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  1. slownlow added a post in a topic '53 Ford Rat Rod Wrecker Rig- Second Refresh   

    Nice work!
  2. slownlow added a post in a topic Kustom 41 Plymouth   

    It just keeps getting better
  3. slownlow added a post in a topic Kustom 41 Plymouth   

    Very nice. Good job on the fades.
  4. slownlow added a topic in Under Glass   

    Redux 51 Chev
    We'll she's been a long time coming but I'm calling her done. She started several years ago as a tribute to daily driver projects in the 50's and at that point I called it done. But not being one to leave well enough alone I decided to finish her. Along the way I learned BMF doesn't like flat finishes, then I learned to love Molotow's liquid chrome pen. Any way enjoy

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  5. slownlow added a post in a topic Salt Lick --Updated 3/29/17   

    Nice work as usual Doc. Can't wait
  6. slownlow added a post in a topic Service station Jeep   

    OK, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I imagineerd a gas powered charging unit and threw in a few tools. Now I'm done, really, no really.

  7. slownlow added a post in a topic Service station Jeep   

    Thanks all fore the kind comments. 
  8. slownlow added a post in a topic Service station Jeep   

    This is the MPC WWII 1/25 Jeep kit and the tires came in the kit. The tooling of the mold must be getting old as there was some ruffness to the smaller parts though not much flash. Also the plastic is rather soft and the frame had a twist. I fabricated the cab out of sheet plastic and made the DX decals. Because it is a civilian rendition the military goodies, Thompson machine gun, carbine rifle, 50cal machine gun and a 105 recoilles are in my stash. All in all it was a fun kit to do.
  9. slownlow added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Service station Jeep
    Here is a Jeep like one I had in the 60's. Sure had a lot of fun with this old gal. Not much good for road trips but great for exploring Midwest river valleys. She had the metal 1/2 cab like this when I got her but soon replaced it with a full soft top. 

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  10. slownlow added a topic in On The Workbench   

    WWII / gas station Jeep
    This is a Jeep I had in the late 60's though my version was a CJ (civilian) rather than this military version. The kit is the MPC version in 1/24. Because the kit is military it has some fun accessories, Thompson machine gun, carbine rifle, 50 cal machine gun and 105 recoilless rifle. Because this represents a service station vehicle those items are left off though they might be handy in traffic. When I got the Jeep it had a metal 1/2 cab which made dating interesting. While 4wheeling in the woods one day I found out why the spare is usually mounted in back. For this girl I figure I needn't worry about how close the trees are together. Someone may be molding a cab like this but it's pretty easy to fabricate. It would be in the finished category but I plan on making a battery charging unit and decals reading "John's DX service & lubritorium".

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  11. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Finally making some good progress. I kind of feel like that Ancient Greek who had to roll the boulder up the mountain only to have it roll back down  just short of the peak. Anyway here she is so far

  12. slownlow added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I saw this old friend in the parking lot of our local Home Depot. Turned out the owner was the clerk that waited on me. Said it had been in the family since 1972. The only thing she's missing is a Greatful Dead sticker in the rear window.

  13. slownlow added a post in a topic Another Monza build in the mix??? Update 8-16-16   

    Keep on keep'n on!
  14. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Besides the moldings I'm considering going this direction. God love photoshop.

  15. slownlow added a post in a topic 51 Cevy Redux   

    Here's a little more mocking up of moldings