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  1. In search of rubber slicks such as came in the 1/16 scale Revolution duster funny car
  2. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    Thank you. I'm not exactly sure yet.
  3. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    Top trim is still too thick/wide, but you get the idea. Other side will have holes drilled for the missing trim.
  4. Thank you very much, but go ahead and keep yours. I'll buy one now that I know. Great tip btw, would not have thought of this.
  5. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    Got some of my lower bed trim made today
  6. Thank you. I will take a look
  7. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    Some of the other stuff going into this project. My dad is machining all these parts for me freehand on his mini lathe and mill machine.
  8. Who makes photo etched grill mesh in 1/16th?
  9. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    My real one doesn't have a wooden bed floor, but this one is going to. Now to make all the metal trim for it.
  10. dimebolt

    1/16 70 C10

    The C10 bodies are no longer available. 3D model specialties is where I got them though.
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