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  1. Wow, to think this is an older build and you've improved from this project is unreal, but true ! I can stare at your build pics for hours, always finding something I've missed or trying to figure out how you accomplished a certain part... I'm blown away every time ! Do you research all these details ? Things like the rear brake lines look so detailed, with little brackets and bits added. Thanks for sharing another incredible build Francis, I'll be following along with anything else you build, and will still be blown away by your talents !
  2. Nice colour, looking forward to the build !
  3. Loving this build Steve ! You create such clean parts, dash and engine looks amazing and I like the colour matched air cleaner cover ! ! Every time your hanging those smooth doors I can hear you cursing me for suggesting it, but believe me it's worth it in the end ! !
  4. Haha where on earth did you find a 1\25 scale noddy car ? That thing is crying out to be modified, can't wait to see what you do with it ! PS.. Did you ever enter the Street Machine model shows ? My big bruv (who no longer builds...) built a pro street VW beetle and painted it like noddys. Called 'Noddys Revenge' it came complete with a noddy figure he had ( which gave him the idea to build his car in the first place ) I think it won a best competition category ! ! They later put a pic of it in the magazine too !
  5. Cool looking Z, these cars are an awesome shape, it looks great with those mini-lites too !
  6. I gotta agree I think it looks super cool being that low, with Maybe a flake paint job and white interior ?
  7. Cheers Nigel... i know i havent added much to this lately, been busy spraying mostly.. But im back on it now, and ive been parts chasing ! Everything chrome i can find, so far the engine has new front cover, sump, water pump, starter, fan and front pulleys in chrome. Need to wire it soon too. Ive also been tryng to produce scale engraving for a while now, and think ive finally got it ! New chrome card from a hobby shop works, some tear or rip the surface but this works ! Im using a tiny pointed file to `engrave` and the dots are made with wooden tooth picks ! These parts are almost hidden behing the grill, i`ll practice a bit more before producing more visible pieces ! Think its quite effective, and no i cant engrave 1:1 pieces this is all guess work ! ! What do you think ?
  8. A sled is a cool style for a bug, should look great ! But they are hard to lower, using different wheels / tyres that are smaller will drop it more ?
  9. Loving this one Steve, great ideas so far it looks great ! going with the theme, can I suggest hidden door hinges, maybe suicide doors too ? Whatever you do, looking forward to more !
  10. If your interested, these are the paints used. Flake is thinned 50/50 with future floor polish !
  11. Thank you guys ! PROGRESS ! Finally ! Just got the chassis and engine in paint, and i swear its un-photographable ! ! EVERY picture looks like a different colour, its driving me crazy ! Sooo.. ive tried a video instead, and it still looks dark ( the paint is more similar to the above blue ! ) But i love it ! A couple of coats of white primer, 3 of electric blue, 8/9 coats of flake and around 6 coats of clear ! Luckily im thinning most paints, so its not that thick a coat on it ! VID-20200722-WA0000.mp4
  12. Wow, amazing work ! Must admit you build the most realistic looking engines I've ever seen ! Love all those linkages and wiring, just incredible !
  13. Glad to see this continue, again, great work, that interior is just so clean !
  14. Looking forward to this one Dale , boot mural is cool where's it from ?
  15. Thanks for posting that Jim, crazy truck eh ? Alien Toy is an extreme demonstration of hydraulics, but would compete in bed dance competitions, similar to hopping contests. These are usually hydraulic shop demo vehicles, no engine, interior etc. A few of these ideas make it into radical show cars , not always a driver , but a complete car ! I just like these style of cars, as crazy as you can imagine with every inch painted, chromed or polished ! I realise it's not everybody's favorite style, so thanks for following/commenting i appreciate it !
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