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  1. Fantastic looking Wagon, great paint, detail , everything ! I may be mistaken, but the only guy I know that builds wagons this cool also has a thing for hugging trees ! Am I right ?
  2. Cool cars the 300Cs, I've always thought these look slightly chopped as standard... Just a suggestion, but interiors are quick and simple enough. And the engine is mostly hidden under a air cleaner, so personally I'd still build these things ? If your gonna skip anything throw the suspension together, the cars going to be so low it's the only thing you won't see ! But hey, it's up to you, I'll have to have a go at building one of these myself one day !
  3. Not a criticism here, but if your building a lowrider you gotta use lowrider wheels !! The first set, or those tyres with crager 5 spokes maybe ? Enjoying the build, good luck with it !
  4. Cool looking Camaro, love the look your after too ! Your friends car is tough looking , looks like a beast !
  5. Sweet, yes I had a Honda slammed like this year's ago, if you can get it this low it's gonna look great !!
  6. Sure is a beautiful paint job Ray, I look forward to the rest of the build ! As for the duplicolor 1k clear, can you buy small quantities ? And do you mix it with thinners ? I've never found a clear i like and I fancy trying this out !
  7. Then with added `accessories` shall we say..... ?
  8. Hi guys ! I Started this a few years back, after watching `I Robot` and being blown away by the Audi RSQ used in the film. Its not going to be a replica, just loosley based on the film car, with a bit of imagination thrown in ! I ended up using the Audi models chassis, running gear, engine and interior parts underneath a 58 Impala of all things, and Ive only just bought another R8 to continue this project.. So far ive been chopping up ping pong balls to use for the wheel covers, then removed the mirrors, badges, rear lights, petrol flap and cut the rear hatchback in two, blending the bottom half in ! Not sure about the rest, just making it up as i go... feel free to suggest ideas etc, I always appreciate feed back, good or bad ! Standard Audi R8 model, before some nutcase attacked it...
  9. Groovy little car, the Gremlin ! Glad you got over the paint issues, looks great now ! If it helps BMF does seem to go off after awhile, keeping it in a cool place helps ! Look forward to the finished pics !
  10. Love the wagon Steve, great job and you nailed the stance ! Sorry I've only just seen this I would have commented sooner...
  11. Back on this, to take a break from bodywork Ive started the Interior... Well there`s just as much cutting and sanding to get this to fit as the bodywork ! Carpet was fun, being 1/16 I used felt, 13 seperate pieces ! Seats were painted and outlined in black cotton.. Door panels are BMF, engraved chrome card, Molotow pen, and white fur ! Im happy with the dash now, i like the billet transfers, but the kit comes with all the dials/radio etc molded in, so i had to smooth the panels out before adding transfers. Any guesses on the cars name ? Clues on the dashboard !
  12. Crazy work ! So pleased your also building the rod, if anyone can pull it off its you ! Cant wait for more Eric, I get a lot of inspiration from your threads, ( although that usually involves me getting WAY over my head with a project I cant finish, so your a Bad influence too !! ☺️ )
  13. Great work on this ! Its one of the few models Id love to get, and actually build box stock ! Think you nailed the colour too, look forward to more on this !
  14. Thanks guys ! John, not sure yet about colour, generally its going to be fairly subtle build with some lowrider/custom touches ! Good idea David, thanks I`ll keep my eyes peeled for new rims now ! Talking of custom touches, the firewall was up next.. ! There`s a trans hump that glues to the firewall, that fits really badly and can be seen clearly behind the block.. After thinking it over I decided to add a smooth firewall, after cutting out any lumps n bumps i made up a template, then glued in plastic sheet to match the template. Took ages but i carefully cut out the transmission hole, leaving an overlap so you cant see where the hump joins the firewall. Hopefully the pics will make more sense of it ! Oh and the thin black line at the top of the firewall is sharpie pen, i coloured it all black then sanded it !
  15. Thanks Bob, you jumped in a bit quick there...
  16. Next up was the windscreen surround, the side of it looks like a seperate piece ? I`ve added a seam between the front wing and scuttle area too....
  17. Starting with the front corner, the lower front wing is further forward than the grill surround, there`s the usual seam between the headlight and the corner of the bonnet too which all 55 kits have ?? Plus a chunk missing from the headlight `eyebrow` , the second pic is the other side ive just finished sanding smooth... Wish me luck its gonna take a while this one, more soon, I`ll keep you updated as i go...
  18. Hi Guys, Back with a new project, something I built as a a kid and messed up, AMTs big 55 Chevy Convertible ! After finishing a Tamiya kit recently this was a bit of a shock when you start test fitting pieces, you can tell its an old molding, put it that way ! So what am I going to build ? Probably my usual Lowrider style but with no rims etc available, this will probably be more of a Bomb style, more original with period extras.. I`m hoping to add some scratch building too, full length fender skirts and a continental kit, plus hydraulics.. But first its straightening out the body, starting at the front and working back, with a few custom touches for good measure ! Here`s the box , and thanks for looking in !
  19. Good to see some progress Bill, engines looking fine ! it's snowing in London and -2 and the place comes to a standstill, we can't handle snow !!
  20. Considering what you started with, I'd say you made a fantastic looking roadster ! Great job, love the colours and I usually hate green !!
  21. Great stuff Luke, interior and engine look amazing ! I'm blown away with your air bag set up, the boot set up is the best I've seen ! Your LEAD CITY plaque is just too CooL too !
  22. Hi Luke, good to see you back with another project ! I've been after more Pegasus wires for months, no wonder I couldn't find any if they stopped producing them ! Look forward to more, any progress with your Mustang drift car ?
  23. Looks great Roger, chassis is a real nice addition to your Merc ! Oh and i wish you luck with the next paint job !
  24. Started throwing together a small block, nothing special just a simple crate engine ! Headers may have to change as they sit a bit low, and ive run out of wire for the metal distributor. Might try adding seperate pulleys and a fan belt too...
  25. Thanks guys... Yes Stuart both units are VERY fragile, im leaving adding the front suspension as late as possible to avoid breaking it. Its also very delicate to remove and clean up, but it looks like it will be worth it... Hopefully !
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