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  1. Good to have u back, i"ve always been intrigued by some of your chassis builds. great stuff!
  2. Clean old truck, good job on the conversion
  3. Lamp guard

    I think ive still got some of these guards and the amber chicken lights in a box somewhere! There are still trucks around here using them, most have gone to the small peterbilt style led's now. Haven't really thought about em on my models.
  4. Even if it's phased out, just like the 359's, you will still see em around for the next 40 yrs or so, no huge concern...I got a friend that just ordered 4 new 2020 389's, all 72" sleepers, should b here in about a month. He bought 6 567's and 3 579's (1 has the EQIP lower aero package, cool looking truck) before the end of last yr, all silver met, all pulling tankers.
  5. 1955 Chevy AWB drag car ?

    Maybe for arguments sake, the frt is a little too high, maybe the w/well could have been a little further forward, but a great looking model as is. I love the color and the decals. here is one that sits abandon in an arkansas salvage yard....altered w/b and still got the straight axle and no, not for sale
  6. Shelby Cobra drag car

    Good looking cobras, this one was on the mecum auction the other day
  7. Acouple of topkicks

    Yea gator, there is a 36' galaxi to put behind it for now, Ive got the pieces cut for a 50' like the one in the other pic. Everything on hold for now, I've got a lot of real stuff to work onat the moment
  8. 359 / tanker combo

    Nice looking rig, the stripes came really good
  9. What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?

    The internationl was sitting in a yard down the street from me, the autocar and the the chevy were at a logger's lot where i was working on a truck, the red freightliner is my weekend job, bathing and servicing it for the last couple of years, 96 model long hood classic, 500 cat, 18 speed
  10. What do you drive?

    My weekly driver is a 2000 chevy silverado 5.3 v8, weekend ride is my 71 bronco 310 hp 302crate motor w/ FI fuel injection, and on rare occasions i do test and tune nites on the 48 fiat for a buddy of my mine, 6 liter ls motor, runs 5.80's 1/8 mile
  11. Super glue question

    I still use the good ole orange/white testors, but i use the loctite with an accelerator for resin and scratchbuilding.
  12. Galion 12 1/2 Ton Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane

    Tom, u need to slow down, ur making it look too easy! Seriously, cant wait to see this one done
  13. Oshkosh M 1070

    WOW! Thats all i can say at the moment.......
  14. well done on all of it, I've done the backyard dirt trick before, even mixed dirt with water in a spray bottle!
  15. GMC 7500 Spreader Truck

    With all the problems u had, it came out extremely well, I like the bed.