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  1. Can anyone spare a Revell / Monogram '55 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hardtop body and side chrome? I need the latest version, (Revell Good Guys or Monogram Car Show)... the one without the opening doors and trunk. I have tons of stuff to trade.

  2. 34 minutes ago, Xingu said:

    What you aren't realizing is that there are folks that only log in once or twice a week. The 7-day rule gives them a chance to see the models that are offered and to participate if they choose.

    I'm with Daddyfink on this one. We have a guy who wants an item; and wants to get the thread moving again. But everyone has to sit here for DAYS waiting..... because of guys who only feel like logging on "once or twice or twice per week"??? and MIGHT want an item??? If the "choose to participate", then maybe they should show up a little more often. Well we'll all just sit here waiting until they feel like joining us I guess.


    I rant with all due respect... you guys do run a pretty good board here. :rolleyes:

  3. I say this with all due respect, but IMHO, I think 12 hours is waaaaaayyyyy too long to have to wait for someone to post anything. It is not fair to those of us who made an effort to keep the ball rolling. If you are going to participate, then there is no reason that you couldn't have pictures of your stuff on your computer and phone already. That is what i did. I grabbed a lot of stuff and my kits were always posted within a few minutes. So were the kits of a most of the guys that I dealt with. Couldn't we make it like an hour or so? I mean if you are at work and don't have time, then how do you have time to check the thread?

    Also, I have to wait a week before I grab anything else??? Can't that be like a day or so? I realize that some guys only have a few kits in their stash. But a lot of us have many many kits to offer. And those guys were offering some really good desirable stuff. I personally would post 8 or 10 kits at once; and they must have been pretty good because something was always grabbed within 20 minutes or so. Point is that some us, (no names but we know who they are) have a lot of great kits to offer. Making them wait a week to grab something else and post their offerings will be that much longer that we have to wait for more variety; and that much longer that we'll be looking at the same C4 Corvettes and NASCAR Monte Carlos.

    Again, with all due respect, I think the rules are a little too restrictive.


    HEY WAIT, it just hit me, Instead of complaining, can I just start my own P.I.F. thread with my own rules?:D


  4.  I am looking for the Revell '37 Ford Pick Up. Has to be the Special Edition Street Rod version. Here is what I have to trade.

    The Double Dragster is the old Blue Printer release in an original 60's box. There has been some light assembly, but no painting.

    The '57 Chevy is missing the big pimp wheels, but includes two sets of big pimp wheels from other kits.

    Some light engine assembly on the Shelby Cobra.


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