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  1. There's one I would love to get my hands on! I really enjoyed seeing your car at St. Johns...or was it back in the Meadowbrook days?
  2. I thought the last post would be the end of WIP posts but not surprisingly, this kit decided to fight me a bit more. In the meantime I added some details to the floor assembly and built the windshield and top boot. I still think I am 4-5 hours from completion. This will be my first complete (start to finish) model in over two years.
  3. That has to be the nicest rendition of this kit I've ever seen. Well done!
  4. I was in a small way instrumental in this model's completion having held it in my hands but knowing it needed expert assistance. Pico has done a herculean job with this model and completed it to a level that is far better than almost anyone could. Well done me friend! Eric
  5. I have seen this one in person and it is indeed a pretty big car. When I saw it I was surprised that it really was not in pristine condition. Indeed, the car was a 10-footer. Your model has done the real thing justice and is probably in better condition that the 1:1 car. Very, very nice!
  6. Very, very nice. This is one of my all time favorite model kits of one of my all time favorite cars. You have certainly done it justice.
  7. Here is what will likely be the final mockup photo. There's not a lot of detail in this old kit but you can do a lot with paint.
  8. I would say you have done a fine job with this all sound. It looks like a variation of half the cars in my neighborhood when I was a kid.
  9. I really like this one. I can answer the questions about the lights. Those are cowl lamps also known as parking lights. Nearly all cars of the era had them. Great model in very nice colors.
  10. I like it. By '27 nearly all Midel Ts had wire wheels so you are good on this one. I love Midel Ts, in scale or full size!
  11. I would love to see a photo of the model sporting the Hasslers in place. It would be a beat but tricky to build addition to a Model T in scale.
  12. Very nice body of work. I especially like the Corvette and the fictional weathered 300SL.
  13. That sure looks the part. Miatas are great cars. I've owned 1:1s and will own at least one more some day.
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