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  1. And the undercarriage is in its first coat of primer. It feels like huge progress has been made today.
  2. I decided tonight to move to something else. I disassembled one of the Automodello Cord wheels and applied red paint to the spokes, hub and rim. I also painted the brake drum dark blue. Man what a difference. While the wheels are quite nice in chrome the red against the blue makes them absolutely pop. What do you think?
  3. I always thought the Mercurys of this era had more of the appearance of a modified car than many stock cars of the era, right off the showroom floor. Agreed, this is very nice.
  4. Note, this model was originally posted here 13 years ago. It still is nice to see it again.
  5. The revised exhaust system is going back on. I like this one better as it is cleaner than what I had before.
  6. So just like the proverbial band aid, the old exhaust system is ripped off. L-29 exhaust system version 2 will begin tonight.
  7. So here I was getting ready to post the triumphant news, that the undercarriage was done. Oh, what a feeling! Then I flipped the car over. Yup, sure thing. I ran the exhaust system down the wrong side of the car. Not sure if I am ready to tear it off and give it another go, even though I know that's the right answer. Ugh... Anyway, here it is tonight.
  8. You are absolutely right and that likely is the best solution to my own screw up Thanks so much. Sounds like that is the consensus. I have to keep your observation of being almost done in mind...do I want a perfect model or do I want a completed model? Your approach, wisely, will achieve the latter goal. Thanks! Here you see the revised exhaust system and the repair of the bumper bracket. Once it's buttoned up I'm going to call the undercarriage done.
  9. I now have the muffler and muffler support in place. The exhaust system is going to take a rather to-and-fro route from there to the back of the car but it should look the part. I figured out exactly what I did wrong when mocking up the rear valance panel. Looking at it in relation to the rear bumper it's clearly out of alignment. So...what to do? Remove it but risk years of progress if (when) all that old bodywork comes apart? Saw it out (perhaps the best option) or cheat things over? I am open to suggestions. Have a look.
  10. Oh wow...that was definitely worth a look.
  11. I had that kit for a while and sold it off. Mine never would have looked as good as yours!
  12. As you probably know, these Ferraris were hand made cars with rather obvious side to side differences. All the good people at Monogram did was to try their best to accentuate this feature! "Duh...I meant to do that!" Its all you have to say for story #1. For story #2 you could say the 1:1 was wrecked at the track. This is looking great. No matter what you do, yours will look 100 times better than that turd Monogram put on the box! Don't give up now.
  13. So for a model that was supposed to be very minimalistic in the undercarriage department I am now making some progress. Almost done now.
  14. I have seen that one. I was showing a car at Auburn and the guy came in with that god awful gaudy thing. Oops...turns out it is done up in factory colors. As was stated earlier in the post, the L-29 was not typically a subtle car.
  15. After 39 years of work I should have some semblance of a plan!
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