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  1. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Another '26 Model T Sedan   

    Tonight I worked on wheels and some chassis details.  Sharp eyes will notice that the tires don't match and there is a non-matching wheel in the mix also. That is the way dad's car is.

  2. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Another '26 Model T Sedan   

    It helps to have the 1:1 car in the garage!
  3. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Another '26 Model T Sedan   

    Here is a bit of background on this one. My dad's first car was a 1926 Ford Model T Fordor (yes, that is the correct spelling) Sedan. He bought the car in pieces in 1953 for $50.00. He sold the car when he went to college but was able to buy back the car in 1970. We have had the car ever since. The 1:1 car has a mostly original interior and undercarriage. I rebuilt the engine 20 years ago and have used the car ever since.
    A holy grail has been to create a model of this car. What I have done so far is to take a Revell '26 Ford Tudor, ground off the door moldings and cut the body off from the beltline up. I retained the top. Then I took a front body section of a AMT '25 T coupe and used it for the front door tops. I used another front half of a '25 T coupe and used the front of the rear windows. For the rear part of the rear windows and aft pillars I used more '25 Coupe parts. Finally, I used the back of another Revell '26 T Tudor body for the backlight and the upper portion of the rear body.I glued these pieces to the retained top and then wedded the assembly to the Tudor lower body. Lots of filler and sanding later and you have the product you  see above.
    Showing my hand just a little, this is going to be the centerpiece of a complete set of all six of the bodystyles of the car Ford marketed as the "Improved  Ford" for 1926. This will include the easy one, the '26 Touring, a model I have already finished, a '26 Runabout (unequipped), '26 Coupe, '27 Tudor, and the '27 Roadster Pickup.
    More to come soon.
  4. Eric Macleod added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Another '26 Model T Sedan
    I have been playing around with this one for awhile.  Lots of work still to be done. 

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  5. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic New Alfa body for Pocher   

    I have never been bitten by the Pocher bug but this just might push me over the edge! Please do keep us posted.
  6. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Pocher Rolls Sedanca   

    To say you are doing justice to this kit is a serious understatement. With all you are doing I respectfully suggest that you should get going  on a Duesenberg SJ for your next project...from scratch. Might as well with all the scratch building you have done on this one!
    I have been away for a while but really like what you are doing. Happy modeling!
  7. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Second restoration, 1968 Shelby   

    This is coming out just as well as the Cadillac! I am impressed.
  8. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    I just received my kit in the mail today.  I can't wait to post a WIP as I build up this model.  First impressions are very good.  This one was worth the wait.  Thanks Kevin. 
  9. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic 1914 Stutz Bearcat.   

    Looks like a great start.  I really am impressed with your work. 
  10. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic MB W 136   

    I like it John.  This has to be one of the prettiest race cars ever built. To paraphrase you, where's the driving gloves?
  11. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Monogam Untouchables   

    I appreciate the feedback Skip.
    A couple notes about the model I posted here. First, there were significant revisions to the fenders-the rears came off an MPC '28 Lincoln Phaeton kit if memory serves me correctly. I like how the wheels look on this one but to achieve this look I had to thin down every single spoke of all 6 wheels. It was very time consuming but worthwhile. If anyone is in the area, I encourage them to look over the '29 Rolls owned by the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI. That car has been a major award winner in the past and is holding up very well. It serves as a very good reference for this model, even if you decide to go with different colors.
    As I did for Art with his ICM 1915 Model T build up, if anyone has specific reference photo needs involving Full Classics and other pre-war cars, I can usually get them in just a few days. This would include the Rolls, Ford Model T's (early and late), Ford Model A's (any stock Model A you could imagine), Thomas Flyer, Duesenberg J's, Packards of the '30's, '40-48 Lincoln Continental, Mercedes 540 K, Cadillac 452, Pierce Arrow, and Lincoln Model L. All of these are sitting almost literally in my back yard so all I have to do is run over with my camera and presto, you have a reference photo. is fun for me!
  12. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Johan 31 Caddy   

    No, Lee. The Monogram 452 B is a V-16 also. I think the notion of using a shortened V-16 is the best bet. I too am curious about the wheelbase and hood length.
    Al, you are off to a great start on a V-16 Roadster.You might want to study the sill plates above the running board carefully as some of them have sills more like the V-16 Town Car fender set.
  13. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Monogam Untouchables   

    I did mine in all black with matte silver from the beltine up. It was very common for a lot of bare aluminum to be exposed on these cars so I went ahead and duplicated that.

  14. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic 1913 Model T Runabout, all finished at last.   

    Your compliments and feedback mean a tremendous amount to me. I appreciate the show of friendship from you, as well as many others who have viewed this post, whether they have commented or not. I could not agree more; this forum is a true family and one I am happy to be part of. Thank you for your kind words. Now I just have to get my own model done!
    John makes an interesting point about the moving assembly line. The assembly line did not "just happen" as we are inclined to believe in retrospect. In actuality it was an evolving product that was very much in development as the Model T itself evolved. In the beginning, men (and in the beginning it was primarily men) moved parts and tools down a line and assembled cars as stationary objects. Later an idea came along to attach a rope to a sled carrying a car frame through the plant. Little by little the process evolved into the moving assembly line that we know today. By the time the line was perfected in the mid 1920's raw materials were unloaded by oar boats and trains on one end of the line (no boxes) and complete cars were being spit out on the other end. All aspects of the process of making the car were kept in house so Ford could control both supplies and prices. A very interesting read is the Ford Shops and Ford Methods that was written by a Ford Motor Company superintendent in 1915 as an orientation manual for new employees. It does a lot to dispel much of the myth of Ford manufacturing as well as help one understand what was really involved in making these cars what they were.
    John is also correct in this case, not to say "where's the keys?" as the car only had a cast iron tool to actuate the magneto then the car could be  hand!
    Great thread everyone!
  15. Eric Macleod added a post in a topic Johan 31 Caddy   

    I have built all three versions of this kit, the Fleetwood Town Car, the Phaeton and the Cabriolet. I consider them among the finest Full Classic models ever kitted. There are many photos of 1:1 cars out on the internet. I will try to find a photo of my Phaeton and get it up here.