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  1. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Big Day Tommorow   

    I'M baaack! And your right Micheal, simple procedure, about 45 min. They didn't even put me to sleep, just came me a mild seditive, I was awake talking to the doc the whole time! And they told me the technology is so much better now, it's about half the size of the old one and I probably wouldn't need another one for about 10-12 yrs, which means i'll probably never have another one done! Just got to wear a stupid arm sling for 2 days, not allowed to drive for 24hrs!     thanks, guys 
  2. signguy2108 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Work Bench Sunday
    Going to have surgery in the morning to replace my implanted pacemaker/diffibulator that's got a dead batt. (7 yrs old)  Decided to drag a couple of things out and work on them.to take my mind off of it. Just a couple of snap kw's  with scratchbuilt sleepers and a scratchbuilt race hauler, (didn't leave enough room between the axle spread, but i'll live with it!) Hopefully ill feel like getting back on them in a couple of days.

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  3. signguy2108 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Big Day Tommorow
    Found out last week the battery in my implanted pacemaker/ diffibulator is dead!  Going under the knife about 8 am in the morning, hopefully an out patient surgery, come home tommorow afternoon!
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  4. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Orange sherbert final chapter   

    Actually J.T. the business sold out and I really didn't know the new owners so I decided it was time to bring it home. I've got several more I need to collect and return to their rightful place! lol
  5. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Peterbilt 352 Double Bunk   

    cool, something he'll remember forever! and you! My son has cerebal palsey since birth, these are the kinda memories i've always missed out on.
  6. signguy2108 added a post in a topic New Ray Pete 579 Rework   

    This came out way cool, J"T" I've already broke open my penny jars, althought I haven't quite got enough to buy one yet!
  7. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Orange sherbert final chapter   

    Got it back the other day, going to change out the way too thick frt bumper, maybe raise the frt susp. up a little update vortec breathers and the old Italirea tires are  starting to crumble replacing them with a new set of Moebius wheel ansd tires. It's going back on MY shelf to stay this time!
  8. signguy2108 added a post in a topic 1/16 GMC General update 41 sleeper start and underhood piping   

    Good job so far, I cant wait to see a utube video of it running,thats a big truck!, 
  9. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Moebius 53' trailer   

    Here's something i'd like to see more of, van trailers.
  10. signguy2108 added a post in a topic White Westen Star 112" S.B.F.A.   

    Terry, looking in the back of these pics, how do u find time to finish anything! lol Great looking bunch of projects
  11. signguy2108 added a post in a topic detail   

    Great period reference pics, thanks
  12. signguy2108 added a post in a topic V.W. Bug funny car .   

  13. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Henry J Gasser   

    Great looking gasser and it wound't matter it if it had a pr. of vice grips for a window crank! People on here tend to get too technical and try to ruin an otherwise great. lived thru that era and back then anything was "anything that fits, goes"
  14. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Twin Turbo Diagram 101?   

    When I was in the trucking business, i was always told not to shut the engine down without a cooldown period for the turbo
  15. signguy2108 added a post in a topic Kidz toys 2012 Chevy Silverado Friction   

    Oh shucks, I've got four of these in different stages I was keeping a secret! Kinda blows the whole licensing thing out out the water when u have this much detail in a $5 pullback toy! The bed is just a hair short but that can be corrected. You can change the year model with a simple black stripe in the middle of the grille.