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  1. slownlow added a post in a topic Balsa & Tissue Planes   

    Here's a Guillows P-40 I did several years ago. As kids we built these all the time. The bi-planes are hard to get the wing orientation right and imagine a Foker tri-plane. I was able to find dope a my LHS. I think some RC planes use it. The only problem I had was using alcohol to shrink the tissue paper rather than water, it didn't shrink as much.

  2. slownlow added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I saw this heading east on I 80 in Des Moines, IA. Looks like some one has a winter project.

  3. slownlow added a post in a topic Parking Fun , You know it makes you mad.   

    I got this from a KKIM member a few years ago. I printed up a bunch on orange card stock and love passing them out.

  4. slownlow added a post in a topic No Rules (Opel Blitz Rat Rod)   

    Very nice!!!
  5. slownlow added a post in a topic how to get the look of wood   

    Bob, This is one time brush marks are a good thing. To achieve a wood look with paint I use a "dry brush" technique, using a brush that is almost empty of paint. The brush I prefer is a stiff, short bristle, flat,square tip style. My favorite brush is about 1/4" wide. To achieve a "dry brush" I dip the brush in the color and brush it almost dry on a scrap of plastic or paper and then brush on the model. For colors I start with a base of testors wood color. Then start dry brushing. The colors you use depend on what your final look is to be. I do a lot of test runs on scrap to get the balance I'm looking for. For a well maintained or new car look I use burnt umber, reds, yellow greens. I mix in more grays and blacks for a more weathered look. Doing research of 1:1 images is very helpful. In the following pics if I had done my research better on the 48 ford the structural pieces would have been more yellow and with less grain. Hope this helps

  6. slownlow added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Mike, I remember one of the enthusiast mags had an article about Nettesheim. He's got way more money than I have but excellent taste. Sorry to hear about that lordairguitar. Bikes are beemers and cars are bimmers. Sounds like that guy was more into the image than the machine. Here's a pic of the 67 when I brought her home. The engine is under the orange plastic on the bench and the rest is in the wheel barrow.

  7. slownlow added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Too cold to ride today, 1 degree this morn, so here's dream'n of warmer weather.

    1967 BMW r60/2

    1976 BMW R90S
  8. slownlow added a post in a topic 1968 Mr. Norm's Dodge Dart GSS (was The Engine Room)   

    Doug, Welcome to the forum and also Ankeny. Looks like we'll be take'n over the city soon, all both of us. Like your work and hope you keep at it. I've been in a slump for a while but this is a great hobby for Iowa winters. Again welcome.
  9. slownlow added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Back in the day I worked for a farmer that had used horses. He was of mixed emotions about tractors cause they could go all day and night. He said after 10 hours horses were played out and so was he.
  10. slownlow added a post in a topic revell VW hippy van,   

    Far out man. All it needs are a bunch of greatful dead stickers in the rear window.
  11. slownlow added a post in a topic '31 model a tudor (chopped and channeled)   

    Very nice! Proof god is in the details
  12. slownlow added a post in a topic faux leather contact vinyl   

    I've had good success using real leather. I find some that I like from old billfold, check book, glove, purse, or? Then scrape it "wafer thin" with a dull knife or coarse sandpaper or both. Then cut to general shape, glue using Elmer's white glue and then trim after glue is dry. Sorry the pic is only fair but Fotki in their infinite wisdom is moving my images to Elbonia or is it Estonia so my better pics must still be on a container ship in the North Atlantic.

    Bob Maloy

  13. slownlow added a post in a topic 1956 Ford - - W.I.P.   

    Rich, I vote for opening doors. Your interior is so good it'll be easier to see.
  14. slownlow added a post in a topic spark wires   

    Weird, Lets try that address again.
    Now it seems to work
  15. slownlow added a post in a topic spark wires   

    For scale conversion here is a handy website that helps out IMMENSELY.
    I have it bookmarked and use it alot.