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  1. Currently in progress of making Rusty Wallace's 87 Kodiac Grand Prix. Question I have is the rear deck shelf in the rear window, is that white or green as the cage is? Pic is the car in question.
  2. I'm looking for a accurate 1/25 82-87 Chevy S-10 3pc headlight/grill assembly.
  3. I am in the middle of a commission build for a buddy and he wanted a specific paint. Color he choose is Model Master enamel Kiln Red. I thinned it and shot it with the airbrush. Paint is fine but I want to use a clear on it that won't yellow after time and that also won't have any negative impact on the enamel paint. Any thoughts on what I may do?
  4. I sometimes do but the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH a.d.d. kicks in and I just go to another project.
  5. After a little time at the bench I was able to get the chassis just about dialed in, front and rear suspension, sway bar and shocks in the rear. Front has to be put in after the interior and chassis go together.
  6. Eager to see this color/wheel combo
  7. Very smooth results. Looks real slick
  8. Time for an update...... Wanted to get another aspect of this build moving along...the interior. Laid down some embossing powder on the interior pan then sprayed the floor and other interior peices with color. BMF was used to outline the black accents on the door panels as well as the dash and center console. I will be the first to say I'm not good with this stuff but figured if I need to improve skill just bite the bullet. Until next update......
  9. Thanks for the compliments gents.
  10. Added the cam covers, used the Sonic Blue on the centers of them to bring out some detail. Also started working on the chassis with getting the exhaust installed.
  11. As commented, getting the 302 in the engine bay wasn't the easiest. Before any paint was applied I mocked this up and even though it fits, the brake booster is an obstical. Ended up cutting it down and that created the clearance I need for the cam cover to fit. Another aspect that I wasn't sure of was the exhaust manifolds. The ones from the Boss are a 2 peice unit and I wanted to use a set that would work out best with the factory exhaust. Got lucky on this but had to recess the frame rails a little to get them in and the motor sitting right.
  12. With motor and trans underway, the color choosen is Sonic Blue from Scalefinishes. Primed the interior tub and chassis then applied color.
  13. I began this build back in 2015 or so, right after Revell released this kit and Greg Wann started casting the corrected body made by Mike Schnur. And to the meat and potatoes..........wanted to modernize the car as if I were building one myself. First item was getting the engine from the Revell Boss 302 to fit. Had to shave the trans down quite a bit for clearance as well as highly modifing the front crossmember/suspension to get the engine low enough for clearance.
  14. Is this only pertain to 1/24 and 1/25 scale kits? The 1/16 Revell IROC Z28 is a quite substantial example
  15. You planning to add the mysterious flying panel in the floor?
  16. Stellar result. Looks great
  17. From what i can tell, just has the 2 wheel sets.
  18. Really like how the rust worked in place of trying to replicate a good wood color
  19. I agree that this is a rather good kit to build but what really catches the eye is the color. Great Job!
  20. As mentioned I agree on the yuk colors you choose. I'm building the same kit myself with a root beer brown and white combo.
  21. Very crisp build and great color combo
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