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  1. Wanted 60's Super Stock & Drag Racing Magazines

    I have an upright 4 drawer file cabinet full of what you seek. And have been thinking to get rid of them. Not interested in kits much as trade. (I think I have enough kits already ) BUT , having recently moved to AZ. shipping would be killer $$ wise
  2. Perfect, I will have to pick some of this paint up and do a spoon test. I have a project In mind for a color like this
  3. 1968 Ford F 600

    I have one of these missing link resin kits. Not sure when or If i'll ever get to it. if your interested I might be talked out of it , pm me and we can work it out
  4. Got a closeup pic of that.? I would love to see how much metallic is in it
  5. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Most , maybe even all the above please. As for the Bill Bagshaw cars, I'm baffled as to why no one has ever done the decals to do either of these is beyond me
  6. Bobby Isaac Dodge Daytona built 30 years ago

    Some one correct , but wasn't this kit produced a couple times. One where it had said door scoops and one where it had the correct depressions like on the 1/1 ? One with a somewhat stock chassis and one with a full nascar chassis Notice slightly different boxart
  7. I started work at the local dodge dealer about 1986 or so. Best I remember they were a light grey primer or similar but with a satin finish ( some kind of gelcoat maybe )
  8. BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - New pics 12-5

    wow, just plain WOW
  9. Hemi Dump Headers

    Due to the design of the head on a Hemi, fenderwell headers are pretty much non-existant
  10. Dyno Don Cougar Eliminator Kits Sealed

    Wants are ?
  11. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    Would be super cool, although Im not holding my breath
  12. Post retirement modeling

    Ive got a few years before retirement yet. ( about 6 min and 10 max depending on my health ) We recently moved to southern AZ this past summer ( decided to make the move now as opposed to retirement time.) I landed a job at the Tucson Airport ( aka state retirement benefits to help with SS ) Wife god landed a job making 10K more than back in KY. This past Sept we purchased a townhouse / investment property / future retirement residence . Plan was live here till we get acclimated to the area . BUT, Just last weekend we put an actual house under contract, hope to close on it by the end of the month. Also Looking to purchase an old car next spring maybe,,early summer at the latest . So life is good. Im sure I'll tinker at the model bench a little here and there But Im afraid model cars will probably take a back seat for a while Once moved in and settled I plan to dig thru , sort out and go thru the stash and do some major house cleaning / thinning down big time .
  13. December Round2 Video.

    Might think about the pickup / go cart. the rest ,,,,meh!!!!
  14. Moebius Chrysler 300 wheels

    Sorry. Don't have any spares of the wires