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  1. MODERATOR added a post in a topic retro and rat rods, just dont get it.......   

    Guys, this is looking like it might digress into something that I will have to remove (stress might). Opinions are fine, just watch your wording. I am not referring to any specific posts. Let's live and let live, please. Taste is subjective.
  2. MODERATOR added a post in a topic "American" cars?   

    I think it's great that you guys have the freedom to express yourselves, granted by both Gregg and the Bill of Rights. But, respect is expected. Some of you cut a very fine line. This is a global forum. Let's watch the disrespectful comments about other people's homelands. Please do not make me remove your posts. - M
  3. MODERATOR added a post in a topic Nostalgia Gasser Inspiration   

    Gentlemen, I understand vintage gassers and the modern gas class. There seems to be a problem of definition Please post, but do it with more respect for others. If someone is not "understanding" you, use a PM. Thank you -- Moderator
  4. MODERATOR added a post in a topic New Guitar Day   

    Let's stick to cars, please.