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  1. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Thanks Carl !
  2. Barris '70 Impala

    I'm enjoying watching this one come together, paint design looks outstanding ! Can I ask what type of tape you use ? And once sprayed, do you remove the tape straight away ?
  3. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Well interior is complete, first a thick white carpet ! Then a white metalflake dashboard.... (flake nail varnish ! ) Then glue it all together......
  4. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Steve... Thanks ! Rusty... Thanks, funny you mention surgical, a friend worked at a hospital and used to get me disposable knifes for operations ! I have one left, ultra sharp, just for BMF ! Guido, James2, thanks guys ! David... thanks but i dont want to copy any of his designs , most stuff is on the web, simple enough ! Chris... Thanks ! Kevin, thanks yes i got the pens but Ive found lately they sometimes come out a dull metal colour. Maybe im not shaking it up enough ? I use BMF for straight lines and the pen for small objects, usually !
  5. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Bit more added..... See how the paper design can fit around the seat shapes ? Endless posibilities with this ! I redone the armrest too with more BMF, just carpets and dash left....
  6. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Thanks guys...... Well i had a couple of hours spare to work on this earlier, and got 1 door panel completed ! Oh the joy of BMF, especially when it wont stick ! The panel is actually matt white and semi gloss ivory, and theres white fur at the bottom, but in the pic it just looks like its not painted... Dont know why i bother sometimes, whatever happened to building a complete kit in a week end, like i did when i was a kid ! ! !
  7. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Been working on the interior, finished a front seat, then hated it and luckily found another one in the spares box ! Thing i didnt like was the only interior decals are in red, thats it ! So i thought of printing off some new designs on the computer, reducing the size, then simply gluing them on with PVA glue ! Heres a couple of mock ups, but when glued down they look great, and being thin paper they fit around corners etc ! ! Oh and im probably using the top ones...
  8. 1960 Chevy, a custom mix !

    Always liked the 59/60 Chevys, and this was destined to be another Lowrider.......... Thing is Ive built a few now and I fancied something a bit different ! So this is going to be slammed, and I'm adding anything i think looks Kool.... Or chrome ! Its mainly a bit 60s style i guess, but I'm not copying any particular style just making it up as i go ! So far I have Pegasus lowrider tyres, with deep dish chrome reverse wheels, and the engine is a chromed out 348, with tri-carbs from the 58 Chevy kit ! Might have a white interior, and possibly a tube grill front and back that covers the lights, I'm not sure yet ! More soon, thanks for checking in.......
  9. Pulse Jet LSR

    Good imagination, I like the idea it's crazy... Looking forward to more on this !
  10. 68 El Camino - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Would make an awesome daily driver, your builds are so realistic, great job !
  11. Malibu SS pro street

    Wow love the paint on this, fantastic colour ! That in-ya-face green interior suits it well, great job !
  12. 1958 Impala/Audi R8 !

    Craig, Carl, Thank you for your comments !
  13. 1958 Impala/Audi R8 !

    Sonny... thanks mate, hmmm how to top this ? How about an Audi with 58 Chevy engine and running gear ? Just so happens i have all the parts ! Bruce...Thank you mate ! Ricky...Thanks, it's weird how the wheels suited it, and it just snowballed from there ! Terry...Thank you mate ! Jim... Thanks it was always the idea to keep it looking standard looking ! David...Thanks mate, I'm no mechanic so it's always pleasing to think I got the engineering side of things fairly correct ! David...thankyou, I like to throw a few curveball s with my builds, glad you like it !
  14. 1958 Impala/Audi R8 !

    Thanks Atin !
  15. 1958 Impala/Audi R8 !

    A few more.......