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  1. jdcar32 added a post in a topic Promolite / Tom Coolidge - - How to Contact???   

    Tom is a great guy to deal with and his products are top notch, he is very knowledgeable and he is a modeler....................
  2. jdcar32 added a topic in General   

    Internet Craftmanship Museum
    Anyone interested in scale models of all sorts should browse The Internet Craftmanship Museum. A wonderful world of truly unique and amazing scratch built replicas . Cars, ships, steam power, aircraft, engines, guns, and on and on. Most of the scale engines run. Dedicated to miniature machining, metal working, and old school craftsmanship. Individual craftsmen from all over the world are featured. Highly recommended !
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  3. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 1964 Studebaker Avanti R3   

    Another note of interest, go to craftmanshipmuseum.com The Internet Craftmanship Museum and check out Model Builders / Roger Zimmermann. He has built a large scale Avanti in the same color from scratch. A lot of truly incredible work on this site that will be of interest to any modeler.
  4. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 1964 Studebaker Avanti R3   

    I've seen a maroon R3 Lark on Youtube with those magnesium wheels and "the Stude Tomato" is an R3 Lark that runs in the Muscle Car drags. The Studebaker block was designed from the beginning with strength and durability in mind, perfect for the supercharger application. Never saw an Avanti ( model or otherwise ) with the alloy wheels, what a great addition. And the luggage is just too cool.  Really neat to see your kit bashed combination and how well the 1:1 car is represented. Very nice indeed !
  5. jdcar32 added a post in a topic Multibrand Dealerships in 50s and 60s   

    Remember that Studebaker had Packard under it's wing for a short time in the late 50's, and during the same period Studebaker had a short term deal to import Mercedes Benz as part of their ( Studebakers)  plan to avoid extinction.
  6. jdcar32 added a post in a topic Crown Victoria Police Interceptor   

    I have a 1:1 Midnight Grey 2005 P71 I bought at auction 2 years ago with 120k miles. I love it, one of THE best cars I've EVER owned ( I'm 62 ). Solid , responsive for a big car, the motors are bullitt  proof if cared for, most police agencies lavish mechanical care on these cars.  So I've been meaning to build a replica for the shelf, I already have a spray can of the OEM color I bought for touch up. Does the kit you have have holes in the roof? I suppose I could fill them, my 1:1 is a detective version, no lights except a spot. I think I have seen a plain cloths version of this diecast too. Check out the web site crownvic.net. It has a huge amount of info on these cars, every thing you need to know from knowledgeable owners.
  7. jdcar32 added a post in a topic MCW   

    I've got the MCW 1958 Pontiac Chieftain sedan. The casting has the usual air bubbles but is decent for the money. But It has two small 1/8" diameter inclusions, one in the fender and one in the roof. The outline of these  darker areas  show through the paint after a Dawn dish soap soak and scrub,  two Tamiya primer coats and three Tamiya top coats. At this point I'm ready to dremel them completely through and patch with styrene plugs super glued and sanded. Any similar experience's with MCW or other resin ? Fixes ?
  8. jdcar32 added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    Late 60's, my buddy Tony has his Mom's  '68 428 Country Squire wagon, it's loaded with histerical teenagers, and we are barreling down 45th Ave in Gary Indiana at what seemed like at least  60+ mph. At least one of us was on the roof stage coach style hanging on to the roof rack for dear life. I was tucked away in the back seat laughing like a mad man. Of coarse the same car had a 3rd rear facing seat, useful for stoyaways while entering the drive in movie. OHWHUTFUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tony's DAD had a '66 Toronado good for 100mph less that a 1/2 mile after leaving high school, I know 'cause I was riding shotgun.....................
  9. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 53 Hudson Hornet Salt Flats   

    Nice ! wish I would have thought of it ..........
  10. jdcar32 added a post in a topic '64 Dodge 330   

    Your build is looking really nice, love the big block wedge. If you hav'nt already, check out Bob Mosher's " Mosher Muscle Car Motors" web site for some excellent early 60's Mopar inspiration. I have a 330 posted in my Photo Bucket "jdcar32" library. I used the stock seats, wheels, tires, caps, from the Dodge Little Red Wagon kit because the stock 330 had not been released when I built mine. Looking forward to seeing your's completed !
  11. jdcar32 added a post in a topic MCW Resin Kits - Studebaker Lark   

    I am currently building the MCW 1958 Pontiac Chieftain sedan. The main components are good castings and delivery was quick. But the detail parts such as steering wheel, pedal assembly, and bumpers are total junk. And no chrome parts in this kit. Lucky for me Promolite had '58 Poncho chrome stuff, Tom might have some Studie stuff. Depending on your skills and desire, just about any kit can be made presentable. That Studebaker will be worth it !!
  12. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 1952 Hudson Jalopy   

    Love it, Love it, Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 1957 Fireball Roberts Chevy   

    Cant go wrong with a vintage Nascar build, especially a Fireball car ! Nice details, fuel overflow, cut down seat, hood straps, 6 lug wheels and all.............
  14. jdcar32 added a post in a topic 1937 Chevy 409 Gasser   

    Thanks Noel !!! The seat mounts are easy, take some sheet styrene and drill holes. Use a drill, a round file, or even an E Xacto blade . It's easier to draw the parts first on the styrene and drill the holes BEFORE cutting them out. Glad you liked the '37....................
  15. jdcar32 added a post in a topic Magic Muffler Fiat - Awful Awful/Fuel Altered   

    I like the dulled down look of the cast aluminum and magnesium, alot of these cars were not all spit and polish. Nice look'in build !