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  1. socal76 added a post in a topic Paint (Gone) Mods Please Close   

    Class act in donating those paints!
  2. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/16th Scale Jolly Rancher Stagecoach Wheelstander - Sneak Peak   

    Chris, if John says "Chris....this just blows me away......."WOW", and given HIS talents, can you imagine what the rest of us "glue-bomb" builders are saying??
  3. socal76 added a post in a topic Duramax Motor   

    Trailer Trash Kustomz, you have my interest in this!!
  4. socal76 added a post in a topic Some kits to trade   

    b-body fan, glad to see you do not get snippy like some that take offence to others sarcastic comments. Kudos to you. Wish I had something to trades just because of that.
  5. socal76 added a post in a topic Cowl induction type hood for a 70 1/2 Camaro.....   

    Lex's Scale Modeling has both a cowl induction and an outlaw cowl induction. He lists on e-bay.
  6. socal76 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy modified   

    DrKerry, me thinks you just got a smackdown from superbike-shaun!!! Only smackdown I am gonna say is I wanna see more of this!!
  7. socal76 added a post in a topic Looking to buy Dodge Ramcharger truck from monogram   

    PM me, I have two sitting in a box for someone who never got back to me. Can trade those or if you need a sealed kit have that also. I don't know what you might have for trades but maybe you can let me know
  8. socal76 added a post in a topic Looking for Pegasus "Big N Little" Chrome T's and a Cowl Hood   

    Check out Lex's Scale Modeling on e-bay. He has several resin hoods and at least 2 for the AMT Camaro. One is a cowl hood and the other is an outlaw style cowl hood.
  9. socal76 added a post in a topic 1948 Lindberg Lincoln Continental Convertible-Resin Coupe Hardtop available?   

    I wish I could find one of those 41 Lincoln hardtops. Have not seen one in a couple of years. Maybe I just have not checked at the right time.
  10. socal76 added a post in a topic Stallone's Mercury Cobra   

    Just out of curiosity, where did that intake, carbs and carb covers come from? I would not mind using a setup like that on a couple of projects I am working on! Seen lots of three, or six carb, but can't recall what kit has the eight.
  11. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    Inside front cover of the August 2015 Scale Auto has an ad for it. So it will be issued!!
  12. socal76 added a post in a topic where to get rear drag tires   

    It would depend on what size you need, AMT has their Parts Pack and Pegasus has their Top Fuel/Funny Car size. If you can find them, Stevens International did some nice ones, kind of in between width of those other two
  13. socal76 added a post in a topic Revell 69 Torino instructions   

    If you need the Monogram '69 Talladega drop me a PM. I have an extra set I can send. Bought a couple of them to rob the engines out of since they are the only 1/24th scale engines with a C-6 automatic. Now to find someone that needs a kit or two with no engine for a reasonable trade! LOL
  14. socal76 added a post in a topic DAFT Wheels 2015(UPDT.7/2/15) Out of the small wheel business.   

    Well I hope you do well with your 30 and up sets, but since they hold zero interest for me, I will not have to mess with the crappy Facebook to see or order interesting wheel designs. Was saving for an multi-set order, but I guess I can use those funds for something else now. But good luck with your choice and interest.
  15. socal76 added a post in a topic 2 tires & 2 wheels   

    The Goodyear Rally Gt's are in several Monogram kits (like the Monogram '69 Camaro, not Revell!) but the inner diameter may be larger than the wheels you are using. However if you could try the wheels in a set I may have a few sets to trade.