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  1. Great model of a deserving subject. Very nice!
  2. I did. It's been a couple years back. Believe me, your Roadster Pickup is vastly superior to any of mine.
  3. I would suggest getting ahold of an AMT 23-25 Model T kit. There are lots of parts in those kits that can help complete this one. I'll look forward to seeing yours.
  4. This is fantastic. I have a friend who just finished up a New Zealand export version of the Model T (a real one) and your model looks almost exactly like it. I am a multiple Model T owner in 1:1 scale and I have built the only complete set of all six of the Improved Fords in 1:25 scale. You, my friend NAILED IT!
  5. Olivia responded "they are all really nice." I find she is advanced in her modeling skills far beyond where I was at her age. It won't be long before she is raiding my kit stash...and I ap pretty okay with that.
  6. Thank you everyone. I've shared these posts with her and she just grins. David, you are right. I don't know the scale of her model for sure but I would have to say around 1/32 or so. Clearly it is small as the whole diorama is about a 4-5" square, at most.
  7. No. This is 100% her. The only thing I have done for her is to show her how to prop things in place, or clamp them so the dry as she wants.
  8. First off this is not automobile related but I thought you all would appreciate this effort. My daughter Olivia builds room dioramas. This is her most recent build. Every one of them has gotten better, neater and more precise. I think she has a very bright modeling future. Her dad (me) is very proud of her.
  9. I like this one. I agree with the others that your colors work very well. I saw this car (the 1:1) running at OCF maybe 5-7 years ago and it was incredible. I would love to see the Henry Ford restore it to its original color combination, given the financial status of most major museums today I doubt it will ever happen. Again, great model.
  10. This is a really fabulous model in one of my favorite color schemes. Nicely done!
  11. This came out really well. Nicely done. It makes me want to build one!
  12. You really captured the feel of this one. Very nice.
  13. These are great. You have some real talent. Here is the Cabriolet and the Tudor I did years ago. They have nowhere near the detail of your kits but convey the idea.
  14. I too have built all of yhe Hubley/Gabriel kits and added a Tudor sedan and a Cabriolet with dual sidemounts. I would be very interested in seeing how you built an A-400. I'll definitely follow this with interest.
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