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  1. Dave is it possible to have two servers in the event of a system crash like what happened over on Randy Ayer's Nascar board? It took over a month to try to fix and most of the content, pics and member profiles were lost. Everyone had to re-register because all members info was gone. Some articles were like of work under construction that were amazing. Especially the projects Henrik did. Made some modifications and made them seem quite simple. And his detailing was fantastic. Anyway the reason I asked about two servers is you could just switch back and forth and not have to worry about a crash. Just switch at a set time and you could do the updates you need to do on the one that came offline. Insures that only one das posts might be lost, if any problems arose. Just an idea I had. And I wanted to offer my hope of a speedy recovery
  2. Dr Larry. you beat me to the punch. I was just getting ready to send a post about your Pontiac trans-kits.
  3. Ron, since you have so many other projects on the bench, I think you should just send it to me. I can send you postage money after you get it in the mail and know just how much the postage was!! LOL
  4. J.C., I sure like that Otaki Capri RS3100 you showed the pic of. The front fenders look a bit different than the Minicraft version. Maybe just the image, but it does look slightly different.
  5. Snake, that El Camino is a better option than the wagon. Forgot about that kit. Could even cut out the doors and make opening doors on the Z-16 body too!
  6. Snake, you should just fix the Funny Car wheel wells by using the AMT '65 wagon fender pieces. Far cheaper tp find those than the Z-16. Probably find a body at a swap meet for a buck or two. Maybe someone here even has a junker body that has the sides salvageable.
  7. niteowl, (James), have you tried those Ebbro tires off the Lotus on any 1/24th-1/25th scale wheels (i.e. Pegasas) to see if they might fit as Pro Street tires? Looks like they might have nice tread detail on the box art. Not seen any of the Ebbro kits to know. I have seen some F-1 resin tires so could substitute slicks for the treaded kit tire or a resin set of the rain tires.
  8. Rico, I know it has probably been listed before, but can you provide your Shapeways site name again?
  9. A.J., would really be nice to see Photoshop version of your truck and f100's side by side. Different trucks and different beds would make a nice "growing" landscape company dio! Now if there were some Dodge kits to do the same idea that would be great for me. Yeah, just what I need another project!!!!!!
  10. OK, I guess I will have to be the oddball in the group as I bought a few of the Foose Caddy's. One will be built box stock, as I think this is probably Foose's best work. The others are admittedly parts kits. One for the aforementioned Revell Caddy chassis conversion (way back burner project) and the last one for uhmmmm, whatever! Now if it had been stock only, well probably none would have made it to checkout in my hands. So not everyone wants only stock versions.
  11. Rico, can I put my order in yet?? As quick as you get them drawn up, I might as well get my order in! Can't wait until you get this drawn up. I am still surprised Revell has not done that and a flat hood or a square screen vented hood, or both hoods. Could all be done on one sprue.
  12. Phil also mentioned where to get the gears to make the cable functional. I have a set but I am not sure they are exactly the same since I bought these about three years ago, not thirty like the article! Article did not mention the size of each gear, but there are probably more than one combination by now. But you cannot ever deny the talent of Phil. Sad to think we cannot see more of his work from now on. Steven
  13. Repstock, on your computer that died, was it the motherboard, chip, or the drive? If you want to try to get the info off the drive send me a message and I might be able to help. Got the tools and have done it several times. Worth a try. About the only way you can't get the info is if the drive itself went bad.
  14. Greg, I wish I knew where to find the inspiration. I have more than enough kits to last my lifetime and then 2 or 3 more after that.
  15. nightowl7710, you don't know how lucky you are to be able to pick up some of those kits everyone was talking about. When Hobby Lobby clearenced their kits I did grab a few since I had some funds for the first time in over 3 1/2 years. But there were a lot of kits mentioned at Ollie's that I would have gotten several of. Got to find a source for when (and IF) they do something like that again. Wish I knew if they had any plans to expand farther West.
  16. Snake, I thought the '67 Chevelles and Corvette used the '68 and on type of cap. I thought I had read an article that the Camaro Caps were unique. Maybe a bad memory lapse? But I could swear I read it!
  17. '70 Grandes pic makes it look like the front end has a noticeable drop, especially when looking at the headlight area. Is this due to the image angle or did the car really have that drop? I can't say because I was watching what little drag racing I could find while on base in Okinawa. Had lost interest in NASCAR for a few years. Got back into it when Monogram did their first four NASCAR kits. And still had the interest in drag racing, so the drag kits that Monogram did were added to the beginning of the "stash" also!!
  18. Paul, I like so many others am waiting for a release date on this wagon. Then you mention the '64 wagon and I started drooling all over my tablet! About the only thing better to me, would be a '66 Impala wagon. Never was able to get Don's when he offered his. Would like to get the Caprice and a Bel Air I saw somewhere else, but can't remember where now! Never have seen a '66 impala convertible. May just have to combine parts from Revell's '65 IF I can find another one that is priced lower than they are seen now.
  19. Bill, you should have requested the '67 Rally caps as they were a one year only design. Slightly different design and true Camaro fans (fanatics?) can tell you the differences.
  20. Steven, those tops seem to have a fit issue at the front. At least on the '62 you have turned the right way in your pics. A little harder to tell on the '63 body. What is your opinion since you have a couple?
  21. Castings are a bit thick but they are good quality on the outside. If my memory is correct he offered a Formula 5000 air intake (may have been Andy Martin, but I am pretty sure it was Mill City). I sure wish he would remaster it (not straight as cast) because he was the only person I have seen that ever cast it. I really like it on one of my '69 Camaro projects. So if he reads this post maybe he will remaster it. I will take the first five if he does! Got a few low dollar dragsters that they would look great on.
  22. Hit one store and left with 12 kits. Hit 3 more stores 5 days later on my home from my VA appointments. Days total was 8 more kits plus a few paint items, some knife blades, miter box, etc? Never thought to check the paint or airbrush items, or I would have gotten the 2 Paasche items. Should give me some products for the workbench as soon as my back let's me move comfortably. Hate just laying in bed other than the necessary trips to the bathroom. Thank goodness it is not a very far walk.
  23. echoxrayniner, have you made a listing of all your decals yet? You are doing so many great ones it is hard to keep up with all of them. A list could be done in Microsoft Excel or in Libre Office (a Free program) that you could update as needed. Then post a link to the list that anyone could download. I know I haven't been able to keep up due to times I have had to stay in bed due to back and hip issues. I know how Gregg feels now!
  24. Ron, I would gladly take that "forlorn" '68 off your hands so you wouldn't have to ever look at such a wretched thing again! LOL!!!
  25. I would have to say it would be my entire Aurora 1/16 scale collection. I have both of the full kits, plus several of the individual kits. Will I ever build any of them, I really don't know.
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