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  1. Just what a certain older lady needs to use for grocery runs!!!
  2. WOW! I can go into a hobby shop near me and see not one, not two...but multiple versions of Mustangs, Camaro's and Ford coupes....all sorts of years and options, I can watch the Youtube videos and see that the manufacturer is bringing a brand new tool of a 4 door Chevy with the S22 dual interior light and V56 8 track/45 record player (YES.....SARCASM) and the people go nuts...but hey, ask for new MOPAR model and everyone is lighting torches and starting a riot!! Sure....I can buy a resin copy for $45-50 US, taxes and shipping...then go purchase a suitable donor for another $30 Canadian and start building...easy peesy, and Joe Bob over there can choose from the 47 choices on the shelf! I want MORE new tooling of older MOPAR cars and trucks, I want to see the same for AMC and all the other orphans that never see the light of day…..and if I don't want to read about another new tool of the more popular models offered....I don't click on the thread! Simple!! I don't build much...too busy restoring older B-body interior plastic pieces for the dash....I find the best choice for this is to melt down virgin/unopened Johan AMC products....I can fix cracks as well as weld parts back together....it is all for the greater good of keeping them MOPARS on the road!!!
  3. My two cents...... I think it was last year when Chevy complained to NHRA about how much trouble they were having compared to the Dodge Darts that were running at the top.....so....just Like in the 70's, NHRA took weight off the Chevy and Ford and added them to the Mopar teams to "make things even"!!!! So now you have an ALL CHEVY show......yippee......Now GM can stand proud and say how bad azz their pro stock cars are by dominating the field? Does this sound like NASCAR in any way......hmmmm…..????? Again…...my two cents......as history has proven time and time again......if you whine and complain enough.....you are the number one team!!!
  4. Jamie Davis has said that his old rotator was around $750,000.00....so the chassis of this one is probably $300-350,000.....and then out fit it with the wrecker....not cheap!!!
  5. Soooooo...…..a new video of Jamie Davis on YouTube, showing a "new" wrecker.....Gm that he has owned for two years but was not using as he was rebuilding an older wrecker body for it......the new Mack shows up with a new driver (some guy from Ireland) and Jamie mentions about a new Pete wrecker coming in the fall!!!! Back to my original confusion of having new trucks....selling new trucks....running old trucks and then buying new trucks?!?!?! Except for the rotator......would it have not been better to keep the other trucks, I don't know...….he changes trucks like some guys change the underwear!!! LOL!!!
  6. A long time ago...….Mopar Action actually raced a fuelie vette and a '62 Dodge on the track at Englishtown......and the song is wrong...the Dodge beat the snot out of the Vette!!! I can't wait to see this get built.....!!!!
  7. He has a channel on YouTube that they update on a regular basis, and he was doing a walk around with his brand new Mack wrecker?!?! I really do not understand that....he was complaining about cost of owning new trucks and making monthly payments....so he sells everything off and adds more vintage iron to the fleet!!! Now he goes and buys a new Mack, I wonder if it is a bit of a sponsorship deal....kinda like the whole fleet of new Toyotas??? Guess we will have to wait and see....
  8. Comes down to weight......I am sure that Jamie has had to do the same thing when he had the rotator that Don's Towing does here in the Loops....send a second tandem to take it across the scales!!! It may not seem like much, but add the heavy duty leaf pack, front diff and probably two steering boxes and linkage/hardware, plus the transfer case and extra driveshaft....that is extra weight that could be used to have on the hook! Built a few Western stars with front diffs and transfer cases, mostly used for off road use only...
  9. That picture was first published in Mopar Collectors Guide quite a few years ago....I believe the guy's name is Wayne Wooten, he started a Dodge Charger registry online. He contacted Warner Brother's regarding pieces and parts that they might have had kicking around, after some back and forth discussion, he was invited down to the studio (backlot?) where there was a huge pile of parts leftover, he almost loaded a complete trailer with plans to sell what he could to anyone who needed them. The studio invited him to stay and check out how they filmed a tv show, so off they went for a drive.....into the country, Hazzard actually! Pulled up to Cooter's Garage where there were a number of General's as well as cop cars. I think the number was 13 or 15 cars that he found buyers for with a stipulation that any car sold will not be shown for profit. I seen one down in Renton at a Mopar show many years ago, only one west of the Mississippi as I was told! Same magazine did another article on the crew who built all the cars for the show when it was filmed in California, lots of behind the scene pics with row after row of Chargers and cop cars, and stories of day to day stuff happening in and around the shop. (Like when John Scheinder would come and hang out down there, join the other guys in doing smoke shows with 440 powered cop cars....lights and sirens going!!! The local police did not find it as amusing....LOL!!). The studio used to send car transporters like the one above into different areas of the city, and had guys driving up and down streets and alleys looking for more cars to buy when the show was in full swing. 2005ish(?)......MCG published an article that spanned over three issues, about the remake movie complete with info about every car used in that show, whether it was a close up car, stunt, or buck for doing interior shots. As well as interviews with stunt crew, a very cool read! All of this is from memory.....so kinda fuzzy.....but I don't have the exact issues to reference.
  10. Walked out of the apartment this morning to hear a truck idling on the street, as I got closer.....guess who!!! First time ever meeting the man himself, very approachable and easy to chat with, but busy.....made the comment how "Even I have to work for a living!". Not chasing wrecks up on the highway, doing a lot of highway towing, Colin was down in California, then heading to Moose Jaw for another job...Jamie was staying busy and working on fixing Mighty Mo.
  11. Not sure how old that picture is with all of Don's trucks, he does have a Western Star tri-dem rotator that is not in there, seen it in action a few times around the Loops, and also once at the Hot Nite in the City car show....heard through the grapevine that if they need to use it for a normal tow job (tractor/trailer), that they have to send a tandem to bring it across the scales because it is a wee bit heavy using the tridem!! The burgundy '56 on the flat deck belongs to a co-worker, the car is un-freakin real!!! He has owned the car for 30 plus years, big block 454, 8-71 blower, tilt front end, Foose rims.....it is worthy of ANY magazine cover for the bowtie fans, but was built for his personal enjoyment only! He has never entered it in a car show and no plans to do so, used only for summer.....when the sun is shining, heck, if there is water from some ones lawn on the road.....he will go around the block! The under carriage is just as nice as the top with lots of powder coat and chrome! *Speaking of Bruce...back when I was working for VSA, I came down the hill to the truck stop in Merritt for a fresh cup of coffee, when I seen this old guy at the till. I recognized him, but could not figure out from where.....I was racking my brain thinking of different guys who I worked with, different companies....still nothing. It wasn't until I was heading back up the hill that it dawned on me it was BRUCE.....lol, I could have got an autograph, a picture, or even a grumpy "go away"......but missed my chance!
  12. That was off the old AMT Turnpiker kit.....custom Pete cabover, I have one from a long gone model, in a box.....somewhere!!!
  13. Well last nites episode was interesting! Funny how Al can go buy a brand new wrecker for Gord...all $600,00 of it, and yet Jamie dumps all his good stuff for junk..well that and a fleet of new 'Yotas!! I remember one episode of Al saying how much money Jamie spent on that rotator....when he need something like that, he just hires a crane to do the same thing...one less piece of equipment to pay for and deal with as far as repairs go! Maybe the next new season will be more Al and Gord and less of JD towing??? They did show Colin in the Pete...talking about how this truck will get the job done?!! Guess I will wait till next week to see what happens!
  14. Yup....that was quite the shock to see him sell that truck...I understand that it is a business, and those trucks are not cheap at all, but without the proper equipment...how can you do the job??? Still waiting to see Mighty Mo on the show....maybe he figures that that old, rebuilt truck can do the the job of the other ones???!! Wait and see I guess....
  15. I am really hoping for a '68/69/70 Chev Camaro.....or a '32 Ford street rod....maybe a '57 Chev! I cannot seem to find one on the shelf at my local hobby shop!!
  16. Years ago I owned a 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 with a 225 Slant 6, engine was red from the factory....after doing a complete K-frame/suspension swap from a parts car '69 Coronet, I dropped in the 318 which was also painted red...so I would have to agree that '68-'69 would probably be the last year that the factory painted them that color!
  17. The vents were only available for one year and one model, the 1971 "Cuda, all other models of that year had just a plain fender with no gills. I am a die hard MOPAR guy, and am glad to see a show dedicated to those cars after watching so many other ones building up Mustangs and Camaros all the time! The way he acts on tv can be annoying to watch, but I have had a couple friends meet him in real life, they said he is a great guy and very helpful...what you see on tv is not what he is actually like! I would love to go down and see the shop in person...that yard of cars is drool worthy!!
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