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  1. Yeah I wish I coulda done the modelhaus stuff for my dad but my uncle is a little impatient that's why he never continued to build model like my dad. My dad is working on the rear end of the kit to work with the old 68 rear end. Here's some pictures for y'all seeing how he never gets on the forums with his account im always the middle man...
  2. Actually found the bumpers from the old 68 chevelle kit on ebay for my dad so that's what he is going to use. Thanks though.
  3. Lime Ice its a Testors one coat lacquer Testors
  4. Thanks guys. I think it looks pretty good for being thrown together in 1 day.
  5. Platerpants

    95 GT-R

    From the pits deep in the back of my mind where i dont normally comes THIS! (cue creepy music). This was just a quick build to get me away from muscle and trucks, not much to write about.
  6. Thanks guys. I do really like the 65s
  7. Thanks guys. The color combo was really brought to life by the two cars I wish I could have saved. The grey one was my grandma's which ended up getting scrapped. The white one was my dad's but essentially my first car. It had red interior like this model and the Grey one was the influence for the body. I found the car fax on the white one after my parents traded it. It got scrapped too... :'( both were 92s. Bottom picture is one of my senior pictures from 2013
  8. SUPERCHARGED! Finally back to the forums and the car section, got bored with trucks so when i found this sealed 65 Riviera for $20 on ebay i had to get it. Just a quick 3 day build wish i would have had some bare metal foil instead of silver paint... but my local hobbytown always seems to be out of the stuff. Didnt know what to do for air cleaners so for now itll have those stupid carbs. Also have some pictures of it with my 69. Thanks For Looking
  9. Well my dad did finish this build all but the mirrors but he hasnt been on the forums in forever, i supplied some custom made decals for him so here are some pictures.
  10. Currently looking for parts for my dad, he is building a replica of my uncles 68 chevelle convertible with 500+ HP JEGS engine using the amt 69 kit. He is looking for the tail lights, front and rear bumpers. Modelhaus is down and currently has an extremely long wait time. Any help would be appreciated
  11. I was going to say if Kris doesnt i know a guy on facebook does and both him and Kris supplied parts to make the replica of my great grandfather/grandfather's truck.
  12. Nice work, but RIP to an offroad monster... Now all the speed bumps will eat its bumper...
  13. Very nice, been a while since i touched a cobra or shelby kit. may have to get back at my favorite subject, have been trucking lately. Again nice work.
  14. It's a basic kit easy build but both mine and my brothers don't sit level. 1 wheel sits off the ground a bit on level ground. Thanks again guys!
  15. Painted pink to annoy people. Just a quick build here.
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