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  1. Thanks !!! I also would like to add that the few people i have not held my word to i wasent out to stiff you or rip you off ! please come forth and i wanna set things right with you !!!
  2. Hello . first off id like to say to the people I have dealed with and I have not held up on my part of the deal, that I am truly sorry .... I have sufferd a loss in the family and have sense then been kicked out of my house and have lost everything . im trying to get my life back in order so please bare with me !!! If I owe anyone on here Anything Please PM me with details and I will ether try and get you what I owe you and or give you the same in value in green .... Thank you for your time .... chris l
  3. Needs a good home missing a axle and engine is started
  4. You can throw that grader in my mail box if ud like lol. Awesome friend I must say !!! I'm still looking for the unreal roller !!
  5. Paied 20 $ for a 1/16 scale 31 ford model A. And a miss Budweiser boat kit ... SCORE
  6. wow !!! lol I CANT see 40k in it !!!!! for 40K it better stand on the back roll pan lol
  7. how can I get ahold of the builder of these ?
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