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  1. I personally consider myself to be in the bottom 10% in terms of skillset on this forum. Part of that is tools. Some is eyesight and some simply physical dexterity. That being said, I do the best I can; I strive for better and I keep trying to acquire more skills. All the while, it has to be fun. Part of that fun is admiring the considerable skills of others who are willing to share with the rest of us. For that I am grateful.
  2. I agree. This is really cool.
  3. Considering what you started with this is nothing short of amazing.
  4. Pico, this one slipped by me. It is absolutely fantastic and a real inspiration to take the time to learn the software. Fabulous work as always.
  5. I too built this one as a kid and discovered the hard way it's not for beginners. Your have certainly done a fine job it.
  6. I am just seeing this thread for the first time. Your work is jaw dropping. I'll certainly be watching this with interest.
  7. Glad to have you along. I was thinking, as I released the body for a swim that will no doubt remove all the body putty, " I probably should have started over from scratch." Oh well...here we go.
  8. Sometimes it takes black paint...in this case to show the previously invisible cracks in both doors. The freshly painted body is now gently relaxing in a pond of purple.
  9. You are absolutely right there. I have go finish the trunk and adjust it. I still have thoughts about adding a red pinstripe but I'm not sure if it will look good.
  10. Here is the progress after a good cleaning, wet sanding, and masking. There will be a lot of touching up to do but this is a start. As for colors, i have obviously decided about the color of the body and fenders but I really haven't decided about the interior, though I am leaning toward Charlie's dark tan suggestion.
  11. I continue to be amazed by your quality and speed. The colors you have selected are outstanding.
  12. I decided to go ahead with a partial teardown and recolor. I have not found a picture of the car as it appears today, though the engine now appears to be powering a Murphy Town Car. As nobody seems to know the original color of the car I am going with the consensus best guess: black with some sort of contrasting interior color. Here's the project as of 11:00 this evening.
  13. Sure looks spot on to me. I like all the little details around the marker lights and mouldings. It's a bit hard to tell if this is 1:24 or 1:1 scale.
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