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  1. Thanks Bruce, nice Cuda ! Well i think this is the first time ive got this far on a project with no definate decision on wheels, but Ive finally found some ! These were stolen from a 37 Ford project that Id started, (no idea what kit their from? ) but Im well happy they are just what i was looking for ... p/e discs should show through okay, so its time for suspension ! Going to need a LOT of cutting about to get it this low, so wish me luck eh !
  2. WOW !! Your 240Z is incredible, I heard of race cars losing any excess weight, but Eric that's taking the @#£% !! 😂 Amazing car, did you drive that on the street ?? Funny but I thought it was Robert Downey Jnr driving it !
  3. The craziness continues ! Great idea using corvair engines , I have an unbuilt one somewhere if you need any spares ? Chassis looks, well, original ! ! Great design it looks like part of the same kit ! Looking forward to more, (and I've missed your 1:1 project, more pics please! )
  4. Thankyou for the commens guys, much appreciated ! More mock ups, i check everything still fits together reguarly, best not to find any problems later.... Still not definately set on these wheels, rears are fine but the front are just a tad too big i think ? Looking for quite an open style of wheel as i have p/e disc brakes for it.. Engine was progressing, but i thought I`d de-chrome the valve covers, carbs etc. They have been soaking in bleach for 4 days now and they are just starting to clear, Revell certainly chrome these things thick ! More engine updates soon, at least the headers are fitted and luckily still clear the engine bay alright ! ( panic attack there ! )
  5. Looking good Sonny , lots of little tips n' tricks included in this ! I like the chassis work, hate it when you find molded in exhausts etc and I like the way you made the engine mounts too ! Should look great , I like the new door panels too , great stuff !
  6. Now that's a cool Wagon ! I love Kindigs cars, although subtle, the 55 is a beautiful piece of inspiration ! Good choice using the wagon rod suspension, I'm looking forward to more on this !
  7. Enjoying watching this come together Jim, lots of subtle mods but will look all the better for it ! Especially like the floating grill idea, i will be watching this come together now !
  8. Just been having a catch up on this, great work as usual Dann ! Love the new colours, they suit the shape well ! As for the wheels, how about the 3 pointed knock offs you get on lowrider wheels ? Just an idea ! Looking forward to more buddy !
  9. Thankyou for the comments ! Interior is pretty much finished, still not glued down but finished ! Steering column was scratchbuilt, and i finally used my p/e steering wheel ive had for a while, new colour carpet and rear shelf breaks the interior up a bit. Ive added a p/e grill for the centre console and electric window switches for the doors too. Pin shifter and indicator stalk, and some buttons in the console ( which i might change! ) More soon, engine time next i reckon...
  10. Thanks guys ! Bit more on this, centre console has been scratchbuilt and the interior is now Ivory with a gold dash and console... So i guess im not following the original cars colours of blue and silver ! The 4 dials (Audi R8) and cuda badge are copying the original layout, just smoother ! Might add another colour to the interior as its a bit plain, but the Ivory colour is also going on the engine bay and floorpan. Still lots more to add to the interior, so i`ll post up a pic when its finished !
  11. Great stuff Luke, interiors really coming along ! Thought you'd be using a twin turbo engine, but the stacks should look just as Cool sticking out ! And what are you using for the bolts holding the suspension etc together ? They look really effective !
  12. Looking good Dann, I'd check there's room down the sides of the seats for that cage ( unless your not using standard ones ) as they seem quite wide. I'm playing around with my Cuda interior now so thought I'd mention it ! Should be a beast when complete, looking forward to more on this !
  13. Very nice work on the seats, bet that's hard to scribe it all like that, and keep it that clean looking ! Looking forward to seeing more !
  14. Oh my God, an advanced custom option ? ? On an otherwise standard version of the car those options look horrible, but somehow if you chop the roof up like that, it makes the crazy front and rear end look good ! I'll admit you get full marks for imagination, and I can see this really working out ! If it's anything like any the rest of your builds this is going to be one to watch, I'm with you all the way buddy !
  15. Wow, such a detailed project you certainly have some skills ! Looking forward to seeing your other builds, and also more progress on this one ! With all the details on the back of the cab etc why don't you add a tilt bed ? Show off all the rear axle and wide rubber ?
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