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  1. I'd Be Happy To See a Reissue of this kit. It is a good kit missing the window trim is really the only downside. That and the engine builds kinda weird but that doesn't bother me. I used it to build a replica of the truck I had in High School only to roll it 8 months after buying it. To make my 2000 I had to use a Revell Lightning front end that I had to modify to match the 99+ Nose the wheels and tires were also pulled from a Revell kit and the bed cover is from the Testors? purple diecast with black flames. I miss that truck but boy was it rotted when I got it but as a first vehicle it was awesome. I mudded it almost every day and it kept ticking even after ending up on it's roof. I would definitely buy another Lindberg F150.
  2. Looking for the Roof Wing for the AMT Cuckoo Nest Ford Van. I am wanting to build a replica of the Firestone Ford Van to match the F150 and Courier. Any help would be appreciated also if you know of a roof scoop that is close to what the Firestone van had I'd be interested in that as well. I could also do 3D files too as I have 2 printers. Thanks Everyone. Here is my van so far. My kit is the Surfer Van. Here is a picture from Hot Rod Magazine of the Real Van Here is a picture of the Cuckoo Nest Van Kit off Evilbay showing the wing
  3. Update on the Riv Still Need Tail Light Lenses. Got a message about someone having the parts but when I replied I haven't heard back its been several days now. Oh well the search continues.
  4. Was Able to Score the Buckets and Bumper. Unfortunately someone else needed the lenses more than me so I am still in search of the tail light lenses.
  5. wow this is cool! I have been looking all over for Resin Rivs, Toronados, and Eldos more looking than intending to buy but knowledge of this is cool. I had a 92 Riv which I hoped someone would cast or 3d Model but sadly nobody seems to like the 89-93 Body as much as me lol. Cool builds for sure great work!
  6. No replies yet but here is what my model looks like (still don't physically have it yet) as you can see the rear bumper looks horrible and it is missing the lenses and buckets for the tail lights. I am watching a pair on ebay now. But we all know there is probably going to be that 1 guy who has a deeper wallet than me and needs these parts for his stash. Any help locating these parts if ebay doesn't work is still appreciated
  7. As Title says I am in search of a 63 Riviera Rear Bumper and Tail Lights Both Stock Please. I don't have the model in hand yet but I am starting the search for the parts I know it needs. Some parts I know I can get from the 65 kit but the tail lights and bumper are not on that list. Thanks!
  8. Bringing an Old topic back from the dead but did you ever make more progress on this? I think I'm going to build the trio myself and was looking for tips. I have the F-Series Pickup and The Courier I also ordered the Surfer Van. Wondering what I could source parts for the van from as I am not paying Cuckoo Nest prices. Thanks!
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