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  1. Look at chryslers hemi orange. It has a slight red cast to it . It was / is available in testors spray cans
  2. What style shifter you looking for. E or B body , bench seat or buckets ? there are a few different versions I think. I may have some spares, will have to ck though
  3. Snake, thats gonna depend on just how soon your planning to start this . Mine is at least 6 months away. If im lucky PS, what or is there a difference in the Cougar frames from say one of the older Model king issues for the STP car , versus the current Dyno Don kit,,,besides decals ?????
  4. Thats the biggest issue with the 67 Coronet n kit. the whole back half looks like its sagging a bit
  5. Im planning this build right now actually, Not sure if I will use the revell chassis or maybe a current Polar lights chassis
  6. Kit is cheap on the ebay
  7. In one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, IMO A Ferrari 250 GTO
  8. Sweet, Some cars made here I wasnt aware of. I have the Missle Duster, and I think I have the S+M Duster. But none of the others . Maybe I need to look around in hopes to change that
  9. When I did my Daytona. I shaved the HEMI badges off the door of the MPC 1969 Charger 500 Might be an option or make a copy and cast them if you dont find something.
  10. You happen to have the tail light lenses and bezels for that 61 ? Im in need
  11. Im looking for the underhood AC pieces and the dual snorkel air cleaner out of the recent AMT 1971 Charger kit
  12. Thought I had ya covered. But my extra rear bumper is for a 1962
  13. Welcome aboard. Im also In Tucson. relocated here about 2 years ago from Northern Ky
  14. The Gold one is one of I think there were 3 , maybe 4 known Dodges I believe there are a red, this gold and a white one,,,for some reason I think there is another red one now known .????? Also I believe there is verified to be a dark blue 1966 Plymouth that was in Finland ( car was stolen long , long ago) This gold one. Belongs to a guy I know in Elyria Ohio
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