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  1. Warming your paint

    I use rattle cans exclusively and always warm the can in some hot tap water. let it site there maybe 5 minutes then spray away. this is primers to clear., even rattle can duplicolor paints and primers
  2. Fujimi Ford GT40 No.2 1966 Le Mans Winner

    Simple kit to build . But as shown here looks REALLY nice once completed. I like it and want to build this exact car for my case
  3. That would be the 1st 65 Comet I buy. And would buy multiples if the secondary market steps up with decals for it
  4. Always. Open. The Box.

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-ZZ-Top-Eliminator-1933-Ford-85-4465-1-24-Model-Car-Mountain-FS/382371173392?epid=15020018813&hash=item5907191410%3Ag%3AGkQAAOSwoFVadhI8&_nkw=zz+top+eliminator&_from=R40&rt=nc not mine
  5. Rambunctious funny car

    Looks like your using the Chi-Town Hustler for the basis for this build ?
  6. Agreed, Everything Ive bought so far has been absolutely 100% top shelf quality
  7. all the above, no interest in Nomads though
  8. Rambunctious funny car

    If you wamt to do another one. I'll send you a body and decals
  9. Ok, maybe some of you knew this already. But while packing some kits away. Just for giggles I tried the uptop off an original AMT 1962 Impala convertible. On both my original issue 1960 Bonneville and 1959 Buick. It looks killer, although its not a 100% drop on . BUT, it fits the Pontiac pretty well with minimal work and definitely manageable to make it work on the Buick as well . I also did a test fit on my 58 Bonneville, and not so well. Good thing I have a few spare AMT uptops I guess just a little tidbit for us old annuals collectors / builders Enjoy
  10. Best Kit headers

    Top ones were ONLY avail on 1964 and 1965 RACE Hemi cars ONLY Bottom ones are MAX wedge only, thing is they were never avail on any production line Mopar. They never got past development / prototype stages. Although there are a few sets out there and Ive even seen one set installed on a car. They look cool as chit
  11. Scale Engines that run...

    I think it would be extremely rewarding to see something you've worked on for thousands of hours, for years come to life . I don't have the patience or skills to pull something like this off. But I surely can appreciate the time it takes for those that can and do.
  12. Scale Engines that run...

    My favorite of the lot
  13. Dodge Polara

    Nice color
  14. Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury. A Little More Progress.

    I can relate. Luckily our house is done and on the market. So its get ready for the move time now I've had ZERO modeling time the past 6 months. In fact a good portion of my stuff is already packed up. All the rest will be packed up the next week or so in plans for a cross country move. Probably be at least another 6 months before I can even think about digging some projects out
  15. I agree with you. But in all honesty I can say the same thing about Rat Rods and / or most street rods for that matter. Its different strokes for different folks . Be kind of boring if we all liked the same thing