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  1. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Also ive been pm`d by Blackbeard regarding bits on this build, heres a pic of the rear shock you asked for ! And there 54mm if that helps !
  2. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Thanks Guys.... Front suspension is together, had to hack it about a bit as I wanted this car Low ! Not going too detailed as the inner wings will hide a lot of detail. Also Im adding brake discs so the wheels are not glued in yet. But Ive got the sump resting on the floor !
  3. This is a cool little rod, I like it ! How about a change of tyres, big on the back, little ones up front ??
  4. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    And this is the idea for the inner wings. I wanted it in one piece so theres no joins, and i think this will work out ok. Ive put a hold on building them in plastic because i need to assemble the front suspension, headers etc and check for clearance before i can add this. Problem also is the 69 Camaro body sides slopes inwards so much you have to be careful when adding or removing the body. Im thinking the engine should first be finished, and added, then build up the inner wings and radiator etc around it. Heres the idea , more soon.....
  5. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Well more cutting.....I realised this was not going to sit that low, especially using the big inch wheels. So i chopped out the inner fenders, smoothing the bonnet opening near the hinges, and cleaned up under the front arches. The firewall is resting in place, it fits tighter than this ! I think i can get this thing resting on the sump now, hmmm might need air bags ! !
  6. 1/12 69 Camaro Pro Touring

    Simply stunning ! I've just started something similar myself, I hope it comes out half as good ! ! Love that interior, I really want those seats....
  7. 1/12th Lamborghini Countach

    Very nice rework on that engine, almost seems a shame to cover it up ! ! How about a cut-a-way Lambo so you can see it all ! ?
  8. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    So i spent the afternoon chopping up the firewall, removing every lump and bump, in order to smooth it out ! Didnt like the floating battery etc either, so i cut the top frame rails off and will add smooth ones. Firewall is now plated in plastic and is getting smoothed along the bottom where there was a gap. More soon.......
  9. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Theres a lot of things i like about this kit, and a few i dont ! The main thing is its supposed to be a FOOSE edition, except the only Foose stuff is the wheels, and the decals ! So the idea is to build a proper Foose car, using the majority of the kit supplied parts, and see if i can come up with something I can be pleased with ! First off is the engine bay, as standard and mocked up it looks like this.......
  10. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    After taking a bit of a break from the modelling, i treated myself to this big Camaro recently !
  11. 1964 Impala Lowrider

    And the floorpan is painted, with white flake details !
  12. 1964 Impala Lowrider

    Interior is complete, but not glued as im painting the chassis......The carpet is Kens fuzzy fur with a green base...
  13. 1964 Impala Lowrider

    Thanks guys, been experimenting with white metalflake again, hard to capture but you get the idea ! !
  14. 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix customized

    Looks great, you haven't lost your touch with the model building ! I'd like to know how the roof was done, looks very cool ! !
  15. 1964 Impala Lowrider

    I keep getting in a slump with projects lately, but I can pick up a 64 Impala and I get inspired ! ! So I figured id build another one ! Every kit I build I try and improve from the last one, so I'm gonna try and beat my last 64, but I'm keeping this a little more subtle, just more detailed ! Interior was first, lots of smoothing out join lines then a coat of matt white, I removed the door handles, winders etc and replaced em with chrome parts from the spares box. I removed the SS logo and added a transfer then added p/e ring around the door light ! Lots of delicate BMF and paint and it look like this !