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  1. Display case ideas - for built ins or wall mounted

    Those look like a very nice option. Thanks for that.
  2. Phil Bonner Thunderbolt started

    An Excellent choice Probably my favorite kit to build. Ive got 6 of them done.
  3. Hobby Lobby Summer 19 clearance

    I went to the HL closest to me. Nothing was marked down. And said shelves were packed full of kits
  4. Display case ideas - for built ins or wall mounted

    Believe me. Ive given that some thought. But until we become empty nesters. Im out of other ideas. The cases im interested in are lighted. Plus I can run some auxiliary lighting there as well if needed. Im not so much concerned with seeing them up close. But more so get them out of boxes and displayed the best i can . At least for maybe a couple more years untill my girls leave home. After that one of the spare bedrooms will become office/ car room.
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Back about 1979 or so. I worked in the lawn and garden dept and a local retailer. One day had to go load a couple bags of mulch for a customer. We walked up to a dark green Vega hatchback,,,maybe a 72 or 73 maybe .. I commented about the 5 lug rallye wheels and he just smiled. So we talked for a few minutes. Guys parents had bought it new and it was a hand me down to him with a very tired 4 cyl.. So he decided to turn it up a notch for a street toy. Turned out the car had a smog motor 454 stuffed in it. I remember he told me the car actually handled fairly well for being that nose heavy. Was actually very decent on gas. But,,,,,, was quite the handful if you even barely leaned on the gas to much,,. he said you better have it pointed where you wanted to go because you were gonna get there quickly. weird part is there was no huge tires under it ( maybe a G60-14 ) wasn't real loud when running. And just a small hood scoop to clear the carb and air cleaner.
  6. Nova

    Theres another version of the car with a Yellow Nova on the box top
  7. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    Ya got me. Ive read thru the thread and Im still lost.
  8. 2019 Chrysler Carlisle Nationals

    Ok, who can make me the decal to replicate this hood
  9. Display case ideas - for built ins or wall mounted

    The ledge in question. Locking it is of no concern to me A- its 7 ft above the floor B- no one will ever open it except me
  10. Display case ideas - for built ins or wall mounted

    Yes, the area I have avail is right at 4+1/2' feet tall. Ive been up on said ledge painting it so I'm confident it will handle the weight no problem
  11. Ok, With us being in the new place. My old 5 ft tall cases are not going to work, as I simply do not have the floor space for them any longer I have an area above the family room ( I'll call it a ledge so to speak ) I was thinking either build glass shelving with glass front or buy some nice wall mounted cases. The area I have avail is approx 4.5" tall and maybe 20' in overall length. I'm thinking something like this as an example. Not cheap by any means . But I think these would work perfectly . And it doesn't have to be lighted. But I'm not against it either Based on this size , I need 2 ,,,maybe even 3 of these https://www.displays2go.com/P-33996/LED-Wall-Showcase-Locking-Doors
  12. Nova

    same as the old pro nova isnt it?
  13. Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins

    Luckily i had the opportunity to meet them all. Ronnie sox was my idol since i was a kid. Both Ronnie and Bob were very easy to talk to. Grumpy. Maybe i caught him on a bad day. But......he earned the nickname
  14. 1961 Corvette

    Nice. Good color combo. I have a couple original issue SMP 61s on hand ,,,for that someday project
  15. This is just plain to cool. Jay lenos Garage

    i know of a couple people that have met him. And all have said. he is a VERY down to earth. been told he LOVES to talk cars. no matter the year or brand He has been to several shows Ive been to at same time but never got a chance to meet him in person