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  1. must be its first year plowing. Bring it up from florida or something?
  2. Well i'm done building models.... Very nice Work on this it could be one of the best builds i have seen on these boards.
  3. Nice!!! This is where my 75 and his 70 are right now. He has tild me to do it a 4x4.
  4. Nice, i have one too, i wish someone would make a durango kit out of this...
  5. pictures are a tad bit blurry but what i can see i like
  6. Looking to build a 70 for a friend for Christmas. He has wanted a 1:1 for years and i believe he has stated before that it would be burnt orange on 35s with a small lift. So i am looking for some ideas to get me an idea. I wanna see what yall have built. 2wd 4wd lifted or slammed lets see what ya got. Also i have a 75 2wd f250 1:1 that i am replicating what i want it to be so lets see some of those built up too. I have asked him for input but havent had him send me any real ideas yet. Thanks Y'all.
  7. Looks like competition for the revell hemi hydro
  8. Its a great kit and modified pretty easily although i didnt change much on the shortbed other than wheels and the engine. the longbed got more modification with the suspension
  9. Thanks again guys. Both of them were supposed to be street legal although im not sure if a 572 would be legal. Neither has gotten the true finishing touches yet either and its been a few months, havent had much bench time.
  10. Thanks http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/105537-pair-of-moebius-ford-pickups/#comment-1492035
  11. How did i miss this? Guess I gotta Wait til you get back from basic training
  12. It was a very tight fit for me with all the windows but i have built 2 of them. The trucks do have fitment issues but dont be affraid to put some force into the windows just not too much.
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