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  1. he did Carl, here is a couple of pics i took at prescott raceway. 2 out of 3 match race between him and bob glidden 1977 or 78, not sure what happened to the h/light, i've slept a few nights since then
  2. And now, at least on my laptop, they are beginning to look just like a post. On the flip side , i have found a few that interest me lol
  3. Nice looking truck, the color combination goes good together, and again hard to tell it was brush painted.
  4. I overlooked this somehow, excellent job Alot of work in that feed bed
  5. Looks perfect from every angle, good job. Just brings back bad memories, i drove a paystar part time that looked about like this, but had the water tank mounted on the side
  6. Good looking build. I haven't paid much attention to snow plows, something we don't see around here. , i'd probably tear that plow off first thing! lol
  7. Thanks for the comments. this was started last year, I've been stalled out on a bunch of trucks that I need to get off the "back lot"
  8. It is 1/24 scale JUST TRUCKS, came from walmart about 3 yrs ago. I was only interested in the cab, bed was a little short i think, i had to add to the frame and a little detailing. I'll look and see if i kept the box
  9. Started life as a blue diecast short w/b pickup, painted white, scratch built bed, plastic 1 ton wheels from another diecast, pulling a scratchbuilt gooseneck trailer
  10. Paint and decals on the trailer and cars really made this come together, nice job
  11. Nice old dodge. I remember a few around here as short pulp wood trucks
  12. typical old farm truck built mostly from the box, looks like its on it's 2nd or 3d paint job, changed engine to a 3406 cat' gonna pull a frameless dump trailer if I ever finish it!
  13. April pics, just under the wire. Back to home repairs and hospital visits now, but got a little bit done, more work on the scratchbuilt bed and the weathering, posting pics tonite with a borrowed computer cause mine locked up again! Maybe trim and decals next month
  14. Small update, just can't seem to get motivated again. Just an old 70's homemade tow truck, boom mounted so it can be removed to pull a trailer. Still work to do on the bed, paint and weathering.
  15. Wow, got up this morning to 16 degrees and 6-8" of snow on the ground, still coming down! Not supposed to b above freezing till friday with another round of ice and rain mid week. last time we had this weather was about 43 years ago!
  16. It's moving right along, I too love the dash, engine looks....well....good. (LOL) I take care of a 96 F/L long hood OTR truck on the weekends, got a 500 hp 3406. Big cat get's washed EVERY weekend and the paint touched up once a month, u can eat off of it!
  17. Hate to hear of setbacks, it should be a cool build. Engine looks close enough
  18. Great job, the hardest thing about these snap kits is staying away from em till the paint drys!
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