD, instead of another RZ250/350. Mind you, I'm still waiting for a Japanese manufacturer to tool a model of a Honda CB/CL350 twin, so maybe this one will convince Hasegawa to do more old bikes.
  16. For most dealerships, it was Dodge-Dodge Truck, and Chrysler-Plymouth-Fargo.
  17. I have a later boxing of this kit by MPC. The only change I made to it, beyond replacement decals, was to cut the nose section from the chassis and glue it to the body.
  18. Should be out for October or November. This boxing is limited to 2500 kits, so place your orders soon!
  19. What about some white letter tires for the Day 2 look? You know, once you had burned off the factory set, you would go down to the parts store and get whatever house brand they had. Some Coopers or Kellys or whatever other brand was popular. I would love to have some Canadian Tire Tornadoes, but I know that's a real niche market!
  20. There have been a number of cars which were painted in different colour combinations. My Comet wagon, also a Canadian-built car, came with a light yellow exterior and a red interior.
  21. Most of the events from Days of Thunder were based on actual events, but then warped out of proportion. The original rental car story was between Curtis Turner and Joe Weatherly, though I'm sure it has been replayed by others over the decades. The meeting between the team owners and the head of NASCAR was based on an incident between Rick Hendrick and another owner. The scene where Cole threatens to crack the other driver over the head to relieve the pressure is (very loosely) based on a conversation between Dr. Jerry Punch and Buddy Baker. Can anyone here add to the list of scenes based on real events? Let's see how many we can come up with!
  22. I still have some of those AMT bottles in my collection, even airbrushed the Violet Fireflake about 20 years ago... Great effect on the bottles! Reminds me of the old craft trick, where you put a penny in a pill bottle and then pop it in the oven. Instant object trapped in amber!
  23. For the Aqua Rod, I wish Round 2 would get away from the SOHC heads and cover, and give us the regular cylinder heads and Interceptor valve covers. Much nicer looking, IMO.
  24. Salvino's and Ford are talking, but it takes time for contracts to go through all the corporate channels. Mustangs could possibly be available before the end of 2022, but I think it would be more likely to see them in the first quarter of 2023.
  25. I wonder if you have the IMC version of this car, because it did have some nicer tires than the AMT ones. Perry's Resin used to offer them (I know this because my copies were the masters), but I don't know if any other casters offered them.
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