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  1. Here is a pic of my 1:1. I might add more later. Any pointers on how I might make the fender flares would be nice.
  2. Hey guys. Been a while. I just ordered a 1/25 Ram 2500, and hope to make it look like my first truck, and current driver (a nice version anyway). The kit is 2wd as you all know, and my truck is 4wd, so if I do that conversion, it coud be a challenge. Just needed something fun to get back into modelling. I'm going to need some mirrors for the kit, but chevy mirrors might do the trick. I have a ton of other fun little challenges to come with this build, but hopefully it will be a good build. I do not have the kit yet, but it is on its way. I can post pics of the 1:1, though.
  3. Those the tires of the Lindberg F-150? If so, it looks good with them.
  4. This is an older build. It has changed a little, but this is what I had at the time, so feel free to comment or make suggestions, because I'm never actually done with a build. Two tone interior, don't know if you can tell, they're close colors, added clutch pedal and gear shift Before and after Painting. Rear view (tail lights have been redone) Front view Very low detailed engine, but like I said: I'm never done with a build And just a little fun Sorry about the bad quality pics! Took these with my Ipod.
  5. I think the blue engine is fine. When restoring, you can do whatever you want! My dad's 340 for his dart is supposed to be blue, but he's painting it hemi orange... Doesn't really matter.
  6. Mine without the plow. It has the plow mount on as you can see, a rack with an amber light bar on top. It has a Cb antenna with a Cb radio mounted to the ceiling in the cab, and had the typical truck dent in the rear bumper. Had a tailgate with a couple dents in it, but it broke, so I got a new one and don't feel like destroying it. I'll see if I can find a pic of it with the plow on.
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