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  1. I agree with the others. This is a super build of a super car. I have always liked the Firebird better than the Camaro, especially in this era. You are going to inspire a lot of us to go hunting for this kit!
  2. This is both awesome and painful at yhe same time. How many good restorable cars did we lose this way? You certainly have captured the spirit of the event!
  3. Wow! That looks absolutely fabulous. The lines on this one are so nice and long. Beautiful model.
  4. Looks great. Ready for the local Concours d'Elegance!
  5. This is very nice all around. It really looks realistic. Now...three builds in one month????? That's more than I have managed in the past two years! Very impressive, particularly for such high quality work. You are an inspiration!
  6. This has always been my all time favorite streetrod. You have done a very fine job, particularly considering how difficult this one is to assemble. Very nice.
  7. I agree with the others. You have really captured how these cars are supposed to look when they are built the right way. Your color choices are very era appropriate. Nice model all around.
  8. Ooo La La, that's my kind of moddl. It looks like a nicely done model in very nice colors. I love the blackwall tires.
  9. Or I could sent you one without holes. PM me your mailing address and I am happy to send you a new one.
  10. I would strongly agree with you on the black louvers. It adds a bit more visual depth to the front of the car.
  11. Normally I am a guy who prefers either no whitewalls or minimal whitewalls. This car, however, is absolutely screaming for the widest of wide whitewalls you can get inside the wheelwells. Great project you have going here. I am most impressed with the work so far.
  12. I think it looks great. I've been meaning to ask you, what did you use to glue the wire for the window molding in place?
  13. Perhaps they were returning home after OCF?
  14. I'm impressed that you bought something last weekend and immediately moved it to the front of the line. This will be fun to watch.
  15. My first car (1:1) was a 1947 Nash 600. My heart swelled when I saw these. I would love for a model of my car and your beautifully rendered models make me think I should make this desire a reality. Very nicely done. I would like to talk to you about the steps you took to get the raw kit together.
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