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  1. I always liked the Monogram 1/24's. I think I built them all in the 80's, in my early teens. Not super detailed, but they went together well and the body dimensions were realistic. Do careful paint work and build cleanly and they look great.
  2. Nice! The only thing cooler than a 68 Charger is a 68 Charger with a set of Cragar ss'. Like the color. My buddy had a dark green 69 r/t. Good work.
  3. The models both look great! If I had a choice, I would take the GTX. I had a 70 RR and always loved that year, not to mention its a Mopar. But I always thought that era Torino was a sharp ride,too.
  4. Do what makes you comfortable. I will say that the first funny car I ever built, I did'nt clear over the decals, and the look bugged me, so I've cleared over them since. I like TS-13, and went to hobby shop today to get more. The TS-13 space was empty, and the shop owner told me Tamiya just discontinued it.
  5. Great job! The build looks super clean!
  6. Absolutely awesome! I have this kit but havent gotten around to it, but seeing yours makes me wanna start! I've only ever seen one 1/1 car that color and it was a 68 charger. My 1/1 70 rr was B5, so I have a soft spot for blue 'runners. Nice work!
  7. Grew up in Oswego. Living in Yorkville. Great memories of our farm and working on model cars in the enclosed back patio with the windows open and WLS on the am radio. Also of going to Oswego drag strip before it closed down.
  8. Nice collection! That Detroit Tiger Vega is awesome.
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