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  1. newray 579

    Well, nothing here is diecast, the 579 along with the lowbow and trackhoe are hard plastic. The lowboy is a decent starting point, as is the trackhoe. A few mods and both can be made to look good, im starting on the trackhoe now, then i"ll work on the lowboy. Trailer in pics here is scratchbuilt, chevy truck is a dollar store pullback toy with scratchbuilt bed. Mobieus Prostar converted to daycab. The 579 has to have several mods,(filled in holes in top, carved out inside of mirror brkts, shortened side skirts(by my choice) but glue and paint(SEM plastic primer and rustoleum rattle can sunburst yellow) adhere well. After i tore down the first one, i went and bought 3 more, hard to beat truck, trailer, and load for 29.00! I'll get some pics up on the trackhoe in a few days
  2. newray 579

    Been gone a while having a knee replacement, decided i'd finish (well close enough for now) an easy project. NewRay peterbilt 579 1/24 scale toy with a few mods and some detail work, custom decals, 1/4 fenders, etc.. This turns out to be a really decent model comparable in size to the 780 volvo (also 1/24th scale). Need to put the interior back in and add air lines. Local atwoods store had 4 of there at 29.00 with the lowboy and track hoe, which also look to be good starter projects. got plans for a day cab, low top sleeper and a 144 in sleeper.
  3. Rare KW sighting

    Thats cool, and just begging for a proof of insurance traffic stop! lol
  4. Tape residue ?

    Auto pinstripe tape works good as long as you don't allow it to "set", once that happens it will peel the paint off with it! Since i still have it around anyway, I use Oracal 651 sign vinyl and a 3m tape slicer. I can cut a width from 1/32" to 2" as long as i want it. Kinda nice to still have some of the old sign and body shop tools lying around! i;ve never had a residue problem with blue painters tape though Auto pinstripe
  5. Tape residue ?

    If u have a walmart nearby they sell a product called GOOF OFF, yellow spray can or small squeeze bottle, in the house paint section. I use it on 1:1 vehicle to remove vinyl lettering glue. Doesn't hurt the paint, but u may want to test it on some scrap plastic first. Just need a dab on a rag.
  6. Model year id help

    ur rite brian, it was 79-80 that had the full h/l doors. 76-80 had the bigger grille. I spoke to soon, as many of these as i've worked on over the yrs I should have known better! another case of bad internet info! lol
  7. Model year id help

    73-77. The 78-79 had the chrome around the parking lights as part of the grille surround.
  8. Bill, Nikola is claiming 600-1000 miles before recharge, with a spare battery on board, but apparently recharge stations are just a concept in someone's head at the moment! You can read the online version at overdrivemag.com And Richard, i cant go a half mile in my town without seeing a cop! 9000 people, 24 city cops, 12 deputies, 2 constables and 5 state troopers, one of which lives next door and writes about 15 tickets a day to stupid drivers! lol
  9. On the electric theme, an article in the new Overdrive says that Nikola already has orders for 8000 class 8 electric semi's, with Fitzgerald Glider Kits contracted to build the first 5000 units, with delivery of the first trucks in 2020. Supposed to put out 1000 hp & 2000 ft lbs of torgue. Ryder will be the contracted maintenance facility. On another note, Texas passed house bill 2205 in May which will allow driverless vehicles on it's highways starting Sept. 1st
  10. good start,i like the two tone, makes me want my 69 back!
  11. White Road Commander II

    Wow, this is one of those moments that make me want to trash everything i have built ! Nice truck !
  12. HHR Panel delivery

    The socal car was built in conjuction with GM performance engineering. Here is a couple of pics from speedhunters.com I always wanted to build a bracket car that looked like this. love it!
  13. Large kit/promo collection going up for auction - low opening bids

    Some nice stuff, but the opening bid doesn't really mean a thing, its that last bid at 10 minutes before the end that sends it off into oblivion! I've followed trucks on govdeals.com that stay at 1000 dollars for days, then jump to 15,0000 just a few minutes before closing. Might be fun to watch though
  14. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    Man, the engine looks good! Wish i still had that kind of patience and eyesight.
  15. 1973 White Road Commander Aerodyne

    Nice looking rig, Brian!