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  1. JDM Imports added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

  2. JDM Imports added a topic in Dioramas   

    Started my first garage today
    I started my first garage today... Not really a real clue on what to do so its really a big learning process for me... I plan to add tons of items inside but right now as it sits about 8 cars and trucks will fit in here. I'm doing a full parking lot and parking space with more cars parked outside... There will be lifts, benches, an office, scale rafters for storage... I am trying to think of a name... I've had some fun building this dio so a full town may be in the future with several different shops.
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  3. JDM Imports added a post in a topic 1/12 Shelby GT500 build...on hold for the moment.   

    What was the price tag on this kit? This is awesome I really want to build one yours is gonna look great!
  4. JDM Imports added a post in a topic 86 olds Cutlass   

    This car and a Mustang Notchback I'd buy cases of! These could be built so many different ways.
  5. JDM Imports added a post in a topic Integra Type R Resurrection   

    Where did you get them drag wheels? Nice build!
  6. JDM Imports added a topic in General   

    how do i know what somethings worth?
    I just bought a bunch of model cars and spares off a kid on craigslist. My wife wanted to buy me some new kits after finding a interest in the hobby after I had dug through my grandpas attic after his recent passing and found some ones he did when he was younger so I had been looking to see what stuff is worth. I got a bunch of stuff I will never use, I tried to buy just the few I wanted but he would not split so I bought the lot... A lot of monster truck chassis, shocks, axles, wheels and tires. I got some resin stuff, couple bodies I don't know if there complete, bunch of partial kits that have been started. Not the best condition but there all in different stages. Would it be better to sell off what I don't want in a lot or try to trade em off individually. Just looking for ideas on it all.
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  7. JDM Imports added a post in a topic resin super/pro chargers and offset wheels?   

    I don't have any pictures of the rims I am looking for but what I am looking for are rims that are wider in the rear than the front. Something like a protouring car. I want a scale 18-20" rims I've seen aoshima and fujimi have a couple sets but Thats about all I found.
  8. JDM Imports added a post in a topic muscle truck cbp?   

    I was just going to do it as what would you consider a muscle truck. If you want to just do a v8 swap, that works... i was just putting the lowering out there cause that's what I'd do if I was putting a high. Hp motor in a truck
  9. JDM Imports added a post in a topic Dodge Monster Truck   

    Is this the weirdos ram? Looks awesome!
  10. JDM Imports added a post in a topic Pro-Touring 66 Impala   

    That is one awesome looking impala. I love the pro touring look.
  11. JDM Imports added a post in a topic F150 shortbox   

    That's a killer looking f150. Sweet build!
  12. JDM Imports added a post in a topic muscle truck cbp?   

    Sounds good. What's everyone using
  13. JDM Imports added a post in a topic Mini truck build....update Started   

    Would I be able to get in on this build with a 1/20 GMC Jimmy?
  14. JDM Imports added a post in a topic muscle truck cbp?   

    Awesome. Glad to see people.showing interest

  15. JDM Imports added a post in a topic muscle truck cbp?   

    Awesome. I'm new to models, but am into cars in real life. Unfortunately don't got the money for them, while digging through my grandpas attic last week after him passing away and found some models he built and decided I'd take on the hobby and I'd love to start with this. Hopefully it doesn't end up to bad.

    I'll be using a 1996 s10.