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  1. Is this only pertain to 1/24 and 1/25 scale kits? The 1/16 Revell IROC Z28 is a quite substantial example
  2. You planning to add the mysterious flying panel in the floor?
  3. Stellar result. Looks great
  4. From what i can tell, just has the 2 wheel sets.
  5. Really like how the rust worked in place of trying to replicate a good wood color
  6. I agree that this is a rather good kit to build but what really catches the eye is the color. Great Job!
  7. As mentioned I agree on the yuk colors you choose. I'm building the same kit myself with a root beer brown and white combo.
  8. Very crisp build and great color combo
  9. From what i've found, the chassis and cage are a fire engine red and the body is a gloss black. I used Tamiya spray cans
  10. Really liking the lines and concept. Continue.
  11. Good to see your still active and strong. Well wishes Harry.
  12. Thanks for the thumbs up guys
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