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  1. Ron, you beat me to posting the same recomendation.
  2. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    Aaron, first of all I did not know you built the case you have. It looks kind of impressive! I would think the lighting would make it even more impressive. Time (and funds) may or may not be an issue, but that lighting would just make me want to get it installed and then start refilling the shelves. And your plans for the new case sound even more impressive. Maybe because I do not possess the cabinetry skills you have and I am envious (or maybe even jealous). You will have to show some pics on the progress for both cases. Good luck and show the WIP pics when you can.
  3. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    Ummmm, since you said you really worked at finishing builds for your case, and when it got filled you were not as (for lack of a better term that I just cannot think of right now) productive, I think I would simply get another case! And just remember we are nearly humans and will never be perfect. The main goal is to do the best you can at that time. If something does go wrong, don't throw it away. Either go back to fix it or if you really don't want to try to fix it, put it in your parts box, not the trash. Who knows, it could fit into another project and be just what you need. The trick is build for fun, not for perfection. And I am just as guilty as some have said they are. Painting is my problem, but I have been told to just continue to try to get better with each new project, and sooner than you realize, each paint job will probably be better. Again have fun and a relaxing time and forget about it HAS to be perfect.
  4. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron

    Hard to believe Hobby Design will not provide tires for this. Would make what looks to be a great kit already even better.
  5. Fujimi EM-1 Porsche '85 Turbo

    J.C., let me check Tues to see if I have a duplicate of that kit. If I do I will work out a trade with you for the Cruz. But I am pretty sure that I do have a duplicate of that kit.
  6. Any updates to post yet? Off to a great start. Yeah I am getting greedy to see more and hoping it might get me motivated to restart mine of this same kit.
  7. Random Things Going On

    Question for all that say the frame in the IH is too long. What does anyone think about using the box off an issue of the Ford LN 8000 that has it? Round2 just did the Pepsi (anybody not using the Pepsi decals contact me) and will soon be releasing the Coca Cola version. Just wondering if the box would be good use of the long frame on the IH?
  8. Red Baron Driveshaft

    I have seen several "lots"of NASCAR driveshafts on the bay. Could you cut the driveshaft off on the Red Baron kit and use the NASCAR driveshafts to accomplish what it sounds like you are trying to do? Just a thought that would give you matching shafts that you could easily cut to size. Also might be faster than trying to get one out of the Baron kit.
  9. Looking for Ford 4.6 or 5.4 heads and valve covers

    I would still send an e-mail and tell him what your plan is. He Might agree to sell you just the parts you need. Who knows, he could even create a master for others if he thinks it is a fairly worthwhile use of his time and energy. Won't know until you ask him.
  10. AMT 55 Bel Air / Street Machine

    Casey, a quick question for you. I was looking at your post on the other forum you mentioned, and since I had never seen that version of the '55, I have to ask. Your pic shows the chrome tree but I only saw three wheel covers and nothing as to show where the fourth one should be. Was it just out of range? Because I sure did not see any cut or breakage lines where it would have been. I sure would have gotten one if I had ever seen that version. Especially if I knew some of the so called " Pro Street" parts were in there. Edit: Just went back to that board and sure enough, I flat out missed it the first time I looked! I will put my glasses back on now. LOL
  11. Porsche 911 964 (1989-94) kits

    IF, and I did say if, you might get lucky enough to find one of the Scale Productions resin transkits. It has everything you need for converting one of the Tamiya Porsches. There is (hopefully) a chance he may reproduce a limited run of this kit. Go to the website and check out how complete his transkit is (was?). Worth a few minutes to search his site. Lots of interesting items there.
  12. AMT Parts Packs Suggestions

    My ID is socal76 because I used to live there and I had to move back to Missouri to take care of my mom and stepdad. Now I have become disabled and simply cannot afford to move back to CA. I did try to be respectful in my post to you. Now it is your turn to do the same and respect that not everyone wants to have to explain their personal life to you. I have had to explain it to friends who have not seen me in years. That I don't mind because they are friends. There are many days I can not even sit at the workbench due to pain issues. And I know of a friend here on the board who had a stroke a few years ago but he still keeps a civil tone. So now that you have had the disrespect to find out such a trivial aspect of my life as to WHY I use the ID I created is there something else you feel I need to explain to you? Other than what I tried to be respectful of posting to you? Oh I did forget to mention why the 76 was also part of my ID. Graduation or enlisting in the USMC, take your pick.
  13. Looking for Ford 4.6 or 5.4 heads and valve covers

    If you want to go with a complete engine, check out Clearly Scale. They have 3 different Ford small blocks, including a 5.0 L Coyote and 2 different DOHC 351's. One is a carbureted version and the other is what they are calling Monster charged (dual superchargers). And they look quite nice and are not too expensive.
  14. Can anybody HELP

    Wait til you have some Led Zeppelin cranked up and the part goes right into the heat and air duct on the floor. Naturally you don't hear it because, well you were playing some tunes (and it was Zeppelin) and then when it happens the next time with a wheel backing plate (and no tunes) you hear that distinctive sound, and after a few choice words, you pull the register vent to retrieve the backing plate and there sits your missing PE piece that went flying 6 months ago also! Laugh all you want to, until it happens to you. But it will be another six months until you can laugh at yourself for doing something like that! Gee, I wonder how I know this.... Oh yeah, I now cover the vent near the workbench when I am using it.
  15. Moebius AFX Comet any news ?

    Everything has probably been delayed since Pegasus bought them out. Mobius original owner was having some health issues and wanted the company to continue to grow, so he looked for, and found, a company that wanted the same. At least that is what I have heard and read.