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  1. You must be getting fed up reading comments on this paintwork, but wow you really nailed it ! I'm really surprised you have no 1:1 lowrider, you have a great eye for flowing lines I'd love to see you paint a real car ! Again fantastic model, we just don't see enough good lo-lo`s on this site !
  2. Incredible build, there's a lot of hidden details on this ! I'm building a 359 myself, lots of reference pictures here for me to study... Any build pictures here, or details of what parts you've added ?
  3. Thank you guys, I know most of the builds here are stock so I wasn't sure how this would go down... More soon I'm just waiting for sunshine ( in the UK !! ) to finish more painting ! !
  4. Very impressive so far, I like to see people scratch building parts and you've built most of the truck this way ! ! Looking forward to more !
  5. Then the chassis prepped and painted, added chrome suspension and looking forward to adding all the kit chrome parts next ! Up to date now so thanks for looking, more progress soon !
  6. Engine was painted and the basic parts put together....
  7. Thans guys... Hereis the new chassis section added from sheet plastic, engine started, and started to make up new suspension on the front, i`ll be adding air bags later !
  8. Ive a bit more progress to show but i`ll update it again after ive moved some pictures around ! Been fiddling with this for a couple of weeks so i`ll get you up to date soon , thanks for looking !
  9. Chassis cut and wheels mocked up, the rear is standard height so you can see how much its lowered !
  10. Found a couple of wheels and tyres in the spares box which looked okay, ultra low profiles but with horrid centres. So i used the backs of the wheels with the original truck hubcaps modified to fit ! Still looked a little small even though the actual wheel was bigger, so i painted the rim black to blend in with the tyre ! After cutting off the front suspension and chopping up the sump ive got this, about the right height !
  11. So i wanted it long and low, most things i build are low and this was a real test ! First things first, cut up a photo copy and mess about with it for ideas..... Heres the plan !
  12. Hi guys...... Getting back into the models after a bit of a break, and joined in a build off on another forum. Now ive no idea about trucks, never built one, just googled pics and hope for the best ! Heres the kit im starting with........
  13. Thanks guys.. Mike, as I said I'm taking a chance building the body as one piece, this is not how the instructions show it ! And I must admit I've seen finished versions of this kit which looked fine. So the fact mine didn't like up well could be down to cutting the doors out etc, I've also found the floor pan was a little warped too, so I'm not blaming the manufacturer, in fact I'm sure if you built it carefully following the instructions it would line up correctly. So don't be put off building one of these due to my project, it's a very nice kit just take your time with the bodywork ! Oh and Chris, that's a really good idea, I just may go that route thanks !
  14. Thanks guys, and thanks Robert for the pics, its interesting to see them done properly ! So its back together, now 1cm shorter ! Lines up better too so i should be okay now ! Doors are only on with tape and im probably not using these wheels, but heres a mock up !
  15. Wow I love the original rendering, what a beautiful design ! Your doing a fantastic job so far, with both working out the dimensions and altering the body, and your choice of parts to create the lights etc ! Good luck with the rest of the build, think you may want to consider taking molds of this too !
  16. So i thought it over, and decided to make a careful, delicate alteration, at precisely the correct point ! ! If it wont line up then i`ll shorten it ! Its now going to be a 2 door ! By cutting out this much i can remove the door parts with the door handles etc. Then blend the rear doors in and open the front two ! Just got to glue it all back together again now, wish me luck and hopefully it should look quite Cool.... Oh and im adding a new engine and suspension all round, possibly on a scratchbuilt frame. But see what happens next as Ive no idea....
  17. This is where things went bad ! After messing about with it, it just wont line up, one rear door gap is huge, so i added some plastic sheet to square it out. Oh and the roof is too short !
  18. Started cuting the doors out.......... And glued the body together, smoothing out the front end while i went......
  19. Ive got a couple of other projects on the go, but they are awaiting paintwork, and its too cold out, sooo time to start another one ! Saw one of these a while back and thought it would be a cool build, this is the version i bought......... Looks pretty detailed, well molded and crisp, with no flash. But the body is seperate and should be built up gradually, adding the interior before the side panels etc. This makes painting it a pain, so Im taking a chance and building the body first, with the roof off and opening the front doors. Hopefully i can then paint it and add the interior, then add the roof back on...... Heres how the body comes........ Had a huge petrol tank which was ugly, so i cut this out.....
  20. Thanks Gene ! Thanks Wayne, as for the painting im nervous but hey, i can only try my best eh ? Thanks Kevin and Ray ! Thankyou Bill, big compliment from you i love your work. As for the tape idea i like the way paper grips the seats, it stretches a little ! Dont know if this would work as well with tape ? And thanks Seth.... Bit more done to the engine, ive added the exhaust manifolds, fan assembly and generator, the fuel line to the pump, and wired up the starter motor ! Theres also a tube from the middle carb to the exhaust on the 1:1 engines, so ive added this too ! More soon .....
  21. Quick update, spent a couple of hours doing these HT leads, from MrModel ! Boy are these things Small, think im getting old ! Added spark plugs and changed the wires to yellow, next up fuel lines and a bit of carb detail !
  22. Thanks Cary, thanks Dominic ! And Thank you David, yes thought I'd have a change on this one and leave it Chevy powered ! I replied to a build recently where the guy hadn't build models for several years. He bought new glue, knives etc and built a muscle car, and I was so impressed with the time and attention he took on every piece. I figured I'd build something fairly simple, but try and take my time, going back to basics and keeping it clean !
  23. Looks incredible, great job ! Looking forward to your next one already ! I gotta try this myself again one day, I experimented on an old body before but had trouble with the paint lifting when removing tape. Looks like you had none of that. You gotta start playing around with felt and try interiors next it's great fun ! !
  24. Great save, that gold was horrid ! Love the flames, great job, and just personally ? I would go with chrome trim covering the copper and flames , and yellow windows ! Look forward to seeing it sitting high n' mighty ! !
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