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  1. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Volvo VN670 & VN780   

    Back in 2008, I had the pleasure of running a Volvo 880 with a 600 hp D16, very nice truck to drive with plenty of power for the hills, it was loaded to the gills with a kick butt stereo with sub!!! Ac/DC sounded AWESOME thumping through that sound system!! Also drove a couple of plow trucks on the Coq, both had Cummins N14 and 18 speeds...besides my passion for Western Stars...these are one truck that I would not hesitiate to drive again!!!
  2. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Western Star   

    Very sharp build!!!!
  3. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. Dodge CNT 900   

    Looking good so far!!!!
  4. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Semi truck transmission colors   

    Since most OEM's are different, I can only comment on my time at Western Star while employed there from 1993-2002. The motors and transmissions were bolted together on engine line, as received from the vendors, most of them were painted a semi gloss black, when I first started there...we had some of them painted a primer red. If I remember...these were the Rockwell transmissions, all of the Eatons from the day I started to the end were the black I mentioned before. Hope that helps some what!!!
  5. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Vanishing Point Challenger Update 9/14/2015   

    For the original movie...Dodge sent over 5 Alpine White Challengers for the production company to use for the movie, 4 of them were 440 4spd cars, the fifth was a 383 auto. They actually used the 383 car to tow the camaro into the two D8's at the end of the movie. If you wanted to build one to represent the car from the Fox remake, you could use a HEMI motor, they showed one on film, but it was actually in a Charger...different air cleaner. Good luck...can't wait to see more!!
  6. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Where did all this "stupid" car safety stuff come from?   

    Texting and driving....I see this on a daily basis in my travels working for the city....and quite a few people yakking on their phone as well. I have many co-workers who as soon as they are able...checking their phones...one guy basically lives on FB, but we have a company policy that has a zero tolerance for cell phone use while driving...you get a free day off!!! It is a good thing that GM now has wi-fi in all their new models....that will definately stop people from staying off their phones!!!!
  7. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Western Star 5964 Day Cab   

    Lookin' good Chuck!!!!
  8. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Custom White Western Star & 53' Reefer   

    Awesome build Chuck!!! Love the color choice...seen a few run down the line with the paint jobs that reminded me of the old MOPAR High Impact paint from the '70's, but they usually had a black frames!!!! You are building some mighty fine Star's lately....keep it up!!!
  9. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Mopar Diorama   

    SWEET!!! Very nice job on this.....!!!!
  10. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Compressors?   

    Hey Micheal, check out my thread "Life on the Line"...I took some pics while working at Western Star Trucks in kelowna. I believe that there is one taken of the right side (drivers) while on engine line...it is of a C15 Cat, but could hopefully still useful for ya!
  11. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic 1968 Coronet convertible,,,,   

    Looks good!!! Nice colour choice!!
  12. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic peterbilt 359 wrecker   

    Up in pineview.....I was down working between tranquille and fortune the other day plowing snow!!!
  13. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic peterbilt 359 wrecker   

    Looking at the size of houses and lots.....I am going to guess downtown? Or perhaps between Fortune and Tranquille???
  14. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic MCM Forum - expert work expected?   

    I found this forum while going through Rocketfin, don't know if it was a link or what....but I was hooked as soon as I started snooping around!!! I come on here daily and I start at the top and work my way down...now I may not check every single post, but if it peaks my interest...I will check it out. I am blown away by a lot of the stuff I read a see, there are some very talented builders spread out through every section...my hats off to all of you!! Now if I see a bit of dust in the paint, a sloppy detail job on a undercarriage or whatever...I see it, but I sure as heck not gonna throw someone under the bus because of it!! This is stuff I notice and file away for the day I build and post, nothing against anyone...everyone is at different levels of skill, and it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and asked to be critiqued. The only thing I have contributed here is a story of me working at a truck plant 12 years ago...does it help build better models? I don't know...maybe the pictures I posted help someone else...and if it does that is AWESOME, I am glad I could help out in a small way.

    One thing I do before I hit the post button, I read through it ONE more time.....especially if I am commenting on someone's build...this way, whatever I am trying to say will not be taken the wrong way.

    And this just a hobby, we are not brain surgeons or building a piano....sit back, enjoy what grabs your attention, don't like something...oh well, not the end of the world...just don't click that link!

    Build on....and stay thirsty my friends!!!
  15. dieseldog1970 added a post in a topic Maverick   

    LOL.....got caught up in my little story......that build looks really good.....nice color choice and stance!!!