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  1. '32 Phanton -Foose build -update 2/11/18

    Wow some serious chopping up, looks amazing you've captured the proportions perfectly ! Must admit I prefer it with the fenders, but hey who cares ! ! Be watching this, should be another masterpiece in the making !
  2. KenMary Skyline

    Well it IS something I would build, just not as well as you have ! ! Great job Luke, your usual still wet looking paintjob is perfect, great looking skyline mate ! ! Now get back to the Lowriders...
  3. 1/12 1969 Camaro

    Coming along great Henry, really looks good in orange i can't wait to see it all polished up ! !
  4. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Another step forward ! Taking a time this, i want it sitting flush with the wings etc when viewed from above, but its also got to sit level with the chassis and miss the headers, front suspension etc ! Finally decided on matt black, and a textured finish ! Hopefully this is a little more modern looking. Added a flush mounted radiator cap and air vents for the rad too. More soon when i get the engine cover designed ! !
  5. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Hmmm good ideas, thanks guys I appreciate it !
  6. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Quick update to start the year ! Stilll making disc brakes all round, but the front suspension and engine are in ! Made up new inner wings in plastic sheet now, which need painting ! Cant decide yet whether to paint the engine bay body colour, or maybe matt/satin black ?? Messing around with a smooth engine cover too so when thats done ill post up pics. Hopefully get some time to start messing around with this again now xmas is over ! !
  7. A bakers dozen (13) for the year .

    Not too bad I suppose ! ! You know I'm a big fan of your work Dale, if you follow his builds its also amazing how much goes into each one ! I love the firebird DTM, channelled over a Mercedes race car chassis was it ?? And that purple Caddy is just gorgeous ! ! Looking forward to seeing more from you mate, great job on all of em !
  8. 1/12 1969 Camaro

    Yes the wires are awkward, don't worry it looks fine as you had it before ! I had trouble too fitting the engine, I found it easier to slide it in from underneath the car its easier.... The front of your chassis looks good, I made up the front parts from scratch so there's no battery !
  9. 1/12 1969 Camaro

    Looks great so far, good job ! Can I mention one little thing ? Not to criticize but if you look at the real engine above it has standard headers with heat shields to protect the HT leads. The 302 in the kit has aftermarket headers , it shows in the instructions to run the HT leads down behind the headers then under them . This would stop them melting ! ! Just thought I'd mention it , looking forward to more progress on this !
  10. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Thanks guys........ Been busy with Xmas but ive started the engine. The fan assembly is mocked up as is the hi rise intake. Needs wiring and the headers ends painting too. But a lot of this wont be seen anyway as im coming up with a design for a smooth engine cover, cant measure this up till the motor and inner fenders are in, so more soon ! !
  11. 1/12 Camaro Pro Street and Twin Turbo Touring 69

    Great stuff Ralph, really inspiring ! ! Your scratch built parts are amazing, glad this thread came up ! I'm building the same big scale camaro kit and its always good to nick ideas from someone else ! ! Shame mine won't be anywhere near this level but they sure are fun to build !
  12. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Also ive been pm`d by Blackbeard regarding bits on this build, heres a pic of the rear shock you asked for ! And there 54mm if that helps !
  13. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    Thanks Guys.... Front suspension is together, had to hack it about a bit as I wanted this car Low ! Not going too detailed as the inner wings will hide a lot of detail. Also Im adding brake discs so the wheels are not glued in yet. But Ive got the sump resting on the floor !
  14. This is a cool little rod, I like it ! How about a change of tyres, big on the back, little ones up front ??
  15. FOOSE Styled 69 Camaro !

    And this is the idea for the inner wings. I wanted it in one piece so theres no joins, and i think this will work out ok. Ive put a hold on building them in plastic because i need to assemble the front suspension, headers etc and check for clearance before i can add this. Problem also is the 69 Camaro body sides slopes inwards so much you have to be careful when adding or removing the body. Im thinking the engine should first be finished, and added, then build up the inner wings and radiator etc around it. Heres the idea , more soon.....