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  1. Amnesty build-Monogram 1934 Ford Cabriolet

    Meanwhile...in the world of the '34 Ford Cabriolet I have nearly completed the engine wiring. I made looms (which were surprisingly difficult to make) for the wiring and installed them. I discovered I must have gotten a bad batch of cement as nothing...and I do mean NOTHING would stick. Here is the photo of the progress.
  2. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I have been playing around with several ideas. Fortunately I have enough "junk" Duesenbergs in my stash that I can explore some ideas without putting the whole project into jeopardy. In this case, I decided to look at how the car would look with a set of heavily bobbed fenders. TROG cars come in many forms but they rarely are ugly. What I had in my head and how the car looked just did not work out. First is a photo of the car on a junk chassis with the heavily bobbed (and exceptionally ugly IMHO) fenders. The second is a mockup of the car with more of a final appearance. Much better. I am also playing around with wheels. I am inclined to go with the primed wheels with the knock-off hubs but likely will try to fit the JoHan Cadillac tires as I like the tread pattern. I will go with either very narrow whitewalls or just blackwalls. The solid disc wheels (from a Hispano Suiza and interesting to me but I may reserve them for another project. Have a look and I really want to hear your opinions. Eric
  3. Revell VW Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    I agree with Mark's comments, though i did once own a 1981 Rabbit painted yellow...you have me thinking...Great model in every way.
  4. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    Dont we all wish!
  5. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    You gotta get one!
  6. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    True. If there are four collectors in each state of the union willing to pay the price, and there are, they sell out. And you are right; they are very, very nice models, often depicting a subject unavailable anywhere else in this scale.
  7. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    Not what I expected. I like it.
  8. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I appreciate all the words of encouragement. I will be doing some work on it tonight and have some photos up tomorrow.
  9. The Supersonic has landed.

    Pico, Thanks for the nudge. My 1930 L-29 Phaeton Sedan is indeed on my list of "gotta get it done this year" projects. But no, it has not been 15 years. I got interested in building a Cord L-29 in 1978 and actively started working on the model in 1982. Given that I do not (and never have) see it as an abandoned project, it has to be one of the longest standing incomplete model projects in history. Eric
  10. TROG true Gentleman's car

    While waiting for the paint to gas out on the '34 Ford Cabriolet (has anyone else found that paint is drying very slowly in this cold weather?) I worked a bit more on the TROG Duesenberg. I decided to lighten the frame and mocked up the overall look. If it looks like I am working unusually fast (especially for me) it does help to have a stash of finished junkyard Duesenbergs laying around to choose from. I am thus assembling parts from sub-assemblies which really speeds things along. I did get the fenders bobbed and removed the sidemount spares but may do more with them. That 734 Packard may get copied by me. Love it! I have to have a car the Duesey can race, right?
  11. Amnesty build-Monogram 1934 Ford Cabriolet

    Thanks for the compliment Art. I have seen cars both ways. It was not uncommon for Cabriolets to be upholstered in mohair in the early 30's, though this was more common in more expensive cars (last August I saw a totally original interior in a '33 Nash Ambassador Convertible Sedan, tattered but definitely wool broadcloth). Todays preferences certainly favor leather in open cars. For ease of building I very well may go ahead and use leather as the look of mohair is proving, uh, challenging...to say the least. So, how did I make the leather? I used a red primer base with various colors of tan, brown, orange, dark red and black very rapidly spackled in a random pattern. While all of that was still wet I sprayed Model Master Dullcoat over the top which created the effect of smearing the still wet paints together. It was pure dumb luck but it worked. In the mean time, here is an improved wiring loom I made for the engine. I used aluminum tubing for this. The spark wires will come out of the ports.
  12. Automodello Lincoln Continental Mark III

    I am well aware these are expensive models but who can argue when they repeatedly sell out? I have nearly everything Automodello has produced and will attest that they are stunning in the flesh and are highly satisfying. While i enjoy building models as much as the next guy there is something about the instant gratification that is wonderful when opening the package. One other thing, while i know these look like commercially produced reviews, the author is 100% me.
  13. The Supersonic has landed.

    This will be impressive. I'll be watching your progress with interest.
  14. TROG true Gentleman's car

    I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The recent flurry of TROG projects has gotten me thinking about moving this project to the front burner. So what is it you may ask? The very highest performance cars in America in the late '20's and early '30's were Duesenbergs. They were also the most successful American racing cars both here and abroad (I know about Bugatti's and Bentleys but I am talking American made). That being said, I have always been perplexed as to why more Model J Duesenbergs were not raced. While Ab Jenkins did some speed runs with the highly massaged Mormon Meteor and there was a well known race between the Marx Brother's Mercedes and Phil Berg's Duesenberg Barrellside (J-299), there was no formal record of anyone racing a Model J. That brings us to today. If I were to win the lottery the third car I would buy would be a Duesenberg Model J...or two or seven. Just because I could I would take one said Duesenberg and whale the tar out of it as often as I could. Inspired by the TROG events I would prep my Duesenberg and line it up to run the beach. Being a Duesenberg, I would not pull out the interior, instead I would put tonneau covers on the open compartments. I would add some speed equipment specifically done for Duesenbergs (such as the dual carb setup and a Monel exhaust manifold and would put knock-off hubs on the wheels. I would leave the factory exhaust in place but install a gigantic cut out for that special sound while racing. Ala Bentley, I would install protective screening over the radiator and those big beautiful lights. I also would commit a sin and have a set of bobbed fenders made. Just for fun I will make a few subtle changes such as changing the direction the doors open. The notion of a Full Classic entry into a TROG event is not unprecedented. In combing through reference photos somebody recently entered the event with a 1931 Auburn 8-98 Speedster sans fenders. I figure if an Auburn was welcome in New Jersey a Duesenberg would be okay too. Below is the model I started with. No offense to the TROG crowd but it seems most appropriate to start with one of my "junkyard" Duesenbergs. This is a "just for fun, what if?" build so authenticity is out the window. Of course, if I do win the lottery, I'll build the 1:1 also.
  15. Eyeballin'

    The gull-wing Merc sute looks interesting.