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  1. Cleveland model clubs? Just moved to the area for college
  2. Where'd you get those wheels/tires on the chevy
  3. My most recent Build "Foose Firebird"

    The reason the front sits high is because when they originally made the kits they replicated how the real 68s sat a little higher in the front. So you didn't do anything wrong its just the kit. Great looking build by the way.
  4. I have a 78 c20 that I'm in the middle of restoring now and I'm further on the model than the actual truck. Lol
  5. Are you planning on attending the mid Atlantic nnl in may?
  6. Strip all of it off. Then scuff with 80 grit paper. Wash with soap and water them with a wax and grease remover. Allow this plenty of time to dry. Apply a body filler. Not glazing putty. allow plenty of time to dry. sand starting at 180 and work you're way to 1000. Write off and apply glazing putty only if pinholes are there. Then sand out again.
  7. '64 goat promod, 1/24

    Its called instacure+ gap filling. As long as you let it dry fully it sands great and lasts a long time
  8. '64 goat promod, 1/24

    Don't use putty. Use super glue. It sands better and lasts longer.
  9. Clubs in Pennsylvania

    Central Pennsylvania model car club meets at the mount wolf fire hall on the first Saturday of every month. Any more info you need you can pm me.
  10. testors rattle can

    I'll try all of this. Thanks guys
  11. testors rattle can

    I use an airbrush every now and then but I prefer rattle cans. I've just never seen anything like this. Oh well. I'll just keep redoing till I'm happy with it.
  12. testors rattle can

    They don't show till the paint settles and us close to dry. I've sprayed these three bodys over a period of 2 weeks. And my area is clean and the bodys are cleaned and prepped before I spray them.
  13. I got a can of testors rattle can red. I have painted 3 bodys with it and all have come out with flaws that almost resemble large dust particles. Is out possible that restores got a contaminate in the paint or an I doing something wrong???
  14. I Love Front Engine Dragsters

    I built that 1/16 California charger when I was 10...all I remember is I had to make my self finish cause I got so frustrated lol