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  1. Creating NEW Panel Lines

    The only thing I would add to the above suggestions is using a razor saw. It worked quite well for keeping the lines straight on a Studebaker I did a while ago. The first several passes should be done with almost no pressure. As my old pa used to say "Let the saw do the work" For square corners start at the corner and draw away from it.
  2. Work bench ideas?

    Here's where my insanity transpires. The table is an old wooden draftsman model that's been with me since high school (that's a looong time). The machinest chest holds the small tools, tape, BMF, sandpaper sheets, paintbrushes, other misc. stuff. The drawer unit is somewhat organized for some small parts by type( wheels, engine bits, carbs, etc), and stuff like fine wire, solder, clear twist ties, milliput..... the shelving on the right has paint, epoxy, styrene and whatnots. I've found that lighting is really important, you can never have too much.
  3. Show us what YOU'Ve done with the different '40 Ford kits

    Here's an old favorite. Done with the Revell kit
  4. What techniques are used to paint exhausts, fuel tanks,brake lines,etc.? Or is it easier to cut the floor pan loose from the frame and scratch build that stuff?
  5. Like where this is going. The old Rommel's Rod also uses the 35 Mercedes. To lower the stance i Zed the front and not sure what you call the rear mod but with wheels in back you could Z there also. Keep on keep'n on.
  6. 1936 Ford roadster custom

    Nice, good paint too

    Thanks all for the kind comments
  8. Flexible ducts

    I currently don't have an unused microbrush to photo but hopefully you can visualize one from the 2 used ones in the pic. When new they have a small tuft at the tip for small paint or glue application. They are made of plastic and I use only the serrated section, bent the curve and pinn the ends by way of short lengths of straight pin to the engine and body.
  9. Flexible ducts

    One of the things that stumped me for a while was fabricating flexible ducts for engine air intake on my last project. I finally tumbled onto this solution after using these applicators many times for their intended use.

    Well she's close enough to be called done. My thanks to all those making suggestions adding detail and depth to this effort.
  11. 53 Stude lakes car

    I'm thinking for nose art doing something with SNAFU'D STUDE and instead of swastikas denoting kills using blue ovals and bow ties. Also playing with the idea of a gun sticking out the headlight bulges. The Dzus fasteners would be cool. If I sharpen the inside my glue needle to make a small circle and a little scribe bisecting the circle it would look about right.
  12. 53 Stude lakes car

    More progress. Painted the D Day racing stripe and think I'll extend it down on the front bumper. Also hung the door and it's working smooth.
  13. 53 Stude lakes car

    Here's more progress. The panel seams got "rivets". It seems to add a lot to,the overall look and the tool I used is a seamstress marking wheel. The teeth are sharpened to leave a crisper mark
  14. 53 Stude lakes car

    Thanks for the comments. This is intended to be a lakes car destined for Nevada , El Mirage, or .... that's why I sanded down the tires to a smaller contact patch. In regards to the roll cage it's kit supplied and I'm not too concerned about reality with this project, more into the looks and feel of the car. Tom Woodruff what are you referring to as aircraft fasteners? Rivets or some kind of screw locking system or .....? It sounds interesting.