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  1. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1964 Impala Lowrider   

    And the floorpan is painted, with white flake details !

  2. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1964 Impala Lowrider   

    Interior is complete, but not glued as im painting the chassis......The carpet is Kens fuzzy fur with a green base...

  3. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1964 Impala Lowrider   

    Thanks guys,  been experimenting with white metalflake again, hard to capture but you get the idea  ! !

  4. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix customized   

    Looks great, you haven't lost your touch with the model building !
    I'd like to know how the roof was done, looks very cool ! !
  5. Lowlife ! ! added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1964 Impala Lowrider

    I keep getting in a slump with projects lately,            but I can pick up a 64 Impala and I get inspired ! !      

    So I figured id build another one !  Every kit I build I try and improve from the last one, so I'm gonna try and beat my last 64, but I'm keeping this a little more subtle, just more detailed !
    Interior was first, lots of smoothing out join lines then a coat of matt white, I removed the door handles, winders etc and replaced em with chrome parts from the spares box. I removed the SS logo and added a transfer then added p/e ring around the door light !  Lots of delicate BMF and paint and it look like this !
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  6. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 64 Impala Lowrider   

    Great work on this GeeTee, always good to see someone making the best of Revells 64, such a good kit !
    Great paint also, as DeeCee said that tape work is harder than people realise !
  7. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic VW Samba Custom Triple Cab Pickup   

    Wow, really impressed with this !
    A LOT of little details make a big difference on this, the windows open, suicide doors, engine work, dash conversion, the list goes on !   Great job I'm sure Kindig would be proud ! !
  8. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic "General Ferrari" Charger/Enzo hybrid   

    Really like this, well thought out and the finished article is spot on ! !
  9. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Christine gets trashed, finished pics.   

    Thanks very much for the nice comments guys, really appreciate it ....
  10. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic First Lowrider 83 Hurts (83 cutlass)   

    Great job on the Lolo ! !  Wheels look great colour coded, we need more lowriders on here ! !  
  11. Lowlife ! ! added a topic in Under Glass   

    Christine gets trashed, finished pics.
    I've been thinking of building this for some time now, the Christine 58 Fury, but after Buddy Repperton and the gang trash it.  One of my favourite films of all time it hurts to see the film car destroyed, its also hard to recreate it !  There is a build thread in the workbench, and its now parked up in its new home, an old Fujimi garage I adapted to look vaguely like the garage scene.
    I took these pics at the models first outing, a large car show in the UK.  Thanks to those who followed the build, and enjoy the pics !




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  12. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Christine trashed , FINISHED ! !   

    Don't mean to tease here but every time I try pics of this the car it comes out orange ! !   Its complete anyway and ready for its first outing !  Lots of little details in the engine are added, along with lots of broken trim and more glass, I'm well pleased with it !   
    Will get some pics from the show, and include some decent pics of Christine finally finished, will add these to the showroom soon. 
    Thanks again for comments etc along the way ! 

  13. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Foose Eldorod...   

    Great paint, and I'm with you those wheels look fantastic, good choice ! !
  14. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Christine trashed , FINISHED ! !   

    Thanks guys....
    Pretty much finished this, been fighting me to the finish because nothing lines up with the body bent !
    Was going to get pics up but photo bucket is playing up ( again! )  so I will try again soon !
  15. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Christine trashed , FINISHED ! !   

    Thanks Mike...
    Latest on this is its in paint, finally !  
    After a primer coat, most of which I rubbed down, I've laid on 3 coats of Tamiya TS49, its quite a bright red but I wanted it slightly lighter than the interior, which was a rustoleum  spray. Not sure of the name as I finished the can... Roof was painted rustoleum gloss white, should be fun now with the BMF as I can mess it up and it wont notice.... 
    Also threw my fujimi garage together, I just made it simple and bland, and not copied from the film, as its a backdrop to the car which is the main focus !
    Want this finished this week as its going on display at a large car show here in the UK ! So more soon !