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  1. Estes Garage

    Robert, I have the same question as Sam Freeman. What scale is the Estes Garage?
  2. AMT '60 Ford Custom Engine

    JC, I checked the box I have that has two kits in it and I have zero engines for them. The other kit is a builder so I can not get the engine for you. I bought the extras to use the chassis under a couple of '64 Fords for some Nascar builds. Now I have to find a couple of engines myself!!!
  3. AMT '60 Ford Custom Engine

    JC, I checked the kit on the left in your pics and it just has an optional tri-power intake, no complete custom engine. Also checked an earlier issue and same thing. At least according to the instructions and the the kit contents of my two kits. Now if it is supposed to have a second engine, I must have robbed it before because I only have one engine in each of the two boxes now.
  4. AMT '60 Ford Custom Engine

    JC, I may have it for you. Let me check tomorrow and I will let you know.
  5. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Is the Polyglas Gasser going to be done off the new tool '62 Catelina or AMT's kit of the early to mid seventies Polyglas Gasser kit release?
  6. For Dave Metzner, could you possibly make a small tree that included the needed stock '65 Nova parts? That way you can sell a few more kits for those that might want to build 2 of each year in the two different versions. Or you might just sell extra 64's for those wanting to build stock versions of each year. You may already be selling a few extra '65's for those wanting to build gassers of each year. Don't know your exact plan for the interior of the '64, but it would be extremely nice if you could just swap the chassis from the '65 into the '64 to do the gasser. and vice versa to do the stock. Much less p***ing and moaning about "I wish they had done this/or that"! Just a suggestion/wishful thinking. And to add some suggestions for a couple of other kits on my list I would like to see (none on the list yet) 1. Cal and Mary Ann Method '66 Chevy Biscayne and '66 Chevy impala wagon (Yes I stay in my seat to watch the Stock and Super Stock Eliminator cars when I go to the races). It could be done as either a Stock Version or NHRA Stock Eliminator without too many changes being needed 2, The rumored '67 Cougar 3. '66 and/or'67 Nova wagon 4. '67 Nova SS done like AMT did their '66 Nova SS (could be done like you are doing your '64 & '65 Nova kits). Also to steal some of AMT's chance to do a '67 after all the time since they did their '66 Nova 5. '70 & '74 Matador Nascar. I believe (but may be wrong) that the same chassis and engine could be used for both kits. Two distinct body styles and only one has been kitted and it is a bit lackluster in detail compared to Moebius other kits
  7. Star Models

    i have dealt with Steve for about seven yeas and he has always been great at shipping and fast delivery. I would recommend him any time.
  8. Pro street camaro, beretta, or tbird wanted

    Revell is supposed to do a reissue of the Iaconio Camaro in the near future.
  9. state travel decals

    Tom, they are on the way. You should have them Mon or Tues at the latest. Plus I think you will like the rest that's in the envelope.
  10. 1984 Hurst Cutlass decals

    I have to agree with Matt. They do look nice and I would like to get a couple of these decals, if you make some to sell.
  11. socal76

    Not new but I never stopped to post here until now. I build mostly race vehicles and semi-trucks. Do a lot of trading and this helped me get rid of some duplicates and kits I lost interest in for other kits that I am more interested in. Have dealth with too many traders to list here, but all but one have been great. Enjoy seeing the models in the Showcase forum and also the models in the On The Workbench forum. But I always check the Wanted and Trade forums first.
  12. Foose Cadillac Body

    I hope you do the wagon next. That is my first choice to get!