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  1. Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate it !
  2. Dann, they were posted up soon after the message above, hope you like it !
  3. Thanks Keith, but I changed my mind again, the exhaust tips are gone and the rear valence is going back on !!
  4. Finally finished this one up, took way too long but they all do... ( theres a build thread in the work bench section if your interested ! ) To summerize... Paint was done with a few white primer coats, it was then painted chrome, then thin coats of bronze metallic, 4 or 5 coats of clear, then polished out ! Each layer was wet sanded before spraying the next ! I love the colour it changes in the light, still not upto some peoples level but its getting better ! Scratch bits include the dash, centre console, firewall, engine bay, radiator surround, exhaust tips and the intake system. Also smoothed the front valence, door handles, mirrors and rain gutters. The bumpers were thinned and added closer to the body, and the front and rear lights tinted, rear valence removed ( but i might add it back later when ive cut holes in it ! ) Photoetch steering wheel, number plate surrounds, bonnet pins, tamiya disc brakes, and the suspension chopped about to slam it ( notice the sump scratched ! ) Had to add Foose plates, as a tribute ! sponsor decals add to the SEMA look i like to imagine ! Thanks for looking, loads of pics now !
  5. Thankyou for the comments guys, shes all finished up now so pics will be in the finished section soon !
  6. Outstanding build Guy, excellent paint job again your getting really good at this stuff ! And keep em coming, more lowrider builds please ! !
  7. Thanks guys, been busy but hope to be back on this ! Suspension is as far along as i can go, need the floor/interior/body together before i can finish up the front suspension ! So its bodywork time.. ☹️ Smoothed door handles and mirrors, both have big holes to fill. Plus a smooth front valence with the wings blended in, and the bonnet pins smoothed off ! im loosing the window surrounds too for a cleaner look ! Primer coat coming up and paint next ! !
  8. Another cool paint job on the way ! Looking good so far mate ! I spent nearly 2 years building a show car version of this kit, got a bit carried away ! It's a very good kit, I'm looking forward to seeing this one come together !
  9. Incredible work going on here, the rad looks real ! Amazing thread, not many of us will reach these heights in accuracy but it's fun to watch ! As for paint, could I suggest something bland ? Silver maybe ,with a bit of patina? You want people to look at the bodywork, not a colour that distracts from all that work !
  10. Thought id have an update, slowly getting back into this as i recover ! Still more engine bay work, i needed a radiator and didnt have room, so i made this ! Fits around the intake and covers up the ugly pulleys etc... Starting to piece the suspension together next, this is a hard one to lower, but its getting there.. Hopefully more soon, then painting time !
  11. Really nice build, it's not the easiest of kits to get looking right, but you nailed it ! Great paint and detail, you obviously spent some time on it... Every time I see one of these built i want to build one, great display too !
  12. Truly odd ? Yep.... Works way better than it should ? Also true ! But If you have an imagination, and the skill to pull it off .... It just WORKS ! I love it, like most things you build, it's just Crazy !! Can't wait to see more of this one mate !
  13. Looking good KK, the woodys coming along well, and looks even better towing a woody boat ! !
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