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  1. DR JAY added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

    Yeah...sorry. That was SUPPOSED to be a picture. Thanks for correcting it!
  2. DR JAY added a post in a topic If you could only choose ONE photo of any of your builds, wich would it be?   

     I'd have to say the Modelhaus 59 Olds 98 I converted to a full detail Super 88 is my favourite...
    http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x357/drjay2/1959 Oldsmobile Super 88 project/1963GalaxieGrandNationalBuild-Lorenzen433.jpg
  3. DR JAY added a post in a topic Dodge is bringing back "Plum Crazy".   

     Let's hope the "New" Plum Crazy doesn't fade as quickly as it did on my 340 Demon...
  4. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1/24 Revell Superbee Quarter stripes   

    Thanks for the tips. Keith Marks and I are actually in the same model club here in Winnipeg. Those stripes are 1/25 for the AMT 1970 Superbee--I guessed that with a little surgery, and an extra set for length, they can be made to work. Joseph--If those wheels and tires turn out anywhere close to the rendering...I'm in for 3 sets right off the bat if they are to be made generally available!  It looks fantastic! The 69 A12 project would be pushed to the front of the line with a set of these on hand...and a spare for the opened trunk...
  5. DR JAY added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    1/24 Revell Superbee Quarter stripes
    I mistakenly placed this in Parts Wanted...well--because they're parts I wanted. I'm building a grudge match hemi version of this kit and upon closer inspection of the Quarter stripes have noticed that the bees are backwards. No big deal for this project, but the next Superbee in line for construction is to be a very detailed stock A12 version. Does anyone know if the CORRECT quarter panel stripe decals are being produced in 1/24 by anyone in the after market? The Hemi Bee can be built without stripes--no big deal, it's a race car anyway--but I feel them to be important for the factory build. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for looking...
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  6. DR JAY added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revell 1/24 1969 Superbee Quarter Stripes
     I was wondering if there was a source for rear quarter stripes available for this kit that have the Bees facing forward (like they're SUPPOSED to...) instead of the supplied decals that feature the Bee going backwards. I would prefer to build it with the stripes, but If I can't find the correct versions, I guess it will have the stripe deleted. I have 2 on the go: the current one is a Drag/Street Hemi version, so accuracy and factory stripes aren't as important as the second project, which is to be a very detailed stock A12 version. THAT one needs the stripes and they should be proper. Thanks for any leads and for reading this. 
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  7. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1/8 Ford GT40 engine   

    Yes, it said it was CAD designed and 3D printed. The small container is full of the screws included for assembly and it comes with all detailing items such as wiring, cast aluminum valve covers and plumbing. 
  8. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1/16 1968 Charger Pro Touring   

    Based on a Grand National stock car, the 1/16 Charger has the 8 3/4 removable carrier Chrysler rear axle--even comes with pretty reasonable representations of GN drum brakes. 
  9. DR JAY added a post in a topic Del Rio question   

    ... I was just gonna ask if they were the same size and width as the other wheel backs. larger would likely be for race tires.
  10. DR JAY added a post in a topic First build, no help from Mom. Fail ? I don't think so   

     Great stories! I can't wait to teach my grandson about carburetors, motorcycle riding, dirt ovals on Saturday night and what little I know about women. I also am on the edge of my seat about the time when he can come to Papa's house and build stuff in the hobby room. He may not end up enjoying it, but he sure will be offered every minute of time,every tool, paint and kit that I have. Seeing the pride in the faces of a child who made something with their own hands is reward enough.
     My 1st model at the age of 8 was the brand new Monogram Z28, molded in a ghastly yellow, My dad helped with the white lettering on the tires using flat white and a toothpick. Despite the many incarnations that model ended up going through, (Paint jobs; Raising and lowering; Engine swaps; Etc...)  those perfectly lettered Good Years remained on the Camaro. 
  11. DR JAY added a post in a topic Interesting ideas   

     How close did anyone look at the brake set up on that specimen with the propeller? I can see the tech sheet now: Final Drive: Propeller   Brakes: Dual Acting Plank-Type
  12. DR JAY added a post in a topic Hello from rainy Glasgow,Scotland   

    Welcome to the Forum...I also have to add that "Still Game" is one of my favourite television shows and an episode is usually playing on the computer as I build...I laugh like a fool at episodes I have seen dozens of times. Looking forward to seeing your projects!
  13. DR JAY added a post in a topic Disappointed   

    ...wow. Just wow. The replica is excellent, James. The weathering and execution are also excellent...one of the best I have seen on the subject. As a scale replica builder, I appreciate the time and talent required to pull off a quality job like that. I was formerly an active member of another forum which shall remain nameless in a vain attempt at playing the duck. There were more than a few DoH cars displayed by builders both new/young and seasoned/adult. The one constant was that there was ALWAYS someone willing to call the builder out for their choice of subject--using ALL CAPITALS IN ORDER TO GET THEIR POINT ACROSS or even name calling, insults and thinly veiled threats that, honestly, they would never use when speaking to someone in person. The behaviour got--in my opinion--way out of hand and I got to thinking; "Why am I even here? Is this a model car forum where people can show and discuss their hobby to be enjoyed by many or is it a place where a simple thread can be transformed into a political soap box by a few at the expense of someone who worked hard to complete a killer replica?" Should we turn this place into one where the moderators are more like hall monitors who shut everything down at the 1st sign of differing opinion or have to resort to outright banning of anything more controversial than a glass of milk?
    Great job, James. I would have liked to have seen more pictures before the thread got the axe, I really like it here, but I think I may take a few days off to consider my choices. As an adult, if there's something I don't like, I have the choice to shut it off; switch channels; change lanes; etc and move on with my life. I shouldn't resort to interrupting someone else's presentation in order to make myself heard because my perspective differs I try to move on.

    THAT being said, I do have to agree about life being full of disappointments--but not in a cynical manner. When the radio plays Nickelback (Yech!) instead of Led Zeppelin, the TV is showing The kardashians instead of a documentary or the driver in front of me is texting; I don't take personal issue with the program director, the Teleguide or the driver in front of me. I try to move on and do what I can to get past it.

    And Ron Hamilton---Great Comments!

    Now: why don't we ALL just build something and post pictures to show off our work and prove that we use this resource for more than the kind of attitude and comments that would result in our wife banishing us to the couch if we tried them on her...
  14. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1969 A12 Dodge Superbee   

    Looks like the 15x7 Police wheels from the Revell Superbird or Roadrunner.
  15. DR JAY added a post in a topic Guardsman Blue and Gulf Blue?   

    Have you considered obtaining a paint code and having an automotive paint supply place make you a rattle can of your favourite colours? I use a supply house locally that mixes me whatever I want in full size cans for about 25 bucks. A little pricey, yes, but considering how much paint I get compared to the contents of a Tamiya can--and the colour is either computer matched or mixed by code and 100% what I am looking for--and the fact that I reserve this expenditure for special projects only; it makes sense for me.