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  1. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Turbo 4cyl Cuda using a 3d printer-Chassis work Update 2/8   

    Eric.....looking really good mate I love the stance !   Gonna need a HUGE rear wing next right ?  Looking forward to more of the same.......  Lowlife ! !
  2. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Ok ok... so ive changed the headers ! !  Hope you happy now David !!  Yes they did look wrong, so ive leaned them outwards more and they look better. All done now and glued on so no more alterations, just needs engine wiring etc next !!

    Also added a metal-tube bumper, and moved the suspension even further forward. Looks more cartoony, this is the maximum it will go so im happy !! Cant wait to start the paint soon....... 

  3. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic JDM drifter Toyota Corolla AE86   

    Looks great, much better than before.......
  4. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Thanks guys !
    David I appreciate the advise, im sure your right but its too late now, they took me ages ! 
    And Joe, thanks ! As far as I know the carbs are from the 66 Malibu (the one with the flip front) I found this kit box and it had a few spares left over !  
  5. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Wow how hard is it to make headers ??????
    I bought some plastic tube with a metal insert to make headers and its taking me weeks ! Still only finished one side, with a collector from the spares box, so got the other one to do still. At least once the engine is together and wired, there`s only the bodywork, paint and assembly to finish ! Quick pic, more when I finish the other side !
  6. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    High-life ??   Haha, thanks Cobraman but im happier with the Low stuff, this is an odd ball project I had in mind for years !
    Talking of which, ive swapped from a supercharger to a tunnel ram, just more gasser like I think !

    Also been carefully cutting out the inner wings. And making up a panel to extend the smoothed fire wall as you could see the interior looking from under the front arches !  More soon when I start on the headers etc......

  7. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Should be good, with the running gear moved forward, a supercharged 409 Chevy, fenderwell headers, moon tank, tinted glass and no front bumper etc etc .....
    Currently getting it up on wheels, more soon......... Lowlife ! !     (yeah if im going to build something not lowered, might as well make it sky high instead....    )
  8. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    I also smoothed off the A arms, as the front end is going forwards too !

  9. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Now this I like....  
    Interior was changed to this.........

    The rear axle was moved forward as much as possible, the front of the rear-wheel arches rounded, and the chassis pan cut for the diff to fit !

  10. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    With me so far....good.       
    But I just wasn't inspired enough to work on either, so I came up with this......

  11. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air Gasser !   

    Interior was completed........

    And I was also building this........

  12. Lowlife ! ! added a topic in On The Workbench   

    62 Bel Air Gasser !
    Been a bit of a mix up with this so far......I started with this.....

    And was going to make this.....

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  13. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Bare Metal T Sedan - Not so Ratty Rat Rod   

    Eric.... Er, cant think of anything else to say that hasn't been said already ! !  You know im a fan, cant wait till the next one, like you said try and top this...............  Lowlife ! !   
  14. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic AMT/Ertl 1964 Chevy Impala SS   

    Impalas looking good, glad you sorted the paint problem okay..... Cant remember who makes this kit but Revells is much better  (im going by the chrome headlights.. ? )   I personally, would recommend saving a p/e set for the better version, this ones a little basic compared. Why not BMF it? Practice makes perfect and its just as much hassle masking all the chrome work up ? ......  Good luck with it anyway,  Lowlife ! !
  15. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Chopped '37 slantback on a C5 Corvette chassis, modular Ford V8 power   

    Hi Ace, always nice to see one of your current projects........Ive never seen you tackle anything modern before like this, it looks great so far ! 
    One of the things I always enjoy is the way you build your models so true to life ( construction wise...)  Its hard to modify kits in the same way you would a real car, but you make it look correct every time ! 
    Keep up the great work, this should be real nice when complete........  Lowlife ! !