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  1. DR JAY added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    Great engine bays! Here's a couple of mine: A fuelly 283 in a Revell 59 Impala; A 394 Rocket in a Modelhaus 59 Oldsmobile; a 400 in an AMT 69 442 and the 413 Max Wedge in the Johan 62 Dart I recently posted  Under Glass

  2. DR JAY added a post in a topic Mustang II Coupe   

    Great job on the conversion! 
  3. DR JAY added a post in a topic Plum crazy purple with what interior color   

    My 71 Demon 340 was an original purple car with white seats, door panels and headliner with a black dash pad and package tray. Even after the paint had faded--as PCP always did if you parked the car in the sun for anything longer than 10 minutes--the interior still looked great...
      I don't build for contests and prefer to paint colours that appeal to me or fit the project...BUT--if I WAS building for a contest, I would chose the lighter interior so that interior details can be easily seen. The black interior--while more "Down To Business" and spartan in appearance--tends to hide a lot of detail once the body is glued in place. I spent MANY hours modifying a dash only to find that my hard work was lost in the shadows and the only way it could be seen was to look at the pre assembly pictures I took. That said, colour choice is a personal preference and whatever YOU like is the right choice in the end
  4. DR JAY added a post in a topic 1966 Chrysler 300. A Few New Photos.   

  5. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge   

     Thanks very much for all of the kind compliments--I really appreciate the input! Hopefully the Johan 62 Plymouth turns out as well
  6. DR JAY added a post in a topic 69 Barracuda, added BMF   

    I walked past this kit in the LHS today...now I'm thinking that I should have picked one up. Next time. Great job on it, though. The Recall Wheels pretty much decided for me...
  7. DR JAY added a topic in Under Glass   

    Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge
      I tried to document this project On The Workbench as I went. I just finished it the other day--with the exception of the door and trunk locks.  I realize that the 62 Dart was NOT dodge's finest hour in the design studio, but I have always loved the way that the 413 Max Wedge was wrapped in such a homely package that year...if a station wagon would have been available in  1/25, I would have built that instead and chosen an even more bland colour. Thanks for looking..

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  8. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

    I still have some small details to add...like the door and trunk locks. I'm otherwise calling this one finished. More pics will be Under Glass. Thanks for all the compliments--this build took 2 months to the day and was the fastest I have ever done a project like this.

  9. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

    ...Back in my younger days, I used to wrench on dirt stock cars and we had no pipe bender--we filled the pipe with sand so it wouldn't kink and used one of the many trees behind the shop as a fulcrum. (We never built cages that way, just bent up pipes for repair purposes)  Kinda the same deal here with the aluminum tubing i used, except I slid paper clips into the tubes before bending and used the bit of paper clip sticking from the pipes as pins to hold the header flanges in place and attach the headers to the cyl heads. The collectors were  spare parts and the flanges were just styrene. Both sides took an evening. The toughest part was bending them up in such a way so they would fit the holes in the fender wells  and line up with the heads when the engine was dropped in around them--just like a 1:1. I usually use solder, but didn't have enough to do both sides. Thanks for the compliments everyone. Kinda proud of this one...
  10. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

    Thanks very much for the compliments! I appreciate the input...
  11. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

    There. Caught up....
      Which brings the project to the current state.

  12. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

    I agree that they were homely cars! The 360 degree ugly combined with the Max Wedge just does something for me. Don't get me started on the available colours for 62 Darts...painting a dog turd Dusty Pink or Motel Carpet Burgundy doesn't make it prettier!
    Thanks for the comment
  13. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

      The Engine And Transmission: In my attempt to build an accurate Max Wedge powertrain, I used several sources for components. The trans is from the AMT 71 Charger--it appears to be the most accurate in appearance and scale, and the separate trans pan is outstanding in its accuracy even if it may be a tad shallow. I did modify another pan with more depth, but will use it for another project. The block, valve covers and heads are from an old Pro Modeler Daytona because despite the identical parts being in my 68 Charger donor kit, the Pro Modeler  stuff was crisper and the details were much sharper--i guess 'cause the molds were newer?  I drilled bolt holes and added details to the ends of the heads. The rest was a mix of parts box items and donor kit parts. I removed the belt from the pulleys and grooved them with a razor saw for a belt. I also made a deep sump oil pan, but that will be replaced with a more accurate pan. 
      The exhaust will be fenderwell headers made from aluminum tube, styrene and collectors from an old Revell Oldsmobile Pro Stock. I WAS going to use the manifolds from the new Moebius Belvedere, but due to time restrictions, I couldn't wait for its release. I have the Belvedere kit now and will use the manifolds on a similar Max Wedge Plymouth project I have in line.
      The intake is of unknown origin, but I detailed it with bolt access plugs and frost plugs, as well as some reshaping. The carbs are from a couple of AMT 71 Charger kits because the air cleaners--from the AMT 49 Mercury--will be glued in place.

  14. DR JAY added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart--Update 10/04/16   

     Chassis details: I dislike kit supplied shocks, driveshafts or anything else that should be perfectly round but isn't. I make these parts from brass as well as styrene tube and hex stock--for nuts and bolt heads. I guess I could use photoetch bolt head detail or model railroad nuts and bolts, but I prefer scale realism when at all possible; no manufacturer used nuts to hold shocks in place with a 1 1/16" head and some of the aftermarket hardware I see in use  is HUGE! 
      So... I made up a driveshaft, 4 shocks, radius rods and hardware and a set of torsion bars and sockets for the control arms. Overall--simple stuff, although the shocks are time consuming.