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  1. That's because I sent it to the wrong guy. Let me try again.
  2. Any word on which decals are coming with the cars? Or is it going to be a surprise?
  3. These are freaking awesome. I cannot wait. I haven't anticipated a new model release this much since the Plymouth altered wheelbase and A990.
  4. This is probably a long shot. Does anybody have Mopar Hemi Red Rooster intake manifold in 1/25 scale as seen in this picture?
  5. Can anybody tell me if anyone has ever made a 1/25 scale Mopar rat roaster intake manifold? As seen in the picture.
  6. I don't know why there is no p.m. icon on your profile. Email me your address at jjs340@zoominternet.net
  7. Thanks for all of the input guys. I ordered some of Tamiya stuff today. Jamie
  8. Can anyone give me some insight on what you use and how do you accent front grilles with black so that it doesn't look like a solid piece of chrome plastic? For about 40 years now, I have always brushed on some flat or semi flat paint, then simply and very lightly wipe the excess off with a tissue. The left over paint would settle into the low crevices and the the chrome fins of the grille would shine through. Another method I have used was to let the paint dry, then lightly rub the paint off of the high spots with a tooth pick. Both of these methods have always worked for me. Well, I am working on the Moebius '65 Plymouth. The crevices are so shallow, that when I try to wipe the excess paint off, I end up taking it all out. Then I tried again with my second method and it looks even worse. Attached is a photo of what I am ending up with. So my question to everyone is what other methods are out there for detailing grilles?
  9. Here is one front and one rear of what I am looking for.
  10. Looking for a set of the Keystone wheels from the JoHan '71 Cuda Pro Stock / Pro Street. I have lots of other wheels, tires, and other stuff to trade.
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