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  1. The Henry Ford Museum should use your car as a reference point and restore their car to match this!
  2. This is a really spectacular model in every way. You can't argue with the results.
  3. I agree with the others. Very nice model. It is definitely my kind of model!
  4. I am going to use a different set of colors but should be able to play along. I'm thinking something that could compliment my '30 Cord. I really like where you are going with yours.
  5. Can you tell us about this top? Is this just the top from the Johan kit or did you massage this one to fit? Again, incredible work here.
  6. That's the car. I think the guy standing behind the car wearing the white shirt is me.
  7. I really can't remember but I think I took the 31 Franklin Pirate Phaeton the year we were in that class. I have been a volunteer at the local Museum and have had the privilege of showing cars on their behalf for many years. My own cars are pretty modest. I do have a Full Classic Cadillac convertible but it's pretty tame when compared to a mighty V-16.
  8. And here we have another great Cadillac. I am glad I checked in today!
  9. This is exactly the sort of model I love to see. I agree with Pico, this is inspiring. I'll be watching, and perhaps copying, this one. I remember seeing the maroon car at St. Johns a few years back. I had the misfortune of showing a car in the same class. Several of us were talking when it arrived and the consensus was it would be the class winner, and it was. Not surprisingly, I did not place!
  10. I will gladly subscribe to the rebooted magazine and wish you tremendous success. It will give me one more reason to go to the mailbox. As an aside, I build almost nothing but replica stock and was a great fan of the STRICTLY STOCK column. I will look forward to seeing it reappear.
  11. The first one I remember was #41, the Ford GT. My favorite was #73, the Mercury station wagon with the superfast wheels. I don't think it was ever beaten i a race. Unclear why it was so fast, but it was a little rocket.
  12. I just completed my second phase of a complete collection of Lesney Matchbox cars. In my initial phase of collecting I only wanted an example of every model in the 1968 catalogue. My next phase, completed today was to have a boxed version to add as an accompaniment. As anyone who is into Matchbox collecting know, this is only the beginning.
  13. While I am not traditionally a Cadillac man this car was far too good to pass over. It's a 1937 Cadillac V-8 70 Series Fleetwood convertible sedan. I'm pretty fired up in own it.
  14. Tell me when you want to get back on yours and I will join you for a mini group build.
  15. I really like where the OP is going with this model. I have always liked '37 and '38 Fords. While I am a stock builder much of the time, I can't help wondering if this kit could be adapted to a factory stock model. Maybe someday...I will continue to watch this with interest!
  16. That is a really neat Ford wagon!
  17. I've not had time to check in for a while. You continue to post some amazing work.
  18. Now THAT is a unique look. You mentioned that the Johan kit had been retooled. Not true. What happened is parts came out of my Mercedes parts box. Likely, yours truly mixed up Monogram, Heller and Johan Mercedes parts. Sorry if that created problems for you. The model is looking great though!
  19. These images are of two different 1929 Model 640 Packard Victorias but should give you an idea what I am trying to build.
  20. Here is an image of the one-of-one Packard Speedster Coupe, a car that sadly, did not survive. I have seen a photo of the Victoria complete with a blueprint sketch of it. Now, do you think I can put my hand on it? Not a chance!
  21. I tried hand painting that seat years ago but yours came out better. Absolutely stunning paint and overall presentation. That distributor wiring job is impressive. It must be 16 wires plus a coil....or are there two coils on this one?
  22. This certainly looks great. I probably do have a spare front bumper but not so sure on the radiator cap and hood ornament. This is good to know that the later kits are challenging as I have built all of these kits (the pre-white box era) both as a kid and as an adult and thought they were a breeze. Either way, yours is impressive.
  23. I agree. The Imperial was blatant copy of the Cord L-29 but to a lot of eyes (including mine) the Imperial was a significant improvement.
  24. I have another long term project (25 +years) that I want to knock off the "to do" list. I have already completed the first two-thirds of the set, having built a model 734 Speedster Runabout, Speedster Phaeton, Speedster Roadster and Speedster Sedan. To be completed, I need to finish the Speedster Victoria and Speedster Coupe, though I will probably still want to build a new Speedster Runabout as mine is only of "so-so" quality. Only one 1:1 Speedster Victoria remains, though I think the color combination is so unattractive that I probably will try to duplicate it in original form instead of the restored version. The coupe no longer is extant but to really have the complete set I will build it also. Here is the roughed together Speedster Victoria. I will try to upload some other images. I have a photo of the Victoria, which is a larger series 1931 845 that is pretty yet it fails to have the same grace as the lighter 734 but it does provide an idea of where I'm going with this model.
  25. I have seen a 5 passenger sedan locally ( a professor at one of the local higher ed institutions restored the car in his spare time) and it is a truly stunning car. Indeed a sedan transkit would be interesting, though not a job for the feint of heart. I'm looking forward to adding a couple of these to my collection.
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