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  1. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    Great thread to bring back, just one from me.....Seeing this out again might just start me building again 

  2. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 37 Ford Cabriolet   

    Cesar.......Hello my friend,  glad to see you are still building .....
    I was blown away with the pics, great work keep it up....And STOP breaking things, the chassis was bad enough but now the A pillars ???? 
    Looking forward to more of the same......   Lowlife ! !

  3. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Just a KITT   

    That's a Cool kitt , but wheres his head ..........
    Lowlife ! !
  4. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Some lowriders I've done.   

    These are great Especially the 59, I like the colours........ Keep them lo-lo`s comin, there are too few lowriders shown on here...... Lowlife ! !
  5. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 6/24/2015 Added Video   

    Ive said it before I know, but this is one of the most inspirational builds ive ever seen ! ! Your attention to detail is just mind blowing Chris, cant wait for more updates mate this is fantastic
    Lowlife ! !
  6. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic AMT SONOMA SLS   

    You obviously love your wife, it shows, the detail you put into this ! Great job and congratulations for winning ! ! Lowlife ! !
  7. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 8/12/15 Update   

    Congrats on nailing the paint JC, im with you there it scares the hell out of me spraying a final coat ! Cant wait to see this together youre doing a fantastic job on the ol` Scort............. Lowlife ! !
  8. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Plymouth Superbird   

    Looking good Sonny, your doing a great job so far.. One thing, how come you glued all the running gear together without the chassis ?? Are you sure it fits together okay ?? Not criticising here just don't want to see you make any mistakes !! Good job mate looking forward to more ..... Lowlife ! !
  9. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Got Rust? - Datsun Forgotsun   

    Looking good I like it , can I suggest something, try crushed sugar, sprinkled around it looks just like smashed glass. Also rust it around the emblems, door handles etc as these areas soon rust ! Lowlife ! !
  10. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic "Our ride starts when yours ends"   

    Just Love this, very creative, and very well built !
    Come on Michael get ya finger out and post it in `under glass` ....... ........ ( Im probably gonna find you've already posted it now !! )
    How did it do at the shows by the way ?? Thanks for reposting it .......... Lowlife ! !
  11. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Hello from England   

    Hi Graeme, always nice to see a fellow Brit on here, look forward to seeing your stuff ! ! .......... ......... Lowlife ! !
  12. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1951 Beetle...   

    Thanks Johan, and Skip, if you look closely I did add a metal bar from the bottom of the carb to the bolt fitting below ( seen just above the bottom pulley ) Was this what you meant ? I may try and improve the carb a bit, have to go and find some more pics !
    Thanks mate...... Lowlife ! !
  13. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Plymouth Superbird   

    Good luck with the build......... ....... Just take your time, and remember the next one WILL always be better ! !
    Lowlife ! !
  14. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1951 Beetle...   

    Been considering the wheels for my bug...... ..... The beetle will be basically stock, but I just cant build anything that isn't lowered ! ! So its getting slammed, and a few period accessories possibly !
    The standard wheels look huge to me, and I've had these wheels kicking around for ever, no idea where they came from, possibly one of my sons toys when he was little
    ( I imagine him coming home from nursery, and his toy car up on bricks with the wheels stolen........ )
    they do look cool so im considering these. The problem is they would need plastic removing from the back to fit brakes, so I tried the tyres on the standard rims and they fit perfectly so im probably using these.......
    See what you think anyway, thanks for looking in, Lowlife ! !

  15. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1951 Beetle...   

    Thankyou guys ........ .....
    Yes Skip the carb is a bit simple I suppose, one of the problems is the front of the carb had a mold line (and flash) and I may have smoothed it out a little too much !
    Thanks Randy, always nice to get a comment from someone whos work is so inspirational !
    Just mention for anyone thinking of building one of these, consider running HT leads from the fan shroud ( is it? ) before you glue the two shroud pieces together. Its awkward trying to wire it up after, and you have to enlarge the holes that the wires run through !
    More soon......... Lowlife ! !