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  1. socal76 added a post in a topic Dale Earnhardt 1977 Monte Carlo WIP   

    Mark, the way you make all the changes makes it seem far easier than I thought it would be. Great buiild and all the tips will be filed in my brain for future reference. Let's just hope I can find them in the future!!
  2. socal76 added a post in a topic Kit for trade   

    Have made several trades, purchased kits, and sold kits to Dave so I can tell you he is quite reputable. I was drooling when I went over to his house last time, (Sorry about the water puddle Dave!). Plus I see a few I have to come up with something to trade.
  3. socal76 added a post in a topic Looking for these type of carburetors...   

    They are in all of the Monogram/Revell Pro Stock kits. From the early Camaro and T-Bird kits through the Firebird and Olds kits.
  4. socal76 added a topic in NASCAR   

    List of Monogram kits
    Has anybody ever made a list of the Monogram kits and the years they represent? Curious to know about some for a specific project. Primarily for the Grand Prix kits.
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  5. socal76 added a post in a topic Bandai Duesenberg Body 1/24   

    Was not even aware that Bandai had done one! Have to watch for this now.
  6. socal76 added a post in a topic Photo-Etch Racing Harness - Lever Type   

    Mike, I can vouch for Scott's lever style harnesses. I have a couple of sets already that I picked up from him when he came to the Kansas City show the past couple years. All his stuff is top notch. I am trying to scrape up enough funds to get two of his Fairmont Pro Stocks to do two versions of Glidden's car. Oh and talk to him about buying a chassis and trying it on a few other kits. Looks like it will work quite nicely under the Trumpeter '63 Nova.
  7. socal76 added a post in a topic smbc status   

    Sorry to hear of his passing. I know he will be missed by all the members of D.R.A.G., but he will alos be missed by his customers and people that have met him. Condolances to his family.
  8. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/24-5 Can-Am Kits, Plastic & Resin. Let's make a "Catalog"   

    I wasn't sure if any of the Chaparral's were Can-Am, but I thought maybe the 2D's Might be. Thanks for the correction.
  9. socal76 added a post in a topic 1/24-5 Can-Am Kits, Plastic & Resin. Let's make a "Catalog"   

    Were the Aurora/Monogram reissued cars part of the Can-Am series? I thought the Chapparels that Monogram did in the early/mid 90's were Can-Am cars? I know the Scarab was too early.
  10. socal76 added a post in a topic Two 1955 Nomads   

    Are you wanting the Revell version, since that is what is described?
  11. socal76 added a post in a topic Getting Out of Model Cars   

    PM sent
  12. socal76 added a post in a topic Holy......!! I can't believe what I just did!!!!   

    Bill J, there has to be something with that Black Widow kit as I was bringing one back into the house and had on it what is probably my best paint job ever, and I must have squeezed the hanger just a bit too much, as the body went stright down into the grass before I got to the sidewalk. As if that was not bad enough I heard this distintive crunch before I could stop taking another step!
  13. socal76 added a post in a topic Shelby Series 1 "Coupe" GTS car....8-7-16 update -front lighting   

    Brian, I sure wish you could have had that body cast before you started applying paint. Really looks good with those flares.
  14. socal76 added a post in a topic 2016 nascar ford fusion using the new revell snap kit.   

    MarkJ, this build would almost make be build a Brad K. car. Notice I said almost!!!I suppose i could do it on a Lagano car instead!! LOL
  15. socal76 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Johan Mustang Funny Car clear parts
    As the title says I am looking for the clear glass parts for the Johan Mustang Funny Car. And maybe a scan of the instructions if they are not on Drastic Plastic's site, (have not checked yet)
    Thanks in advance if anybody has these parts to spare.
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