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  1. RT6PK added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Right back at both of you guys. Bob and Vince (Dragline and vintagedragcrazy) are straight up guys who came throught with some good stuff. I would definately do business with both again.
  2. RT6PK added a topic in Trading Post   

    Have Some Stuff Up For Trade
    Everything is complete and unbuilt with the following exceptions:
    ·         Revell Tom McEwen set only contains an unbuilt Dragster. The Funny Car is not included. AND, the box is not included UNLESS you trade for more than one model from me. The big box will be more for me to ship.
    ·         AMT ’57 Chevy is missing the custom wheels and the custom 2 bbl carbs and air cleaners. ALSO, the box is not included; I will send the kit in the AMT ’57 Chevy Boyd box.
    ·         AMT Challenger Funny Car is missing the decals.
    Items that I am looking for:
    ·         Revell ’70 Cuda – Sox & Martin Pro Stock
    ·         Lawman ’64 Plymouth Super Stock
    ·         AMT ’34 Ford Tudor Sedan
    ·         Revell ’32 Ford Tudor Sedan
    ·         AMT ‘39/’40 Ford Tudor Sedan

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  3. RT6PK added a post in a topic I am looking for these parts.   

    PM sent
  4. RT6PK added a post in a topic hood needed   

    PM sent
  5. RT6PK added a post in a topic Long Shot For Sure - JoHan '69 GTX Interior Tub   

    I do have a virgin '69 roadrunner. Obviously I don't want to pirate the interior tub from it for a builder. I also have a '70 Superbird interior tub in the parts bin that will fir the GTX body. If I cannot find the correct interior, I might try to splice in the door panels from the AMT '69 GTX onto the Superbird tub.
  6. RT6PK added a topic in Wanted!   

    Long Shot For Sure - JoHan '69 GTX Interior Tub
    I need the JoHan '69 GTX interior tub. I have tons of parts, decals, and unbuilt kits to trade. Let me know what you need.
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  7. RT6PK added a post in a topic Models kits to move   

    PM sent
  8. RT6PK added a post in a topic Kit for trade   

    PM Sent
  9. RT6PK added a post in a topic Getting Out of Model Cars   

    PM sent
  10. RT6PK added a post in a topic '70 Plymouth Duster Decals   

    Thanks for the reply guys, but yes, the '71 strip is very different than the '70 stripe. The '70 stripe actually looks almost like a thinner version of the '71/'72 Demon stripe. I actually have a set of Demon stripes that I was going to try to trim down to look like a '70 Duster stripe.
  11. RT6PK added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Clearcoat for Old Decals
    Can anyone recommend a type of clear coat, (gloss? flat? Testers? Tamiya?) to spray on an old decal sheet to prevent, (or at least minimize the chance) of the decals breaking apart in water?
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  12. RT6PK added a post in a topic New unbuilts for trade...   

    PM Sent on the '39 Ford
  13. RT6PK added a post in a topic AMT mid 90's Mustang Cobra "R"   

    Yeah you guys are right, I am making it up. I didn't actually have the kit.