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  1. That is just perfect! There's no more to say.
  2. Perfect! Everything about it!
  3. Really nice build. I've always liked that emerald green metallic color.
  4. Really really nice. Everything looks spot on. Love Bonneville racers!
  5. I like the Modelhaus kit, but it does need a little extra attention. Here's one I did. Historic Racing Miniatures makes a full detail kit, but it's just too expensive, IF you can get one! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=68291&hl=
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah, I guess you can tell I like Cheetahs. It all started with a yellow H.O. slot car back in the sixties. There IS a 1/25th kit from Modelhaus for 60.00 plus 10.00 shipping. In My opinion, well worth the money when you consider the old Cox kits are going for more than 200.00! Chris
  7. I finished this one yesterday. Built it as a street Cheetah from a George Turner kit. The wheels and tires are from a Testor's '32 Highboy kit. Also added a disc and wheel knock off to hold down the spare tire. Paint is Duplicolor Oxford White without clear coat. I thought I'd also throw in a picture of the gang. The 43rds anyway. Sorry about the picture quality. Still struggling with a new camera! Chris
  8. That turned out great Bill. The panel fit and shape look spot on and the finish is perfect! As far as a clear overcoat/sealer, have you ever tried Micro Gloss? It's a water based clear made by Micro Scale. It's the only water based clear that I've found that will polish out similar to lacquer. It dries with a high gloss but I'm thinking you may be able to get the effect you're looking for if you sand it with some 2400 +/- grit. I have NO idea if any that would work, but I guess it could be something else to try. The stuff seems to be pretty bullet proof when dry so you wouldn't have to worry about gloves anymore!
  9. I just found this thread and have read it from the start. Very impressive. You have a great eye for detail. Makes me want to start on my "Attempt I" kit. Really nice work Bill.
  10. These don't really hold up to what I'm seeing here, but I HAD to get in on it.
  11. That looks really good Larry! I have one of those kits myself that I take out and look at every so often. They're actually pretty nice kits. How did you cut the circles in the decal sheet? Chris
  12. Very nice!! I built the Casadio Mercedes and have an Auto Union kit to build. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58621&hl=%2Bmercedes+%2Bw154
  13. This is an old Record kit of a 1951 (according to the box) Chevrolet Styleline Pickup. It was missing the wheels and tires so I used a set from an AMT '68 Firebird. The rear bumper was also missing so I left off the front bumper as well. The decals were pieced together from 1/24 dragsters. I trimmed a piece of sheet styrene and painted it Tamiya flat black for a rubber bed mat. The trailer is an Esdo metal kit. The Ferrari is a 1959 250 Testa Rossa built from a Rennaisance kit.
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