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  1. mole53 added a post in a topic cast metal effect   

    Pete, I wan't going for total coverage, I just wanted to get a grainy effect.
  2. mole53 added a post in a topic cast metal effect   

    Thanks guys. I sprayed from about 3' away and it works great. I'd post some pictures but my cell phone doesn't do it justice.
  3. mole53 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    cast metal effect
    How can I recreate the cast metal look on engine blocks, rear ends. etc..
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  4. mole53 added a post in a topic INSPIRED THINKING- Cheap Tips for Frugal Modelers   

    Here is another small tip. I found, after losing a few parts down the drain, a cheap way to clean and rinse small parts safely. In the drug stores tooth care isle pick up a box of denture cleaning tablets and a denture cleaning tub, for lack of better word, they even have scented tablets so your parts smell minty fresh. The 'tub' comes with a basket to lift your parts out of the bath, no scrubbing, no lost parts,
  5. mole53 added a post in a topic Wrinkles   

    How about modelmasters interior paint, it has a sandlike texture.
  6. mole53 added a post in a topic 40 Willy's Gasser Pick Up......Office build   

    Hey Dave, I like where your build is going. Before I retired I would do most of my building and a lot of painting at my office during my lunch break. Do you only build a work or do bring it back an forth? I started off carrying my stuff in a tackle box but ended up finally using a rollaround computer/office bag. I worked in a cubical and spraying was relegated to the outside fire escape landing during lunch.
  7. mole53 added a post in a topic DIY dehydrator   

    Thanks to both of y'all for your suggestions, but I got some money for Christmas and decided to just buy one. Most probably from Wally World or H.F.
  8. mole53 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    DIY dehydrator
    Does anyone know of plans, tutorials, whatever on making a homemade dehydrator.
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  9. mole53 added a post in a topic "Father & Son" Dodge Truck build.. NEW progress pics 9-10-16   

    John I feel for you man, I know what you went, and are still going, through was tough. Two years ago I tried to do a manicure on my left hand, with a table saw! Needless to say that did not end well, limited use in three fingers and the middle finger does not bend, permanent bird. Keep up the positive attitude and don't let it limit you. Also if they recommend p.t. take it, it helps.
  10. mole53 added a post in a topic Kubel Scratch   

    Pat I have one I'm want to get rid of, send me a PM if your interested.
  11. mole53 added a post in a topic Help with a 1/16 Lindberg Model T Rod   

    Thanks guys, ya'll gave my brain a jump start. Ray, a quick question or three. What did you use for your fan belt, what size wire did you use for the ignition wires and did you shorten the radiator?
  12. mole53 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Help with a 1/16 Lindberg Model T Rod
    I need help with this model. I'm looking for aftermarket tires (typ. street rod) to replace the two peice rubber things in the box and rims to match. I normally build 1/24-1/25 cars, I need help with general detail stuff like ignition wires, rad. hoses, etc. what sizes should I use? Any help (good, bad or indifferent) will be appreciated.
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  13. mole53 added a post in a topic Now that's a real replica builder.   

    THUNK!!!!    Sound of bottom jaw hitting the floor.
  14. mole53 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Harbor Freight Dehydrator
    Harbor Freight has thier dehydrator on sale, http://www.harborfreight.com/5-tier-food-dehydrator-66908.html, and I am thinking of getting one. How good is it and what is involved in modifing it use for painting? Any info would be much appreciated.
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  15. mole53 added a post in a topic anybody else have this problem (brake fluid)   

    Dave I feel for you buddy. A long time ago I tried to strip a model RR engine, key word try, with brake
    fluid and it stripped the paint fine. It also stripped the bonding agent from the plastic leaving it in the shape of an engine but a rubbery, crumbly mess. That being said, I'd say your problem is the plastic. I now use brake fluid exclusively with no problems. Besides its cheap, a buck at the dollor store, and I can't find purple power around here.