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  1. I'll be building a 70 Cuda soon Jason, and it'll probably be Testors Purpliscious. I'll be building a 70 Cuda soon Jason, and it'll probably be Testors Purpliscious.
  2. Gonna be cool Jason, can't wait to see more.
  3. I got to see the MIGHTY HEMI again today, and the chassis for the first time today! The chassis is every bit as wicked as the motor going in it!!! It's gonna be radical when it's done!!! Trust me on that one. :-)
  4. Thanks for the kind words Bob. :-) We had a blast, and it was good meeting you and Todd also. Sure I'll see ya around again sometime. Congrats to everyone!!!
  5. Looks like I'll be able to make this one. Pretty excited:-) See you there.
  6. Lookin good so far Jason. Havent been able to build lately because of work, but will start back again soon. Corey
  7. Good job on a couple of great Mopars
  8. Havent had much of a chance to get on here lately, but WOW Bill, you never cease to amaze me my friend. Truly masterwork. Corey
  9. Lookin pretty sweet Chevydude! Cant wait to see more. Corey
  10. Looking gret as always Bill. Have been super busy lately, but will be jumping back in full force here soon. Corey
  11. They had Mopars on the list last year. Here is my entry, and class winner for 2012. Corey
  12. Yeah Bill everything's great, thanks for asking. Have been really busy, and haven't had hardly any time to build in the last few weeks, but will be back on it soon. Corey
  13. Thanks Richard. Yeah man, I noticed that after I got it built, lol. I'll get another one made. Corey
  14. Finally got the chance to get some more done tonight. Scratchbuilt a battery with a wooden top cover, still have to add terminals, and wiring. Added a set of ladder bars. Got the radiator shell, and grill mounted. Ran the rest of the fuel line. Added pulleys, belts, and alternator. Thanks for looking. Corey
  15. This thing is going to be a killer Jeff. Great job so far. Corey
  16. Looks awesome Carl. Great job buddy. Love the hood on this body style, and the paint looks like it's a mile deep. Keep up the good work. Corey
  17. Thanks Mike. This is my first rod, so I'm just trying out a bunch of ideas I've had brewing for a while. Just trying to make it as nice, and unique as I can. Corey
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