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  1. You won't be disappointed with either.
  2. Got a little time in today so I was able to finish the interior.
  3. Little update.....put some blackwash on the chassis to make it look used and applied the most fragile wood grain interior decals I've ever come across. Major pita.
  4. Great work. I'm working on the JACCS Civic currently.
  5. Thanks Dan. Slowly making headway on this.
  6. If you airbrush, contact Scalefinishes and see if he can make that color for you. Just give him the paint code and what's its from. He's done that for me in the past
  7. After watching paint dry I have a complete chassis minis wheels and tires this far.
  8. I personally have loved Volvos since I was a kid and my sisters boyfriend drove a modified 240 GL. Had a 86 740 GLE wagon myself when I was 19. Something about them I suppose
  9. Chassis detail is underway, primered, paint, and undercoating being a Swedish vehicle.
  10. Interior colors are going to be a light grey and darker grey.
  11. The transkit includes insanely detailed and clean parts such as new front bumper, decals, wheels, rear tail light housings and photo etch as shown. First things first, remove the front bumper from the kit and mockup the new bumper.
  12. Finally got my hands on the Tamiya Volvo 850 Turbo Estate from Evilbay after foolishly selling one many years ago. This time around I decided to spruce it up a bit with a 850R transkit from Zoomon Models.
  13. Out here and wondering what good hobby shops are here and go to?
  14. Is there a small rear window insert for the Revell 65/66 C10 trucks? TIA
  15. Decals, decals, and more decals. This is the most involved decaled kit I've ever attempted.
  16. I have looked there and whatbthey had is discontinued.
  17. Long shot here but I'm in need of the orange/red/green body decals from the Hobby NuNu JACCS EF9 Civic. If someone has that they are willing to give, much thanks!
  18. ISO of 80's Cutlass conversion parts from Clearly Scale. Please let me know if and what you may be willing to part ways with. TIA
  19. Currently in progress of making Rusty Wallace's 87 Kodiac Grand Prix. Question I have is the rear deck shelf in the rear window, is that white or green as the cage is? Pic is the car in question.
  20. I'm looking for a accurate 1/25 82-87 Chevy S-10 3pc headlight/grill assembly.
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