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  1. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic AMT/Ertl 1964 Chevy Impala SS   

    Impalas looking good, glad you sorted the paint problem okay..... Cant remember who makes this kit but Revells is much better  (im going by the chrome headlights.. ? )   I personally, would recommend saving a p/e set for the better version, this ones a little basic compared. Why not BMF it? Practice makes perfect and its just as much hassle masking all the chrome work up ? ......  Good luck with it anyway,  Lowlife ! !
  2. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Chopped '37 slantback on a C5 Corvette chassis, modular Ford V8 power   

    Hi Ace, always nice to see one of your current projects........Ive never seen you tackle anything modern before like this, it looks great so far ! 
    One of the things I always enjoy is the way you build your models so true to life ( construction wise...)  Its hard to modify kits in the same way you would a real car, but you make it look correct every time ! 
    Keep up the great work, this should be real nice when complete........  Lowlife ! !  
  3. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Channelled 32....   

    Thanks guys, yes the IPMS is, as far as ive heard, mainly military based around the UK.
    So my cars get finished (occasionally ! ) go on my shelf, then usually get broken up !  I save the detailed ones, but for me the fun is in the building ! ! .........  
  4. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Channelled 32....   

    Liked these wheels, out the spares box, so im adding 40 ford rear brakes !

    Engine is a 409, again out the spares box. Made up engine mounts and it now looks like this.....Oh and im using the silver axle above, not this one....

    More soon, thanks for looking in ....... Lowlife ! !
  5. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Channelled 32....   

    Started with a scratch built frame, only had thin plastic so made 4 rails and stuck 2 pairs together. Couple of crossmembers and we have this !

    Quick mock up, nice and low as usual............

  6. Lowlife ! ! added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Channelled 32....
    Thought id stick up my latest build, I was after a new project and fancied building a rod. Most of my completed builds end up getting stripped for parts ( no competitions in England ! ) so I decided to wreck this.......( the ONLY thing i`ve built that isn't slammed ! )
    Only really using the body, the rest will be used up one day........More soon....... Lowlife ! !
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  7. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - Completed Chutes - New pics 11-25   

    Tim, fantastic work as always.............. I agree with John Teresi, the fact that you are not showing off about this is remarkable !  If I built this I would be signing autographs at the local model shows for ages....
    Oh and im running a competition on RnS but will continue to feature your masterpiece again soon !
    Thanks mate.......Lowlife ! ! 
  8. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic '37 Ford, mid-engined, twin turbo. I LIKE it.   

    Hey Ace thanks for posting this, what an amazing bit of kit  ........... Love this thing, I was reading the hot rod review and it performs well doesn`t it !!  Totally outrageous, bonkers looking 37, and I love it .......
    Lowlife ! !
  9. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Cannonballrun 2015 - 1966 Volkswagen   

    Really like this, ive seen a few bugs but that paint makes it one of the best !  Great little details with the windows etc and that Porsche engine fits a treat !  Well done .......... Lowlife ! !
  10. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - Final Details 11/30   

    Coming along great this Eric, keep up the great work.....Now a stupid question, if its a flathead V8 how come you only got three exhaust pipes each side    Thought it would have four each side ???  As you can probably tell I don't know my flatheads much, im sure your probably right ! !
    Lowlife ! !
  11. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - Final Details 11/30   

    You got a killer ride coming together here............ Loving everything about this, especially the bench seat, and that arm rest suits it a treat !!  If you don't want to cover it all up, theres only 1 thing for it.......  Flip up Body
    Keep it up mate, looking forward to more.....  Lowlife ! !
  12. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic "Half a Hemi" Cuda build using a 3d printer - Adventure Begins 8-27   

    For that sort of money I still think the engine block is great !  Sure it needs a bit of a clean up, but its also way quicker and more accurate than scratch building it. Im sure there are better printers out there that can produce something perfect,  more expensive than most ( I imagine ...) modellers are willing to spend on something just to improve their models....
    This seems a good, reasonably priced printer, which with a bit of practice adds to the fun of building. 
    Im not having a dig at anyone here, just saying I think its a great idea if you wanna try it yourself !
  13. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic "Half a Hemi" Cuda build using a 3d printer - Adventure Begins 8-27   

    Wow this looks crazy good ! !   Ignoring all the hi-tech stuff for a minute, I love the idea !  Four pot turbo lump was a great idea and the suspension fits like a glove...
    As for the gadgets im well impressed, looks like it has endless possibilities with the 3D printer and the silhouette portrait cutter would be very useful as you say.......
    Looking forward to more progress on this killer Cuda ......... Lowlife ! !
  14. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - Final Details 11/30   

    Hey Eric, man im loving this ! !  Gotta agree its too nice for a rat rod, more 60s show car if you changed the wheels ! !   Very clever using the cutter thingy for the chassis, it looks fantastic.....  I enjoy your builds, have to keep an eye out for updates on this, and any future projects you come up with ........   Lowlife ! !
  15. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 67 Chevelle (Lowrider)   

    Hey Luke......
    I remember this from the community build, an unusual car to lower but it works great !   Love the colour coded bumpers, smoothed door handles etc etc  !  And as for paint, that black is just perfect, well done mate. ........ Lowlife ! !