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      The Report function of the forum works well. If you see someone acting up, acting out, or just being an okole, use the Report function. It works! I have it set up so it not only sends me an email, but that email is then marked with a flag, and get's put to the top of my email list. I will try to access/look at the report/topic as soon as possible, but remember, I'm on a six hour time delay, and other mods not only have a life, but a real job as well.  k den


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  1. munter added a post in a topic Resin casting parts - legal?   

    Right or wrong, copying of parts and bodies is happening.

    Buy some silicone and some resin and you are away...nothing is safe.

    Of course when you have copied something, what you do with it then becomes the issue...sell? give it away? trade it?

    Another thing I wonder about, what if you copy a copy?
  2. munter added a post in a topic Resilient Resin bodies   

    The guy Dave(?) passed away about 12 months ago and now no more Resilient resins.
    I recently saw three lots of RR bodies on eBay go for serious $$