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  1. I recently had two different "Wanted to Trade" posts going. I was able to trade off a lot of kits, get a lot of stuff that I was looking for, and meet some good guys in the process. Everything went smooth except one trade. One member sent me a '62 Pontiac. All he did for shipping was wrap the kit box in paper which offers absolutely no protection from postal workers whose only goal in life is to load and unload trucks as quickly as possible. In addition to that, he taped the paper to the kit box with duct tape. Needless to say, the kit was smashed to hell. And, when I did remove the paper, the duct tape tore a big part of the printing off of the box, (not that that mattered, because the box was already crushed). Sooooo, just a small piece of advice to those who didn't already figure this out, Please, when shipping a model kit, it is a good idea to put it in a cardboard box. The post office gives you the boxes and tape for free, (as long as you use Priority Mail); and wrinkled up old newspapers are a very inexpensive packing material. I have bought and sold many over the years, and have always had good luck doing it this way.

  2. Thanks guys. Yeah as you can tell, I'm a Mopar fan, (although my last 5 or 6 builds have been 50's and 60's style rods and customs). Getting the Coronet a few years back was my boyhood dream come true. The only downside was selling off a load of vintage model kits to help raise some of the cash.

  3. Hi Everyone, I've been checking out the forum for a couple weeks now and I decided to go ahead and register. My youngest is at the age where he doesn't need constant supervision now, so hopefully I'll have a little free time for model building again, (when I'm not messing with my real one). I attached a few pictures of my builds as well as the real one.







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