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  1. This thing is awesome. Very clean, and accurate looking work.
  2. I remember when you started this build Pat. Excellent work so far. Glad to see you're working towards finishing it.
  3. Here are some more mock up pics. Fuel cap is just taped on until after its polished. Got the filler tube for the fueltank made. And the p.e. fan completed and installed.
  4. Great job. All 3 of you are masters of your craft.
  5. Great tutorial Marcos. Very helpful.
  6. Thank you. The grill was pretty tricky on this one. Really like how much of a difference pe parts make though. Totally worth the extra time.
  7. Thank you. I've always really liked it too. Have another wip in a similar scheme.
  8. Got the hinge made for the trunk and in place.
  9. Thank you. My area isn't that neat, lol. Thats right after I got it set up. It has exploded recently, lol
  10. Here are some of it mocked up. Just kind of playing around with some ideas.
  11. Here is one I started painting a few weeks ago. It was one that was given to me by my step dad who passed recently. It is my first experience with acrylic paints on a car body.
  12. Thanks Pat, yes I have. Finally have a good place to build again, and the time, and drive to do it also.
  13. Thank you. I really like the way these 2 colors go together.
  14. Excellent work as always Tyrone.
  15. John Pol, thank you. I didn't use the Createx on this .I am doing some experimenting with it on another car. Not really satisfied with the way it cures. Seems to take way too long to dry. But if you can get it to lay down smooth, I've found that I can spray it down with a coat of Testors wet look clear lacquer, it can then be handled after several hours, and wet sanded safely after a day. As far as mixing it has directions on the bottle. I don't have one handy at the moment, but it said, and I can't remember the sizes; that with a tip for bigger spray, you do not have to thin it. When I get to my bench I will give you more detailed instructions.
  16. All of these pics are just mocked up. Still have a ton of work to do.
  17. It's only letting me upload some of my pictures, but it's letting me get some in now.
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