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  1. socal76 added a post in a topic Is there a difference in Revell Ferrari 458 kits?   

    The top one is typical of the Revell of Germany edition, while the bottom is the typical Revell version.
  2. socal76 added a post in a topic Paint (Gone) Mods Please Close   

    Class act in donating those paints!
  3. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/16th Scale Jolly Rancher Stagecoach Wheelstander - Sneak Peak   

    Chris, if John says "Chris....this just blows me away......."WOW", and given HIS talents, can you imagine what the rest of us "glue-bomb" builders are saying??
  4. socal76 added a post in a topic Duramax Motor   

    Trailer Trash Kustomz, you have my interest in this!!
  5. socal76 added a post in a topic Some kits to trade   

    b-body fan, glad to see you do not get snippy like some that take offence to others sarcastic comments. Kudos to you. Wish I had something to trades just because of that.
  6. socal76 added a post in a topic Cowl induction type hood for a 70 1/2 Camaro.....   

    Lex's Scale Modeling has both a cowl induction and an outlaw cowl induction. He lists on e-bay.
  7. socal76 added a post in a topic 57 Chevy modified   

    DrKerry, me thinks you just got a smackdown from superbike-shaun!!! Only smackdown I am gonna say is I wanna see more of this!!
  8. socal76 added a post in a topic Looking to buy Dodge Ramcharger truck from monogram   

    PM me, I have two sitting in a box for someone who never got back to me. Can trade those or if you need a sealed kit have that also. I don't know what you might have for trades but maybe you can let me know
  9. socal76 added a post in a topic Looking for Pegasus "Big N Little" Chrome T's and a Cowl Hood   

    Check out Lex's Scale Modeling on e-bay. He has several resin hoods and at least 2 for the AMT Camaro. One is a cowl hood and the other is an outlaw style cowl hood.
  10. socal76 added a post in a topic 1948 Lindberg Lincoln Continental Convertible-Resin Coupe Hardtop available?   

    I wish I could find one of those 41 Lincoln hardtops. Have not seen one in a couple of years. Maybe I just have not checked at the right time.
  11. socal76 added a post in a topic Stallone's Mercury Cobra   

    Just out of curiosity, where did that intake, carbs and carb covers come from? I would not mind using a setup like that on a couple of projects I am working on! Seen lots of three, or six carb, but can't recall what kit has the eight.
  12. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    Inside front cover of the August 2015 Scale Auto has an ad for it. So it will be issued!!
  13. socal76 added a post in a topic where to get rear drag tires   

    It would depend on what size you need, AMT has their Parts Pack and Pegasus has their Top Fuel/Funny Car size. If you can find them, Stevens International did some nice ones, kind of in between width of those other two
  14. socal76 added a post in a topic Revell 69 Torino instructions   

    If you need the Monogram '69 Talladega drop me a PM. I have an extra set I can send. Bought a couple of them to rob the engines out of since they are the only 1/24th scale engines with a C-6 automatic. Now to find someone that needs a kit or two with no engine for a reasonable trade! LOL
  15. socal76 added a post in a topic DAFT Wheels 2015(UPDT.7/2/15) Out of the small wheel business.   

    Well I hope you do well with your 30 and up sets, but since they hold zero interest for me, I will not have to mess with the crappy Facebook to see or order interesting wheel designs. Was saving for an multi-set order, but I guess I can use those funds for something else now. But good luck with your choice and interest.