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  1. Thanks guys, this was first posted in April of last year, someone decided to drag it back out. (sorry) lol. I haven't had the time to do any modeling since the end of last years buildoff. The workbench models are collecting dust, maybe get back to it in a bit.....,
  2. well, 76 and sunshine yesterday, 33 and this mess this morning!!!
  3. yep! I keep driving down that same road and always get stopped at the same spot....NO! I can't have a CDL again with my diffibulator, but the trucker blood in me still doesn't stop me from wanting another one just to play with. Anyway, hope candh helps u, plenty of old truck pics, and good start on the build!
  4. Try candhtruckparts.com/inventory/salvageyard/kenworth. ! usaully start toward the last page for the w9's, lot of pictures from ever angle. Just dont tear up when u read they are for parts only!
  5. I was helping a friend of mine that has a tree business, we were about 30 miles from home, bout a mile down a dirt road. all this was in 1 yard, the moving van trailers,other than surfacerust, were in remarkable shape. The converted step van still runs, as does the old ford winch truck. and then i seen something else......i realized the old 750 honda chopper, I owned it for (for 3 days!) back in '74!
  6. My ENTIRE 'built' cabover collection, and the pete isn't finished. I got to get busy again.....
  7. yeah, and to be really cool u needed to have the big yellow accell plug wires! if u look close in the nxt pic, u can see the coil just over my brother in law's arm. they also made a small stock looking round one
  8. Ha,my father in law back in the 90's would have thrown a chain over the truck frame, one over the bed and then tell me to be careful !!!!!
  9. lookup accell supercoil, it was the thing to have before the MSD stuff came along
  10. sorry, thought it was a legitimate question, lol. Ive hauled auction stuff like this before, at the end of the trip, when u make that last turn into the yard, u take a deep breath, look to the sky, and say thank u! this one is tied down better than some i've seen.....
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