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  1. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Highway thru Hell   

    I was working for VSA highway maintenance out of Merritt from 2006-10 and have plowed the Coq....usually from Merritt to Larson Hill (just above Kingsvale). A few times when the Coldwater crew was busy on the "Smasher", we would get sent to cover Larson to Zopkios, I have seen my fair share of carnage and destruction on that road!! 90% of the vehicles in the ditch were SUV's and 4x4's during the winter months, and I think it would be pretty easy to say that it was all speed related, since you can travel at 110kmh (now 120kmh) at any time of the year!   I always enjoyed having to go through an accident scene with a front plow and wing with a car all smashed up and hanging into your lane...caught a few bumpers and sheetmetal with both, not much you can do until the tow trucks get there and clear the scene!  One thing I did not look forward to was the ministry opening the highway after a closure...it was really nice to plow and sand an empty highway with no traffic, but as soon as the general public was given the green light.....it was like being in the middle of the pack during Daytona!  
    I have seen JD on the highway travelling, but not doing any recovery or towing jobs,  seen Quiring once....nothing but snow and the end of my hood!  LOL!
  2. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Ramchargers dodge   

    Nice job on both of those!!!
  3. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic School Me on '71 Cuda Rubber Bumpers   

    I remember reading in that other mag an article by Tim Boyd about the 1970 'Cuda which included info regarding the rubber bumpers abd which colors they were available with, I can't recall if the choices were a carry-over from '70 to '71? You might want to check out that article, or you can and maybe find info over at Allpar...may take some digging, but if the info is anywhere, I would say you will find it there.
    Hope that helps.....sorta?  Lol.....kinda??
  4. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic What do YOU like about the MoPars?   

    Why do I love MOPAR so much?  Simple.......the low numbers, the High Impact paint, and that four letter word that strikes fear in any other manufacturer....HEMI...banned in NASCAR and NHRA for pushing the envelope on engines and bodies.....even to this day...(DEMON!)....nuthing better in my opinion!!  One MOPAR tattoo so far....and plans for another...daughter is a huge fan as well (can tell the sound of my straight piped 12v Cummins from a block away!!).
  5. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Barn find '69 Daytona   

    I watch your build on this....came out looking like the real deal!!!
  6. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic 1969 1/2 roadrunner   

    Ya gotta love any A12!  Excellant job!
  7. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic '70 Cuda   

    Nice....really like the work you put into it....looks good!!
  8. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Western Star wrecker   

    Looks like Jamie Davis has some competition...lol....well, if he still had his rotator!  Great job, very well done!!
  9. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic 4964 Western Star Aussie.   

    Very well done!!  Now you just need a couple more trailers behind it!!
  10. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic TAT 2017 build: Western Star Cabover update photos added 03/07/17   

    Looking sweet!!!  Nice job!!
  11. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Australian 4964 western star   

    Nice work on the truck...it is looking good!!  If you think the fuel tanks on the model were tough to do, imagine what it was like on the line with the clock ticking!!
    As far as engine color...they were installed as they came from the OEM supplier: Cummins (red, black, and tan - depending  on model), Detroit Diesel (green/aqua), Caterpillar (yellow), Mercedes (after Frieghtliner bought WST - silver).
  12. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Dodge L700 car hauler   

    Looks awesome!!!  Great job!!
  13. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Truckers, Tell a Story About Stupid Drivers..   

    Ok....I got one...2009-2010(?), I was running a plow truck on the Coq (yes, as in Highway to Hell) heading north from Kingsvale towards Merritt. I was asked to stay late until the next shift came on, in the fast lane with about 6-8 inches of snow on the road and still coming down. Road is completely covered and I know I will not be able to make two passes each side to clear the road, so I figure one in the fast lane both ways to make it some what driveable. I have a front plow and underbody down, sanding as I go, doing about 40 kmh., as I come into an area known as the Comstock bluffs. This area is nothing but corners with no-posts (k-rails for you non Canadians!!) on each side as well as down the center of the road, I am running tight to the left hand side posts (the front plow will bump along as you clear the snow - sometimes sparks, sometimes little chunks of concrete fly off) concentrating hard because I know that the posts will end and I DO NOT want to go into the median and across traffic!! My two way radio crackles to life, the boys from the Coldwater yard in the crummy want to go by me, so I slow down to 30 kmh, they go by with roto lights on and 4-5 vehicles with them. I glance in the right mirror, nothing to see...so I pick it back up to 40 and continue. Now, like I said, you bump along these posts...so as I am trucking along, I feel a bump...now in my mind, I think, THAT does not feel normal! Just as this little tid bit of info exits my brain, I have a pickup truck coming across my plow sideways from the right!! It seems that the driver wanted to go through all the snow I was putting into the slow lane, and turned the wheel to the left because he "thought" all that snow would push him off the road. Now I have never had this happen before, so I kick in the clutch pedal, and pop the truck into neutral, he comes across in front of me, slams the left front of his truck into the no-post, some what straightens out and gets over to the right shoulder. I stop my truck and radio my foreman about what happened, he says he will be on site asap. I slowly bring my truck across the road to the shoulder, pull the brakes and get out...the driver exits his vehicle and the first words out of his mouth..."That's the stupidest effin thing I ever did!!". He is not hurt except for superficial cuts from glass on his hands, but he will be a tow job off the hill, left front smashed in/ blew out both his driver side windows on his crew cab/ and the box is creased front to back from coming around the plow, I have zero damage to my truck. I fill out an incident report back at the yard, and go home.  Fast forward a year, winter shift is starting up, and I am talking with the supervisor about the incident, he tells me that the driver approached ICBC regarding me "only" letting certain vehicles pass me, but they forwarded the incident report to them, included in the report....the first words outta his mouth!!! ICBC finds ZERO fault to the plow truck operator...100% to the driver of the pickup, so if you can learn anything from this....NEVER, EVER pass a plow truck on the right!!!
  14. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Favorite Ozzie band?   

    This is a tough one Harry....seen Midnight Oil quite a few years back at an outdoor concert with Hot house Flowers, World Party and The Tragically Hip (who sound JUST like their CD's live!!). Couple years back I seen INXS here in Kamloops, J.D Fortune did an awesome job (IMHO)...turn out wasn't as good as it could have been, but have been a huge fan since Kick debuted. AC/DC....man...they are on the bucket list, chances are pretty slim now with Brian out, not sure about Axle...the jury is still out on him taking over, hearing mixed reviews...some good...some bad??!!  
  15. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic What is this beast?   

    Google Western Star 6900....if you want to see some pics of a non street legal but oh so cool full size Tonka toy!!