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  1. Finally the interior is finished, cage was a real pain as i had to extend a couple of bars as it didnt fit together ! Electrical boxes and wiring was fun, and dash was fitted. I gave up with transfers so hand painted the dials, still need to gloss these ! Added the steering wheel button (its teeny) and wiring, rest of the cage, window supports, rear shelf, then there was those cooling tubes.. Didnt like the kit parts, but by chance i found a girls hair band and had an idea ! Added a brass tube inside it and i think it looks better than the kit part anyway ! On to suspension next ! Thanks for looking !
  2. Hi guys ! Bit more done, still waiting for some p/e parts from China to arrive so slow going at the moment ! Scratchbuilt floor mat has been screwed down, fire extinquisher with hold down straps and a couple more bars added to the cage. Also started the fuel cell, more p/e bolts and Im trying to recreate the panels each side, which are chrome card then detail added with a toothpick ! Might redo these as there a bit too shiny ? More soon and thanks for looking...
  3. Great build so far Mark, the bodywork looks very convincing ! I enjoy builds like this, lots of hints and tips ! Sure you know this tip, but for straight line masking i use bare metal foil. I doesn't tend to let paint leak underneath like masking tape , works well for me anyway ! Good luck I'll be following along !
  4. Looks good so far David, be interested to see how the vinyl decals go ! Congratulations on your first Nascar, I've just started my first one recently they are enjoyable to build, something totally different for me !
  5. Thanks Rusty, and Mike.. Think there seems to be quite a bit of debate regarding Dales interior, now Im not trying to prove anyone right or wrong here but heres the pic i found online that i based the colour off. Yes my interior looks more brown almost, in the pic above, but i figured its closer than a strong red colour ! Thanks anyway, as I`ve said Im not building an exact replica so this is close enough for me !
  6. Finally got the chassis in paint, but not entirely happy as its a bit too orangey ! I was after MCW Poppy red, which i believe is the correct shade, but could only order it from abroad... which is getting expensive ! So i had a guess at a shade of orange i had already, i think its better being more orange than red anyway, as some pics of the real car look closer to this. Ive seen a terrific build by Clay Kemp so im trying to copy a few details from that. Nearly ready for the seat to go in, then theres fire extinguishers etc and the rest of the cage next. Thanks for looking, more soon...
  7. Great work on this Pierre, thought the way you flared the arches out was very clever !
  8. Great looking Impala, lots of nice details on this one !
  9. Thanks Andy, Been trying a new primer and it takes ages to dry ... So i thought Id build the seat ! Again copying reference pictures Ive cut out openings in the seat for belts, added an extra panel for the head support and one where your feet go. Seat belts are made from ribbon with p/e buckles, padding is sandpaper and theres a few p/e nuts n bolts to finish it off. Its more of a typical Race seat I guess, as Earnhardts real seat seemed pretty plain in comparison ? More soon, thanks for looking..
  10. I like the look of your drawing, the original slated side windows are unusual ! Look forward to seeing what you do with it...
  11. Thanks Anton ! And thanks for the reply Kevin, Ive decided to put the car up on jacks with the wheels off, crafty way of avoiding getting the stance wrong ! But also because I obtained a very nice set of p/e discs and caliper`s to use. I would have liked to have read that article, but SAE is hard to find here, and Ive imported half the kit from America so far ! Thanks for the tailgate information, I`ll have a trial and see which looks best !
  12. Apologies for the question I asked Lee, I didn`t mean to pick flaws with your build I was just curious... Ive just started my first nascar build , and Im still unfamiliar with a lot of things Nascar related.. It really is a nice build, and I hope I didn`t offend you !
  13. Really interesting story Alan, can't imagine building something like this at home at my bench let alone building it on the road ! Your trip sounded amazing, you have a very understanding wife by the sound of it ! Great little model, looks dangerous as hell to ride but a great reminder of your trip for sure !
  14. Thanks Rusty ! Hoping you guys can help with a few questions along the way, theres still a lot about these cars i dont understand.. Im not aiming for a exact replica of Dales car, more like a typical representation of a Nascar ! First is this, ive built up a bonnet frame , and i think it looks correct. But what about the tailgate ? Some pics of models i can make out a frame, others look like it has the standard Chevrolet reinforcing ?
  15. Following one of my reference pics i cut the front cage work off in front of the radiator. Remade in plastic tubing, it was more awkward than i thought, but i got there eventually ! Worry was putting the body back on to check clearence etc, but it all fits in ok ! Ive added brackets for the Hood supports too, almost primer time now !
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