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  1. So not much else to show at the moment, its too cold to paint outside (cant do any indoors!) so im still smoothing things out, for a change ! Wasnt going to use the air cleaner but im trying it out, i cut a groove in the end which i`ll fill with mesh for an air cleaner, and smoothed all the detail off of it. The rocker covers are corvette, and, er, smoothed ! If i carry on smoothing like this, im going to produce an egg on wheels !
  2. Looking good Joe, great car and great program , we all love the General Lee !
  3. Seen some amazing drawings from Larry Erickson, but Chip is still my favourite ! Still smoothing out bits on this ! Think every part of the kit so far ive smoothed, im getting obsessed with it ! Engine basics together, there was a hole where you could see past the starter motor and into the gearbox, so ive plated this with sheet. The sump and gearbox pan have had the nuts and bolts smoothed out and im currently smoothing out the firewall ! Not sure about engine design yet, i`ll add the heads and intake when ive decided on the look im after !
  4. Wow another cool hi-boy, love the paint Bruce ! Made a start on the bodywork , rubbing out mold lines etc. The rear panel with the exhaust cut-outs fitted badly so ive blended this in . Also under the running boards had sink marks etc so i made smooth panels from 0.5mm plastic card and blended thses in too. As the hood fitted well i taped this in place and glued the dash/windscreen surround in so it lines up. Will be adding a front hinged hood so i might fill a couple of gaps where the hinges go too ! I like the look of it laying on the floor so it may get lowered with airbags, but first a smooth firewall is on the way, more sanding then its primer time !
  5. Looking good Bruce, very nice chop, too many people over-chop 32 roofs IMO but yours looks perfect ! I really like the way you altered the chassis too, rather than adding a Z section , as someone else mentioned it keeps the flow of the chassis lines ! Thanks, I'll remember this tip for some of my future projects !
  6. Looking really nice Michael ! Still love that colour, the doors look so much better and that interior is a great improvement ! Look forward to seeing this finally come together !!
  7. Thanks Claude, and I love your version, that looks really good !I No WIP for either of these i suppose ? If anyone else wants to post there builds of this car, feel free I'd love to see them !
  8. Thank you for posting these Randy, two very nice examples for sure. I seem to have wide gaps around the chassis, and floorpan, the only part that lines up well is the bonnet, ( or hood ) No idea where the dash or firewall fits too, it's very vague ! But yours looks a lot better, so I'll go for it and see now.... Thanks again, I'm certainly more determined now to build it as is !
  9. Thankyou for the comments guys, truck is now finished and posted in `under glass`
  10. Finally finished up the Peterbilt, theres a WIP here if you want to look ! Still a couple of items left to do but i need clear orange paint (roof lights) and the trailer cables still to add (I cant find anything the right size) The truck has a Z`ed chassis, lengthened 1.5 inches, modded front suspension , custom interior with fur, wired engine and low profiles on the front helps it sit about 1mm off the floor .... Never built a truck before, really enjoyed this it was a real change... Hope you like it 😁
  11. Been after one of these for a while, I absolutely love the car and was looking forward to building a detailed kit of it . Originally it was the Testors Boyd Coddington version , not sure how Lindberg can produce one and not mention Boyd but there you go.... Unfortunately i was really disapointed with it, Ive just been dry fitting bits and theres very vague instructions, and hardly anything fits `together`, almost feels like im building it from seperate spares box parts. That and there seems to be gaps everywhere, you can see through the model in several places.... Anyway i`ll try and get it together, hopefully i can fill a few gaps and get it looking ok... the worst comes to the worst i`ll probably try a 40 Ford body or something similar, as the running gear looks really good ! Wish me luck eh !
  12. Cool, always glad to see a lowrider being built ! Remember some of your builds from LIL forum, looking forward to seeing this Caprice come together ! Are you still producing the transfer sheets ? Awesome designs, i always planned on getting some !
  13. Almost forgot, interiors complete too ! Being a show truck i couldnt just paint it beige could i ?
  14. Wow its been awhile, been busy building and not updating this ! Still raining, and too cold, to paint the bodywork here but the rest is almost done ! Front suspension, extended propshaft, new recovered radiator ( in chrome of course ! ) and rear end is complete. Added 49 merc tailights too, and theres a bit of gold plating going in as well ! More pics soon when i get to paint it !
  15. Great Idea for this, really coming along now !
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