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  1. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 2/14/2017 Valve Covers and Manifold   

    Hey Chris I'm so pleased to see you back on this build. Everyone gets blown out on projects at one stage or another, so im glad your enthusiasm has returned ..
    In future,  imagine setting this up at a show, all finished..  Could you imagine seeing this for the first time ??   I think its easily the best replica of a real dragster I've ever seen, I'm sure everyone else would agree too !  Your going to be very pleased you finished this, and hopefully very proud of yourself for creating such a masterpiece !
  2. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Chopped London black cab (new Pics 31/01/17))   

    Great job on CHOPT, looks just like the real thing !  Your have to show the builder of the real one, bet he would love this !  
  3. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Belair amt! Boyds hotrod   

    Wheels look great, looking forward to more on this ! !
  4. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 67 Mustang - Project "Lenora" - Eleanor's PSYCHO sister- Rear spoiler update 2/27   

    Haha glad you like it Jim !  Stang looks great, I know its probably mocked up but can you get the rear wheel tucked up under the arch like the front ? Think it would make a big difference, a lot more like the inspiration at the top ! !
  5. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 29 roadster with a twist, trim?   

    Coming along great, new wheels suit it well.... How bout using a modern V6 in there?  Just thought it might suit it ??  
  6. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 67 Mustang - Project "Lenora" - Eleanor's PSYCHO sister- Rear spoiler update 2/27   

    Great work so far, I must agree that rendering is stunning, I'm looking forward to more on this....
    PS, i dont know about naughty , more like Eleanor's psycho serial killer sister, that's one sinister looking Stang ! !  
  7. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Chopped Phaeton   

    Enjoying this, a lot of careful work and its looks great !  Looking forward to more of this one.... 
  8. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 14 Builds for 2016   

    Now your jus showing off Dale, just cos I finished one !!  As someone else wrote, each one of your builds looks like a years worth of work ! Fantastic paint, really good details, and above all great imagination !  
    You definitely build the kind of stuff I love to build , you just do it better ! 
  9. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 64 Impala Lowrider !....   

    Pat, thanks yeah it takes a time but its fun, right ? 
    Randy, thanks man, nothing like the kind of work you do, but I appreciate it !
    And thanks for following along David.......
    Been a busy Xmas but I've finished the side panels !  Just the new seats, passenger door insert and dash to go.... Had trouble with the red felt at the top, folding it over the top of the door panels etc was difficult, so I had to cut and chop it about to fit. But the joins are located where the rear pillar comes so its not seen !  Anyways, a quick pic, more soon hopefully......

  10. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic My first custom   

    Great job on the chop so far, customs usually have everything smoothed so I would loose the scoop, but hey its just my opinion !   Looks good so far, take your time smoothing that roof out and it should look great ....
  11. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic Adventures in Soldering:'Birdcage' Masserati Tipo 61 Update 12/26/16   

    Wow er, okay I think I got it !   So you find a beautiful race car, something with a chassis that's made of thousands of little tubes, and a body with more curves than a super model, and you scratch build the whole thing....   Except not the easy route, oh no, you solder it together in metal ! ! 
    Randy do you enjoy doing things the hard way ? Most of us here are still struggling with plastic kits, this is something way beyond that. Amazing work, a real amazing project...
    Im just waiting for the last few pages of this thread, where you write   ' now the engine is running smoothly I think I might fill up the rad, bleed the brakes, and add the working cigarette lighter, then I'll call it done ! ! '
    Some how I won't be surprised at all,  that Mr Wingroves a bad influence on some people.... 
  12. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic The Official 2016/2017 Lowrider Tour   

    And we missed ya Birthday Luke, hope you had a good one !   
  13. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 26 Builds for 2016 - so far!   

    i dont think I've EVER finished that many models .....    
    Great stuff, the 34 is very nice, cool 49 merc too, but I really like that Hemi Dodge Dart !  
  14. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 50 Austin Gasser chop   

    That's the secret to a good chop, precise planning !  Very well thought out, chop looks spot on !
  15. Lowlife ! ! added a post in a topic 1929 Model A Roadster ArtDeco/Coachbuilt/Streamliner   

    I agree with everything above, wow its like seeing model building in the future ! !  Absolutely crazy idea ( I expect nothing else from you Eric!   )  but it looks really good !  Who would of thought of building this from a humble model A !?!   Looking forward to more mate , keep it going !