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  1. Holy smokes! Does anybody know how much work you are seeing here? These represent a truly Herculean challenge as these are both models that do not exist in a box. Right hand drive, custom bumpers, scratch built hood panels, rerouted exhaust, scratch built interiors, hand laced wheels, and on and on. These are nothing short of fabulous! I am absolutely blown away by one...but two one-offs? Amazing work here.
  2. Your work on this office is sublime as always. Your thread remains my favorite place to visit, even as I gradually exit the hobby.
  3. Very, very nice. These are some of my favorite kits ever made and (obviously) build up beautifully. Yours looks fabulous!
  4. That came out beautifully. You have good reason to be proud if it!
  5. I just added one last month. It is my first real "capital C Classic" convertible.The car is a 1937 Cadillac Series 70 convertible sedan with a Fleetwood body. I saw the car for sale in St. Louis advertised on Craigslist. I took a gamble on it, purchasing it sight unseen but with tons of photos. Not a perfect car, it was still really nice for a car that was restored in 1963. It needs a few things before I can drive it but will be a wonderful show and go vehicle.
  6. David, I will look forward to it! You may have seen in another thread that I am looking to make much of an exit from the hobby. While I really enjoy it, I have developed a bit of a benign tremor in my right hand (probably a result of using power tools for years) which severely limits my ability to do quality work, and the models I have finished lately have proven to be a real disappointment to me in terms of quality. As a result of the tremor, i am going to severely cut the number of projects to perhaps 6-10. At the rate I build models that still represents 5-7 years of building! The other reality for me is I am trying to focus my interests and limit the amount of space my hobbies take up. To that end, I remain interested in model cars but will only own/display a few. I plan to sell off/give away the remainder of the models so I can have a fighting chance of getting other things (like my 1:1 scale '37 Cadillac, and my collection of regular wheels Matchbox cars) done to my satisfaction. Leaving the hobby or not, I will continue to look in on you once in a while. And included in my "final 10" likely will be a British vehicle or two. All the best to you, Eric
  7. This topic is interesting to me. I was seriously thinking of a post similar to this one and here you are with the same topic. In my case, I find myself in a similar position but for different reasons. I have developed just a slight tremor in my right hand and am not quite as good with a brush in my left. So, here I am with models (and threads) started all over the place but interruptions because of my frustration with my inability to complete the model to my satisfaction because of a physical limitation. My decision has been to cut down to perhaps 6-10 kits and sell off all the others. Now I just have to get past that stage where I feel like disposing of everything. I wish you and others the best as we move down the road together. Eric
  8. Again, it has been a while since I checked on but this thread remains my favorite. I look forward to seeing the next installment.
  9. The Henry Ford Museum should use your car as a reference point and restore their car to match this!
  10. This is a really spectacular model in every way. You can't argue with the results.
  11. I agree with the others. Very nice model. It is definitely my kind of model!
  12. I am going to use a different set of colors but should be able to play along. I'm thinking something that could compliment my '30 Cord. I really like where you are going with yours.
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