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  1. Is there a small rear window insert for the Revell 65/66 C10 trucks? TIA
  2. Decals, decals, and more decals. This is the most involved decaled kit I've ever attempted.
  3. I have looked there and whatbthey had is discontinued.
  4. Long shot here but I'm in need of the orange/red/green body decals from the Hobby NuNu JACCS EF9 Civic. If someone has that they are willing to give, much thanks!
  5. ISO of 80's Cutlass conversion parts from Clearly Scale. Please let me know if and what you may be willing to part ways with. TIA
  6. Currently in progress of making Rusty Wallace's 87 Kodiac Grand Prix. Question I have is the rear deck shelf in the rear window, is that white or green as the cage is? Pic is the car in question.
  7. I'm looking for a accurate 1/25 82-87 Chevy S-10 3pc headlight/grill assembly.
  8. I am in the middle of a commission build for a buddy and he wanted a specific paint. Color he choose is Model Master enamel Kiln Red. I thinned it and shot it with the airbrush. Paint is fine but I want to use a clear on it that won't yellow after time and that also won't have any negative impact on the enamel paint. Any thoughts on what I may do?
  9. I sometimes do but the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH a.d.d. kicks in and I just go to another project.
  10. After a little time at the bench I was able to get the chassis just about dialed in, front and rear suspension, sway bar and shocks in the rear. Front has to be put in after the interior and chassis go together.
  11. Eager to see this color/wheel combo
  12. Very smooth results. Looks real slick
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