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  1. The paint scheme on the hot rod I used from this -
  2. Warren23


    Excellent - the rust looks great
  3. Thanks for the kind words .... There is the final update and completed project - So the final piece I incorporated a roundel that I had previously done on Autodesk Sketchbook - the idea being to combine traditional art with digital art. The roundel was digitally placed onto the Hotrod and I found some vintage looking newspaper on the web for the background.
  4. Here are a few more updated pics -
  5. Many Thanks
  6. Here are some more WIP's -
  7. I wanted to do a WW2 themed hot rod drawing based on the P51 fighter plane. So below is the completed line art as well as a few progress pic's -
  8. Here is the final drawing of Mike's Rat Rod -
  9. Thanks Harry - Here is some more progress pics - this time I'm focusing on the back wheels and its killing my hand, but worth it ..... below is also a detailed pic of the rims and tyres.
  10. Thanks Scribble - Here is a further update - got the back of the cab done and busy with the engine area. Shadowing is starting to give the drawing a nice 3D effect.
  11. Very close - Water soluble pencils, (but I dont wet the pencils) and blending done with a napkin/tissue.
  12. Thanks
  13. So here is a project that I'm working on its Mike Partyka's Rat Rod - I chose this particular rat rod as I thought trying my had at drawing rust would be fun and challenging - So far the rust is looking pretty good - here is a question - its getting a rusted look on a model challenging ? With colour pencils its a definate learning process, starting with the light browns and oranges and going darker where needed. But I'm happy - below are the rust details
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