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  1. I have seen that one. I was showing a car at Auburn and the guy came in with that god awful gaudy thing. Oops...turns out it is done up in factory colors. As was stated earlier in the post, the L-29 was not typically a subtle car.
  2. After 39 years of work I should have some semblance of a plan!
  3. I agree with the others. You have done a very fine job with a very challenging kit. Thankfully the 1:1 version goes together easier than the model.
  4. That's a really beautiful car. I like the colors of that.
  5. Thank you! I like speedsters a lot too. I'd love to see yours!
  6. Many thanks. There was a LOT of blood, sweat and tears in that one.
  7. You are right. Henry Ford was known to be thrifty but he definitely was not cheap, nor was the Model T. Inexpensive, yes; cheap, no. Having worked on many of these cars over the years, I have been repeatedly amazed by how well engineered they were and by the continious quality improvement program that was in place at Ford. While they rarely threw out older parts, literally nothing from a 1909 would have been a correct replacement for a '26-7, and visa versa. When teaching a student driver about the car, I tell them you have to look at the car in context. When it was introduced in 1908 (as a 1909 model year car), the Model T was the iPhone of its time. To that date it was the single most important, and successful, commercial product ever. It got that way because it was affordable and of tremendous quality, not because it was junk. They endure for that reason as well as an intangible factor...they are a hoot to drive.
  8. I have that kit on the bench myself right now. It hss some VERY difficult things to assemble. It kind of makes you appreciate how easy it is to assemble the AMT version.
  9. Actually, no. The posts should be the same color as the chassis. Have a look at an original '13 sans headlamps. Hope this helps some people
  10. Guilty as charged...and proud of it. My '26 Touring is what some may say over-restored. I respond by saying it was done properly. Here are a few reference photos of the car that almost certainly is the best restored 26-27 Model T Touring extant. Close inspection of the car reveals concentric depressions in the doors, rough spots in the castings and so on...all factory. I hope these help some builders with this kit.
  11. I would love to see a 72 Mercury Montego GT and a Villiager wagon too. Dream on eh...great model though!
  12. Thanks! Clearly this won't be the world's most detailed model but I think it will look the part.
  13. Last night I spent some time sorting out the exhaust and intake systems. I think I am going to wind up simply using soldering wire.
  14. I am curious if I was that guy. Mine was bought then sold on Ebay. Tough model. Again, i am impressed. What sort of drivetrain do you have in your 1,:1?
  15. While not my style of a model, your skillset is absolutely amazing. Well done! I will be studying your masking techniques in detail. Thank you for posting this amazing work.
  16. Oh wow, it's already done. Fabulous. I just have to ask, where did you get the resin to start with?
  17. I used to own one of those resins and determined it was beyond my ability to save it. I am impressed with the progress you have already made. I'll be watching this with interest.
  18. I did get some bench time in this weekend and made some good progress. Floors are done and I have the chassis under the body and fender assembly and have both front and rear suspension in place. The front was brutal and still is somewhat of a mess but I have a plan for that.
  19. I really like this. The imagination you have used is impressive.
  20. I look forward to watching more of your progress. I am constantly impressed by your ability to keep so many excellent projects going at once.
  21. Here is a photo of the modified Cord 812 rear suspension. While the L-29 was quite different it made sense to me to stay the course with Cord parts. This is small progress, but progress just the same.
  22. I don't have much of an update today. I think I have finished the rough sanding of the body and fender assembly but have a few things to do with the interior before I can think about paint. Underneath, I finished the rough assembly of the rear axle. Next I will complete the top and windshield interface. I think I am going to wind up scratch building that part so it will fit properly. Thanks again to all who have commented or just looked in.
  23. I do have both front suspension and PE wheels for this. My curiosity stems from the notion that perhaps you had a plan for a 3D printed Cord kit in another body-style, (like a cabriolet). If that was the case I would be all in to purchase another project. Again, I really appreciate the help with the dashboard. That will certainly make life easier.
  24. To me the greatest compliment is having a technique stolen from me. So, yes, please do steal away and make it your own. I will be curious to know how you are applying what I have been doing. I will be posting more in the next day or two. We are expecting a significant snowstorm tomorrow, a situation that always lends itself to some good amounts of time in the workshop.
  25. I really appreciate the support. I have been trying to keep this in mind. If I were to have worked on one part only, for 5 minutes per day, since the 1980's, this one would have been done 20 years ago!
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