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  1. slownlow added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    A delicate question
    I need to remove a decal from a tissue and balsa wood airplane. The model was painted with dope before acrylic paints were applied, then the decals were applied. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. slownlow added a post in a topic Social Circumcision 50 Chevy panel   

  3. slownlow added a post in a topic Social Circumcision 50 Chevy panel truck   

    Love it. Looks like your getting lots of tips 
  4. slownlow added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Not exactly on the road but I'll bet it soon will be.

  5. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    I'm beginning to play with Dagmar ideas and kind of like this setup. Any ideas, comments?

  6. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Doing well but you know how it is. As you reach 70 it's seems to be just patch, patch, patch. How's everything going with you and the gang at KKIM?
  7. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    This is the start of the front bumper. It's 4 pieces of 1/8 square stock shaped and bent. Still lots of sanding and polishing.

  8. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Tom here are a couple of pics of the rear of the roof. I'm not seeing a difference but then it may be time to recalibrate my eyes. The curve apparent in the top down photo may be creating an illusion when viewed at an angle. 

  9. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Here's a little history on what was done before. The top was chopped but shortened to give a more coupish look. The interior tub was shortened the same amount making the area between the trunk and the rear window longer. The trunk was pancaked softening the hump and making the fenders more prominent. The body was channeled so the front inner fender wells were sectioned, the fire wall and radiator shortend, and a scoop for the carb breathers fabricated from a false fingernail.

  10. slownlow added a topic in On The Workbench   

    51 Cevy Redux
    I'm redoing a 51 Chevy that was done several years ago. Originally I built it to represent the daily driver WIPs that abounded when I was a kid. Now the intent is to finish it. So far fender skirts have been added but I'm not fond of the way they fit so the panel line has been filled so they appear to be part of the fender. The tube grill from the 48 Ford kit has been fitted and a custom rear bumper fabricated. Next up will be the front bumper. I'de like to ad Dagmars to it but we'll have to see how it works out.

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  11. slownlow added a post in a topic 1941 Plymouth Coupe   

    Here's one I did a few years ago. I did have it on my Fokti site but I quit them when they started charging. The top is chopped a 3", the curve of the trunk area is softened with a transverse pie section and fender fades were added. Also for s*** and giggles I did a tuck and roll interior. There are a lot of interesting stylistic features originally on these old Plymouths and I'm not sure why they didn't combine to make a more pleasing car. Any way this is my attempt to make it more better.

  12. slownlow added a post in a topic Revell 36 Ford   

    I agree Epso that has bothered me too. The car as it is now looks like it's "broke" in the middle, sloping from the grill to the cowl and from the rear to the cowl. Some careful measurements were made and the hood is actually flat relative to the ground. I think your solution is a good one. How much did you trim.
  13. slownlow added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell 36 Ford
    Its been a while since I posted so here's an update. I've got the chop done (buy the AMT version) and have the fenders repositioned on the body. After a lot of head scratching over the geometry of the hood. By moving the front fenders "up" the hood had to be shortened about 1/16". So where to cut it and how to make the sides blend was the question. I made the cut behind where the hood contacts the radiator shroud and then removed a pie section out of the middle of the rear half. That let the two pieces blend. Then a small mount of filing so the back of the hood matched the cowl. I made a paper template to make sure my geometry worked. To get the front low enough to suit me I made a rediculously dropped axel. If this was real you probably couldn't drive over a peanut. This is a very fussy model. The assembly sequence needs the interior to be attached to the body before the top is installed. This prevents correcting that annoying alignment problem of the moldings of the top and the moldings of the body so steps are being taken to allow the top to be attached prior to painting. The wheel covers will be the concentric ring style. No thought yet about colors.

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  14. slownlow added a post in a topic The advantage of........   

    Save those false fingernails too. They make great hood scoops.

  15. slownlow added a post in a topic What would the results be? {body modification}   

    Here are a couple of pics of a 49 Merc with a pie section cut. As the cut widens it ultimately ended up a scale 3".