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  1. 69 Camaro Convertible resin up top

    Steven, those tops seem to have a fit issue at the front. At least on the '62 you have turned the right way in your pics. A little harder to tell on the '63 body. What is your opinion since you have a couple?
  2. Mill City Replicas

    Castings are a bit thick but they are good quality on the outside. If my memory is correct he offered a Formula 5000 air intake (may have been Andy Martin, but I am pretty sure it was Mill City). I sure wish he would remaster it (not straight as cast) because he was the only person I have seen that ever cast it. I really like it on one of my '69 Camaro projects. So if he reads this post maybe he will remaster it. I will take the first five if he does! Got a few low dollar dragsters that they would look great on.
  3. hobby lobby

    Hit one store and left with 12 kits. Hit 3 more stores 5 days later on my home from my VA appointments. Days total was 8 more kits plus a few paint items, some knife blades, miter box, etc? Never thought to check the paint or airbrush items, or I would have gotten the 2 Paasche items. Should give me some products for the workbench as soon as my back let's me move comfortably. Hate just laying in bed other than the necessary trips to the bathroom. Thank goodness it is not a very far walk.
  4. echoxrayniner, have you made a listing of all your decals yet? You are doing so many great ones it is hard to keep up with all of them. A list could be done in Microsoft Excel or in Libre Office (a Free program) that you could update as needed. Then post a link to the list that anyone could download. I know I haven't been able to keep up due to times I have had to stay in bed due to back and hip issues. I know how Gregg feels now!
  5. Ron, I would gladly take that "forlorn" '68 off your hands so you wouldn't have to ever look at such a wretched thing again! LOL!!!
  6. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    I would have to say it would be my entire Aurora 1/16 scale collection. I have both of the full kits, plus several of the individual kits. Will I ever build any of them, I really don't know.
  7. Revell '76 Ford Torino

    Bill, you are a bit compulsive about most things needing to be correct. That is why you have your screen ID name. But that is also why I like seeing your WIP pics, both during and completed.
  8. need a set of 1/25 NASCAR whls. & tires; modern

    Ed, I checked and I have sent all of my 1/25th scale NASCAR wheel and tire sets out for trades. But I would like to get those 1/24th wheels and tires if possible.
  9. AMT Touring Car and Phaeton

    I think the combo kits would be a great idea. They did it with the '69 Torino, '69 Barracuda and a third car I cannot recall right now. Plus they did a 3 vehicle Street Rod set. Now those were all sets before Round2, but the idea could be expanded to AMT's T's and their '32 Fords. While I myself may prefer Revell's '32's, they do not have all the body options AMT does. And I have yet to try some of the AMT bodies on the Revell chassis. Too many other projects going on, like most people! But AMT could use a really good couple of options. The only AMT kits I have bought in the last 5 years are the rebranded Lindberg kits I could not get when they were out. As far as other reissues, no reason to buy them when you already have as many as you will need. Now give me some revised tools, like the '66 Nova to a '67 (Street Machine version so minimal tooling costs) and a '66 Malibu Street Machine (again Street Machine to avoid the costs of a Replica Stock interior tooling). Both of these use existing tooling to avoid totally new tooling. I am sure there are others that could be done the same way, but these two would make me spend my funds. Are you reading this Round2?? Well I have posted my thoughts and ideas. We will have to see if anyone agrees or more importantly if any of the manufacture personnel promote it to their bosses!
  10. AMT Touring Car and Phaeton

    Call me confused, but with the subject being the AMT '32 Phaeton and '27 T's, why all of the posts about the Monogram, the Revell and even the Aurora '32's? What did I miss here??
  11. 1971-1972 442 ram air hood

    I wish I had the funds to buy the Revell kit just for the resin figure and could turn around and sell the rest of the kit. I am getting too many other kits that I need to get busy and build. Now if somebody else is just the opposite, let me know if you want to trade or ?? for the figure alone!!
  12. need a set of 1/25 NASCAR whls. & tires; modern

    Ed, if these have not been claimed yet I could use them. I may be able to come up with an AMT 1/25th scale set to trade, but not sure I have not already sent all I had out to others who needed them.
  13. hobby lobby

    The Hobby Lobby near me does scan items at checkout. I have seen only one other store that scans items, so their system is easy to set prices for each store.
  14. While looking through the wanted posts, I noticed just how many parts would most likely be available from Modelhaus. While I wish Don and his wife all the best in their retirement, their products are missed very much.
  15. Revell GMC Syclone

    PM sent