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  1. Bringing an Old topic back from the dead but did you ever make more progress on this? I think I'm going to build the trio myself and was looking for tips. I have the F-Series Pickup and The Courier I also ordered the Surfer Van. Wondering what I could source parts for the van from as I am not paying Cuckoo Nest prices. Thanks!
  2. I want the Bulldog Kit but that price tag hurts. Hopefully they will eventually come down in price.
  3. I've tried emailing a couple times in regards to the Durango and IH pickup even tried Facebook messenger and he never got back to me. Shame because i would love those 2 kits especially since my parents had a Durango growing up that I'd love to replicate. Hopefully He gets back to you.
  4. While slammed vehicles are not my cup of tea that doesn't take away from how this build turned out it looks Great excellent work.
  5. Bandit Just got back to me and unfortunately for me that grille is not available right now...
  6. Thanks for the update. Guess I'll get everything I can done with this build and go from there.
  7. I emailed Bandit for the grill on Friday and have not heard back same with MAD for the bed. This build is a gift that I need to have done before Christmas so I really hope these guys get back to me soon.
  8. Hello I am in search of some parts for a build I will be doing for somebody. I need the grill the hubcap wheels and if anyone has 1 the standard wheelbase bed if not I will try to modify the kit bed. Thanks! UPDATE: I found I had the hubcap wheels from I'm guessing the Phantom Van I built a while back. So I'm Still in Need of The Bed and Grill, Although I am attempting to modify the kit bed but I'm not very good at these kinds of modifications.
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