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  1. Thanks. Not that I know of. May have to be one of those things to scratch build for each one
  2. Think I’m calling it all good on this one, not as much detail as I had planned, Decals didn’t come out great being from a 15 plus year old kit but for the first model I’ve built in 7 years I’m happy with how it turned out.
  3. What’s a good place to order number decals for stock cars?
  4. Chassis is silver/gray body I’m still debating
  5. Anyone have any experience with big donkey? Wanting to order this body to build a local late model. Also if anyone knows of kits or aftermarket companies that have more late model parts not just nascar stuff
  6. Thanks. I found the headers in a box of parts then used some heat to bend them, then used tubing to collect them together
  7. I agree, local hobby store only had that and didn’t want to wait to order more. Being the first car I’ve done in a long time I was expecting to be a bit rusty. Next build is going to be no expenses spared
  8. Not usually one to toot my own horn but I’m proud of myself with the exhaust.
  9. Early 90s nascar kits I picked up at a swap meet.
  10. Was going through all my old model parts after 7plus years of being in storage and found this coronet body, but no chassis or anything else to it so I decided to build a local vintage stock car.
  11. Thanks I’ll check it out. Don’t need to be exact just something big. Trying to recreate my dads mud runner
  12. Anyone know of any resin of road tires for a truck? Looking for something that would scale down to 38”
  13. Does anyone know of a 1960 buick lesabre kit or a resin body? thanks
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