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  1. he did Carl, here is a couple of pics i took at prescott raceway. 2 out of 3 match race between him and bob glidden 1977 or 78, not sure what happened to the h/light, i've slept a few nights since then
  2. And now, at least on my laptop, they are beginning to look just like a post. On the flip side , i have found a few that interest me lol
  3. Nice looking truck, the color combination goes good together, and again hard to tell it was brush painted.
  4. I overlooked this somehow, excellent job Alot of work in that feed bed
  5. Looks perfect from every angle, good job. Just brings back bad memories, i drove a paystar part time that looked about like this, but had the water tank mounted on the side
  6. Good looking build. I haven't paid much attention to snow plows, something we don't see around here. , i'd probably tear that plow off first thing! lol
  7. Thanks for the comments. this was started last year, I've been stalled out on a bunch of trucks that I need to get off the "back lot"
  8. It is 1/24 scale JUST TRUCKS, came from walmart about 3 yrs ago. I was only interested in the cab, bed was a little short i think, i had to add to the frame and a little detailing. I'll look and see if i kept the box
  9. Started life as a blue diecast short w/b pickup, painted white, scratch built bed, plastic 1 ton wheels from another diecast, pulling a scratchbuilt gooseneck trailer
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