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  1. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1962 Dodge Dart 440 Hardtop Jo Han C-4162 "USA Oldies" series   

     The "shortcomings" of Johan kits don't concern me...My building style pretty much excludes Johan interiors and chassis from the finished product. The bodies, however, are the reasons I seek out these unique subjects for my builds. My current project is a Max Wedge 62 Dart that I purchased as a complete kit for the body, glass and chrome only. I DID ask about the incorrect dash in another post out of curiosity, but consider the "Back-Dating" to the correct 62 dash as just another part of the build. I chose the Revell 68 Charger as the chassis donor rather than the Lindberg Polara and the interior is entirely scratchbuilt--except for the dash, of course...Thanks for posting the kit review to confirm my suspicions!

  2. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dart 440 dash   

     Nice work, Bob! I've done exactly the same work to my body as you have done, and this evening's task is the dash and door panels. The dash has been sanded on the left and now it's time for the gauge bezels. The door panels just need scribing...I Have used the 68 Charger chassis as the basis--I prefer the detail to that of the Lindberg.
    Thanks for the info regarding the dashes...I thought it was maybe something like that 
  3. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dart 440 dash   

    The dash in the kit was definitely for a 63 polara. The 1st image is a 62 Dart dash, the 2nd is a dash from a 63 Polara

  4. DR JAY added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Johan 1962 Dart 440 dash
    ..As I was scratchbuilding an interior for my Max Wedge, full detail conversion of the Johan USA Oldies release of the 62 Dart, I noticed something wrong about the kit supplied dash. After a brief image search, my suspicions that the kit had the wrong dash were confirmed. The dash is for a 1963 Polara, not a 62 Dart. As this is my 1st time working with this kit, my question is- `was this  "normal" for this particular kit to have the wrong dash for the newer Dodge? I got the kit as an opened but complete model with some parts off the sprues but completely accounted for in the box. I'm currently attempting to convert the dash back to a close copy of the 62 dash, but it will need some work. I was just curious--My scratchbuilding skills far outweigh my frugal nature and I can't see looking for and purchasing a resin dash in my future. It just seemed strange, is all...
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  5. DR JAY added a post in a topic Max Wedge under hood decals   

    I asked Pete at Sparetime today...his scanner is at home but he would be willing to do it for me if I found no joy on my search. He has done some cool stuff for me in the past and treats me like gold as a customer. I was also able to print up perfectly sized valve cover decal replicas--albeit on paper--as a last resort. Keith Marks...well, I lent him a Johan Rebel Machine model to mock up decals a few years ago. I never got the model back and when I asked for its return, I was told that he returned it, then was told that he can't find it, then was told that someone whom I don't know picked it up from his house, then was told "I don't know what to say; it's gone."...Johan models aren't cheap--the Rebel was a Grail subject for me--The whole thing soured me on anything Keith Marks--on a personal and product level. The results of others may vary, but that was my result--which is too bad: aside from his decals needing 2 layers to prevent bleed through and being prone to chipping, they were quite good in detail. Live And Learn...
  6. DR JAY added a post in a topic Max Wedge under hood decals   

    Well...I found a reasonably close representation of the air breather decal on the sheet for the Revell 1968 Charger. Lucky for me, I had a left over Charger sheet in my decal box and I had purchased another Charger kit yesterday for the chassis and suspension to go under the JoHan 62 Dart body, so I found the decal for the 2nd breather on that sheet--I figure I can modify the valve cover decals from the Lindamood Polara to the 413 version with a little paint and some engine weathering. I spent a LOT of time looking for these decals online...still haven't found any. I guess the aftermarket hasn't siezed the opportunity as Max Wedge equipped modern kits are in no way plentiful--I can only think of the one Lindberg kit off the top of my head.
  7. DR JAY added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Max Wedge under hood decals
    I was wondering if anyone in the aftermarket produced the air breather decals and 413 max Wedge decals for the valve covers. The Color me Gone sheet has 426 decals (Wrong for a 413). I am sitting down right now for a search, but any tips that cut the search time down would be appreciated.
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  8. DR JAY added a post in a topic Talk About Time Consuming.........   

    Easy enough to wrap with clear vinyl after the artwork is finished
  9. DR JAY added a post in a topic Amber Light Sprues   

    Cool--thanks for the info. I need another Ford for a different project, so it looks like I can score the amber beacons as well!
  10. DR JAY added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Amber Light Sprues
     The last Big Truck build I did was as a 12-13 year old kid. It was a Mack cabover with Ryder decals. I recall it coming with both a red light sprue as well as an amber sprue for the cab clearance lights. Both sprues, as I recall, had multiple choices for lenses as well as two beacon lights. I was wondering if Big Truck kits still came with the amber lamp tree and if that tree still came with the amber beacons. I am building a 1957 Chevrolet NAPCO 4x4 (Not topic friendly for this particular section of the forum, I know...) as a gas station service call truck and am looking for a source for the amber beacons. I believe the Mack cabover has been re released and there might be someone who frequents this section who can tell me if the amber sprues survived the re release and are still out there. 
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  11. DR JAY added a post in a topic What kit can this motor be found in?   

    The engine is a 440 from the 1/24 440-6 Superbee/Superbird/Roadrunner by the looks. The valve covers look to be from the same kit, although the left is upside down. Can't tell where the blower and intake are from, but the timing cover is from the 440-6 as well. (Currently working on the Superbee, so the parts are familiar)
  12. DR JAY added a post in a topic Your First Ride   

    1969 Coronet R/T. Blue with a white bucket interior. Sadly, Dad has no pictures of that car but he assured me it was a handsome machine that went like a scalded ape and chewed through fuel like it was free. He sold it to a kid (Who apparently grenaded the 440 while Highway Racing outside our rural community and it became a yard ornament...) and replaced it with a new Chevrolet wagon with a 454 and a chronic overheating problem that he fixed after a few months with a brand new loaded big block Royal Monaco Brougham.
  13. DR JAY added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1/16 DOH Conversion
     Hello folks. I had recently posted this build on another forum, but shortly afterward it went down for repairs and has remained that way for a couple of weeks now. I started this as soon as the DOH Charger was re released. The only aftermarket stuff I used were the photoetch oil cooler grille, the resin wheels, the nuts and bolts used for the suspension and wheel studs/nuts and the white vinyl numbers and hood call outs which were done on a friend's vinyl cutter. My reference was countless pictures of Nichels cages and chassis as well as advice from people who worked on and/or own Chrysler stock cars of this vintage. The #5 has no significance other that nobody actually ran that # in 1969.  I see now that Scott and Futurattraction have come out with a handsome set of seatbelt hardware that would have saved me hours of work making my own. Anyhoo--here are a few outdoor shots of the finished product and the Photobucket link will take you to the in-progress shots of the build, which was my 1st large scale build ever. I'm not afraid of comments or tips. Thanks for looking.





    http://s1177.photobucket.com/user/drjay2/library/1969 Grand National Dodge Charger Project?sort=3&page=4
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  14. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1962 Winternationals   

    Great stuff! Thank You
  15. DR JAY added a post in a topic Looking for a 1/24 Ford Maverick?   

    Kinda sad that it's not a 73 or earlier...never was a fan of cow-catcher bumpers on anything.