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  1. The goals for today were: 1. Don't mess anything up. 2. Find window cranks and door handles for the interior. For once I accomplished both goals. Here are photos of little things coming together.
  2. Im in. The 40th anniversary of the 1930 Cord build will be June 29 so the June 30 cut off is great inspiration. By the way, I wanted to run my first marathon before I was 30. I made that goal by 21 days so I should be good!
  3. Yes, though my memory tells me that your model is a LOT nicer than mine was!
  4. Snake, To me, the importance of this thread was to inspire me to resume and keep working on a very long term project. While there may be someone else on the forum with a longer standing WIP than mine (39 years) I suspect that I am right up there. One more round and I really do think I can bring mine over the finish line. And there is one other on my shelf as well...a dormant but modest in comparison 22 year old build. So, if you are game there are a few of us out there. Thanks for starting this up in the first place. Eric
  5. Thanks David. I felt a bit insane trying to get the same approach to work over and over, and failing regardless of what I tried. The open vent idea was a "well, duh" moment when it came to mind. Thanks to you and all who are following along. I really do think I am getting closer to the finish line with this one. Eric
  6. As I have said previously, these cowl vents have become my nemesis. That said, I think I have come up with an even better approach. Cords run hot in parades, so open up the vents. Now...if I can get paint to stick to them I'll have it made.
  7. I appreciate that! The Cord project turns 40 years old in June so that is my hard and fast deadline...though really I would like it done sooner than the Coronavirus lockdown. We'll see.
  8. Unfortunately, paint problems and huge time commitments at work (right now it seems like people are either working a ton...or not at all) will prevent the Cord project from crossing the finish line by tomorrow.
  9. Another great 60's Ford product! I really liked these as a kid...still do. I always thought a Breezeway would be a great model to build too. I digress, your model looks great so far. This will be another I will enjoy following.
  10. I like this a lot. Your color choices are excellent. I'll be watching your progress.
  11. So...i filled it and immediately recut the cowl vent openings. We'll see...
  12. There are not enough 4 letter words to describe how I feel about this. I'm going to keep at it though.
  13. It isn't perfect, nor did I expect it to be, but not bad considering what it is. Several more coats of silver to go, then blue.
  14. So...let's see if I can pain this thing without making a complete mess of it. Thanks for the compliment Charlie.
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