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    Need frt grill pic ref of Harry Auffinger Cust 57 T-bird
    Wanting to know if anyone knows or remembers Harry Auffinger's Custom T-bird that graced the model magazines back around '65 or so. If anyone has photo reference and/or text that describes what the front end grill area looks like, I would really appreciate the help.

    If anyone knows where Harry Auffinger is or if he's still living I would like to contact him for reference on his T-bird. I belive that he lived around the Lakehurst NJ area and he or family may still be in that area.

    My friend is cloning this model for IMCB Museum in Salt Lake City/Sandy UT. We have yet to find photo or text reference describing the front end and grill area. We think that it had quad headlights and a custom mercury grill, but we would like the most accurate info instead of relying on our artistic license during the build.

    Thank you for any help.
    Tim Burkhardt/burkamcc
    V.P. Albuquerque Model Car Club
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