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  1. Last time I ckd the website, it was so far out of date, I never went back. I follow them on his ebay store instead https://www.ebay.com/sch/member3664890/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  2. Cool, I'd like to have that . drop a modern hemi and auto in and drive the dog pants off of it
  3. It may be. But the 1969 kit is boxed marketed as the MI kit
  4. Was out today picking up supplies for house projects And came across a dark blue 1st generation Camaro. I want to say it was a 68.....but was a little ahead of me when I saw it. So I can't say for sure 100%
  5. Well, If someone happens to have 2 of these wheels,,,,,,,PM me
  6. the U haul it trailer would be a welcome sight I'm sure. I just sold 2 of them a few weeks ago. For decent money And on a side note, I just picked up another 1969 Coronet RT hardtop , I didn't need it as I already had 2 I think. But for a price similar to today's kits, I take any and all I can find for that kind of money . I would LOVE to get another 68 hardtop though.
  7. I think cheap is a touch harsh. then again,,,,maybe not. BUT I'll use myself as an example here. I have no problem paying the current average price point ,,,which seems to be about $30 ea for modern tooled kits.,,,,,,, IF ,,,,,,,,,the modern tooled kit is right . Even though I'm of the time period when $5.99 was the norm for many years. But I realize the past is past and we live in the now. and except it for what it is,,,,or do we ? I chose to support the manufactures with my money IF and ONLY if the product is a quality one. I'll use the 2 modern kits that have my interest. The Revell 1970 Cuda and the Moebius 1965 Plymouth. Neither of which is very close to correct. What makes it worst is BOTH supposedly used CAD software to engineer and tool up from scratch. The Cudas over exaggerated wheel lips and to low of a body line shouldn't happen. Then we have the Moebius Plymouth with its fat lip looking leading edge of a roof combined with the hardly there door opening gaps. WHY and HOW did this happen in the 1st place. If both of these were done right, I would be buying a lot more of them I assure you . If the upcoming Mobeius 1965 AFX Plymouth suffers the same roof issue. I will probably buy , one, maybe 2 and not the dozen or so I have plans for . IMO, the primary issue is all the test run cars All go to the same people to critique it. Which may be fine,,,or maybe its not. Said person may be an expert on the 1968 Chevelle, but know nothing about the 1988 Mustang. Neither of which interests me so I have not held or plan to get either one to see with my own eyes . I'm not trying to bash said people in any way shape or form . its just one persons opinion. If I'm wrong someone PLEASE enlighten me . I'm well aware of the issues with the talked about 63 Ford. Which is mainly the interior. But give the body to a 1963 Galaxie aficionado and I'm told its extremely close to the 1/1 and this kit was designed WHEN 1962 or maybe 1963 ??????? Once completed on on the shelf one cant see the interior, yet the body is out there for the world to see . and 1st impressions are EVERYTHING That said , I have ZERO problem waiting an extra six months for a product to arrive once its announced. IF it rights and to me the body HAS to be right to get me to open my wallet wider and wider.
  8. I'll be in few several of the AFX Plymouths ......at least.
  9. Ive got a few of these already . And at a lot less then Im sure retail will be in this one
  10. Nice collection . Ive got most of them Would like to find a clean Dyno Don maverick
  11. I kind of got the impression the site was just recently created.
  12. The arc where it follows the upper body line of the car is wrong where it runs along the top of the rear quarter panel
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