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  1. 1960 Chrysler Imperial

    Ooo La La. My kind of model in my favorite color. I will follow along with interest!
  2. Essex Wire Cobra

    I really like this model. I am enjoying watching your progress.
  3. 1924 Delage GP - a what ?

    This model just keeps looking better and better. I keep watching your progress with interest.
  4. TROG true Gentleman's car

    Many times we have heard you are half way or even nearing completion when the wheels go on. So...last night the wheels went on the blue car and I added another layer of texture to the grill of the white car, greatly improving the appearance in my opinion. I am glad to hear your thoughts. Getting close...
  5. All 15 Varieties of 1932 Ford

    I love stuff like this. I will be following along with interest. Great start!
  6. 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

    Beautiful build of a great model!
  7. HO dio. ((Rough neighborhood ))

    Great dio. Is that Det. Andy Sipowicz in the background saying "you got the right idea buddy...JUMP!"
  8. Hooper & Co Diorama

    My only suggestion is to box up the entire lot and mail it to my address without delay. You can mail it to my attention: Eric Macleod.... Seriously, this is pretty amazing. I like everything you have done. If I had just one model of this caliber I would be happy. You have an entire diorama! E-
  9. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I have not worked much on this as I have had a bad cold and general apathy for several days. Over the weekend I got busy and began wiring the engine and working on the first layer of the grill screen. Here is the progress so far. My goal is to have both cars done by the end of the month. We'll see.
  10. Model T Reverse Engineered

    X2. The Touring has just the right "look" and your bodywork looks great. Well done.
  11. Cobra in a crate

    Ford used to dothis with Model Ts. Given that a Cobra is just an evolution of the Model T you should be good! Seriously though, this is an awesome concept and execution.
  12. Ford gt 40

    So how did the judging come out?
  13. The all colors Project.

    I agree. My next set will be the early Fords ICM has introduced. Ill contribute to enjoy watching your progress.
  14. Ford gt 40

    Really, really beautiful. I too would have been at this one for a year.
  15. The all colors Project.

    And i thought all 6 of the 26-7 Fords was a lit of work.. . These are fabulous.