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  1. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic stock amt 27 Ford wheels   

    While I appreciate the offer,  I'm looking for a set of wire wheels instead of the wooden style wheels. Thank youfor the offer. 
  2. Eric Macleod added a topic in Wanted!   

    stock amt 27 Ford wheels
    I  al looking for four stock wheels and tires from the AMT 267Ford T Touring kit..  
    Thanks a million. I am happy to trade ot buy outright. Let me know what you need.
    Eric Macleod 
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  3. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac De Ville convertible(JO-HAN)   

    I can't add much to this conversation except an additional wow! I am most impressed. 
  4. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Given your preferences,  if it were mine I would use a natural cast iron color for all cast peices, the block,  cylinder head, timing cover,  fan support , and transmission cover  (we call it a hogs head). With a touch of weathering it will look great. Call it a 1923 engine as that was the most common year T sold. LOTS of them came unequipped at that time. I'll run out to the barn tomorrow after work and try to get a photo for you.
  5. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    As for colors there are a couple choices.  The standard (or most recently accepted) party line is all Ford engines were body color until mid-1925, when the cast iron parts were painted dark green. So, a 1911 would be blue, a 1909 red or gray and everything from 1914 to midyear 1925 black. As I said, this is the most current information from the International judging community. The rest of this is not controversial.  Carburetors are black trimmed in brass. Hoses are red with cadmium plated hose clamps. The fan belt would have been a natural tan color . Spark plugs are white (though i have seen them in lavender) and have a very dark bluish - gray base with brass caps. The exhaust manifold is natural cast iron and the intake and heat pipe engine color. You could also paint all of the cast iron components natural iron gray too. If you need photos of a finished engine or more of a weathered engine let me know. 
  6. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Looks just right. One last detail I might add would be to add the bolts and fingers that hold the exhaust and intake manifolds in place.
    Now that you have it this far how are you thinking of painting it?
  7. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Pocher Bugatti type 50 Coupé de Ville: a resurrection   

    Each and every time I look at this it gets better. Lots of work buy obviously worth the effort. 
  8. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Great news for Duesenberg fans   

    I got mine in the mail yesterday and have to tell you this is a fantastic transkit.  I'm probably going to change my building priorities and do this one next.
  9. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Much better on the head.
  10. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    This Is Most definately a kit car, and quite a nice one. Typically the wheel and tire combination are a dead give-away as are the external exhaust pipes on the drivers side. The same holds true for Duesenberg replicas. If you see pipes on the driver's side it ain't a real Auburn or Duesenberg.  The same is not true of Cords which were V8, not straight 8 powered. 
  11. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Early ‘20’s Oldsmobile Racer   

    There is nothing about this model that I do not like.. except you built it and not me! Great model with no apologies needed. 
  12. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic The Race of Gentleman - '13 Ford Model T   

    Excellent execution on this one. You have good reason to be proud of it.
  13. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    You have that right. That is a super cool video. 
  14. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Actually a better question is if a starter and generator would be inappropriate. It is fundamental to understand that the Model T Ford was in near constant evolution.  That being understood,  one could order a Model T with or without an electric starter and generator beginning in 1919, though today you will see many cars built prior to that year (including both of my 1915's) that have been retrofitted with electric starters and generators. This is not a task for the feint of heart as the engine and transmission have to come out and completely apart. In any case, your engine as it is now is a very authentic representation of an unequipped Ford engine. Adding a starter and generator along with the coil box would look good too but if this was my project I'd skip those items. Hope that long winded response helps.
  15. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    One small detail that is missing is the Magneto Post. It is a small protruding plug above the transmission inspection cover.  I'll fun out to the garage and get you a photo.  This is an engine that o wish was located under the hood of my 26 Runabout project!