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  1. OK, I will ck later this week to see if I have one or not
  2. I was in the one near me yesterday and same deal... ..just NOTHING i felt i had to take home.
  3. Hard for.me to say. I like quite a few. But...to play along i would say the Revell Thunderbolt.
  4. Give me a day to ck. But. I might have extra ft and rear chome for a 1961 Ford Galaxie if you need it
  5. About your only choice is the 55-56 Chrysler 300 keep in mind the seat pattern will be different. Im not sure if there was ever an interior in those kits
  6. Ive always been under the assumption the 1st Grumpys Vega built was stock floor pan and front suspension from the back of the doors forward. basically only the rear suspension was heavily modified / scratchbuilt
  7. water pump style is different, as well as intake , exhaust manifolds and valve covers. Again just depends on how accurate Steve intends to get
  8. keep on mind the underbody from a 71 Duster has some differences than a 1966 Bcuda. Primarily front suspension differences and Im pretty sure the 66 was never avail with dual exhaust Same goes for the 70-71 small block compared to the 66 small block as well .
  9. Correct, and as far as I know the car has been repaired
  10. I wish you could some resin caster to copy these. I would take 2 sets pronto
  11. Im sure I have one. Pm me an address and I will get these in the mail this weekend chrome one is from the Monogram 1970 GTX, the tan/off white one is from the AMT 71 Duster. Both are yours if you need them
  12. Nice project so far. When I did my 68 Dart. I drilled holes in the body where the side markers are supposed to be . Inserted a small diam aluminum tube. . Once the body was painted , I polished the edges of the tube that was visible and filled the center with epoxy and topped it off with the Testors clear amber paint
  13. like the titles says. I need the body only out of one variant or the other. Actually all I need is the front clip ,. basically 2 front fenders and hood
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