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  1. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    Been a dreary few weeks around here, rain and cold, didn't feel like working on anything. Got the frame put together, engine assembled, fuel tanks built, and changed the cab color to a lighter flat ivory. Got to detail and install engine and fuel tanks this week.
  2. Hi,

    Great build so far.

    Slight problem with my build.


    Do you have a pic of the front engine mount to the frame?  The instructions are a little vauge.



  3. yea, my bad snake, its a 64, both of mine are the red ones. I just wanted the body for a couple of gasser/fx/altered projects. 3000toys,com, excellent service!
  4. More Motion

    i remember having an old black and white balwin/motion catalog(about 6 pages) listing the turnkey cars they sold, i think that was around '71 or '72 and if i remember correctly, it listed the parts u could buy from them. I wore the pages out pretty quick!and i had a v8 vega drag car
  5. or are u asking what category would it go in when finished? I buy a lot of diecast cars and trucks just for body or parts, mainly drag car bodies or light commercial stuff. The detail and proportions have improved, but i've bought several that were just junk when the box was opened. then again, im not a diehard detail has to be perfect/show person, i build for my pleasure, so if it meets my approval, i use it. I just bought 2 newray '63 novas that are pretty nice for 16 bucks apiece!
  6. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    Hopefully the rear suspension will be here tomm, then i can get the frame finished and painted. (faded, dirty red) prolly going to slow down a bit, wife is back to walking and drag racing season starts here in a couple wks, lol. and yes, call me crazy, but i like the snapkit wheels when dulled, look more like an old 24.5 to me. My first cabover experience was in a cruiseliner, my mechanic loaned me his while my little ford was in the shop. I made (1) hundred mile rnd trip and gave it back to him, my heart couldn"t take it! And kudo's to everybody, just amazes me at the projects being tackled, i hope they all get finished..... and Ben, ANYTHING in an F-cab will beat out a cruiseliner 10 times over, lol bedtime for me
  7. 1970 Chevelle Underside of Hood Color?

    mine too!
  8. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    able to get a little more done, waiting on the rear single axle suspension to come in. Spent way too much time watching all the other cool builds come together!
  9. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    Thanks guys, been a long day, wife had a knee replacement at 6 this morning. I'm not used to getting up that early anymore! It's nothing special, single axle daycab auction truck, oops, gave the plan away. I'm really waiting to see some of the more impressive builds started....Sergey, the dodge is a JUST TRUCKS diecast cab, scratchbuilt bed and gooseneck, chevy is a 5 dollar pull back toy with scratch utility bed. Hope to finish both in a few days and send em to light comm section. Just been burnt out for the last year, but looks like i'll be stuck inside for a bit! on a lighter note, mid 70's here now, b 46 friday! Arkansas weather!
  10. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    Well, since my wife gave me the weekend off, I got a little done. and no just using the kit cab, sliced it at the door line
  11. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Thanks, Brian....thread started. I'm not calling it a "contest", i've already got my top 5 picked! (lol) If only half of these get finished it will b a win for everybody, gonna b some really cool trucks!
  12. Well here goes another project, mack cruiseliner daycab, ill see where this goes, lol
  13. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    see if I can join this "build" please. Mack cruiseliner daycab. I haven't done anything in over a year, now i have to put all the current projects back in the closet again....lol
  14. New from down south

    Welcome Howard.....good to see another southerner on here
  15. newray 579

    Well, nothing here is diecast, the 579 along with the lowbow and trackhoe are hard plastic. The lowboy is a decent starting point, as is the trackhoe. A few mods and both can be made to look good, im starting on the trackhoe now, then i"ll work on the lowboy. Trailer in pics here is scratchbuilt, chevy truck is a dollar store pullback toy with scratchbuilt bed. Mobieus Prostar converted to daycab. The 579 has to have several mods,(filled in holes in top, carved out inside of mirror brkts, shortened side skirts(by my choice) but glue and paint(SEM plastic primer and rustoleum rattle can sunburst yellow) adhere well. After i tore down the first one, i went and bought 3 more, hard to beat truck, trailer, and load for 29.00! I'll get some pics up on the trackhoe in a few days