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  1. socal76 added a post in a topic Star Models   

    i  have dealt with Steve for about seven yeas and he has always been great at shipping and fast delivery. I would recommend him any time.
  2. socal76 added a post in a topic Pro street camaro, beretta, or tbird wanted   

    Revell is supposed to do a reissue of the Iaconio Camaro in the near future.
  3. socal76 added a post in a topic state travel decals   

    Tom, they are on the way. You should have them Mon or Tues at the latest. Plus I think you will like the rest that's in the envelope.
  4. socal76 added a post in a topic 1984 Hurst Cutlass decals   

    I have to agree with Matt. They do look nice and I would like to get a couple of these decals, if you make some to sell.
  5. socal76 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Not new but I never stopped to post here until now. I build mostly race vehicles and semi-trucks. Do a lot of trading and this helped me get rid of some duplicates and kits I lost interest in for other kits that I am more interested in. Have dealth with too many traders to list here, but all but one have been great. Enjoy seeing the models in the Showcase forum and also the models in the On The Workbench forum. But I always check the Wanted and Trade forums first.
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  6. socal76 added a post in a topic Foose Cadillac Body   

    I hope you do the wagon next. That is my first choice to get!
  7. socal76 added a post in a topic does anyone make 1/24 or 1/25 scale...   

    Check Archer details They are resin and are about what you need.
  8. socal76 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy   

    Paul, have you found the '57 you were looking for? I may have an extra, but I will have to dig a little.
  9. socal76 added a post in a topic Re-releases   

    Art, you forgot to mention the three sales of Revell. First there was the sale to Monogram, which lasted until they started to outsell Monogram. Then there was the sale of both Revell & Monogram to Hallmark (Binney & Snith and Crayola owners), and then the sale to Hobbico.
  10. socal76 added a topic in Wanted!   

    '50 Ford P/U Flathead
    Would like to trade the Caddy engine from the '49 Merc and Merc Woody for a couple of the pickup flatties (or one for one if you only have one to trade). Another option is the '48 Ford Custom (chopped top version). Probably will not get any takers, but you never know until you ask!
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  11. socal76 added a post in a topic Ollie's Re-distribution Trading Thread   

    P.M. sent
  12. socal76 added a post in a topic PE Detail set for Buick GNX TRADED   

    P.M. sent
  13. socal76 added a post in a topic Window travel decals   

    Tom, I have both sheets of the travel decals that have been mentioned. The Talladega and the Merc wagon. Send me your addy in a P.M. and I can get them out on Monday. I will send the whole sheet from the Torino and just the travel decals from the Merc.
  14. socal76 added a post in a topic Window travel decals   

    Tom, I may have the set from the Talladega. I will check this weekend. And I know I have the Merc sheet for you.