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  1. Polar Lights Mistery Machine's actual scale

    Its a cartoon. its any scale you want
  2. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    Only thing ive seen so far is box art. Any kit pics posted anywhere ?
  3. Yellow ? Never noticed that detail
  4. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    IMO, going to depend A LOT on just how nice this kit is in person. Take the revell 1970 Cuda kit as an example. IMO its done nothing to the value of the original MPC kit. ,,,built or unbuilt. My gut tells me this will be no different
  5. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    same here order # 24561
  6. Problem with trying to repair that and NOT damage the windshield frame is going to be near impossible IMO< leave it alone
  7. Modelhaus Inventory Sale!!!!

    got the email today. my order is about to ship
  8. Your Favorite or Interesting Race Car Livery

    Drag car road course car
  9. You still have models built long ago?

    Probably my oldest survivors Johan 1969 Roadrunner and I think the Monza is an old MPC kit ( not 100% sure though ) Both built sometime early to maybe mid 80s time frame The AMT Daytona was maybe mid 90s time frame
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    My daughter built a Ramchargers car out of one I built the other one
  11. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    Snake I have NO idea the paint used on this. I bought it with plans to redo it. I just cant bring myself to take it apart.
  12. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    Ive got one of these . I bought exactly as you see it several years back. its one of my favorites even though I didn't build it. But I have no plans to ever redo it unless something major happens to it
  13. Now that's what I'm talkin about !

    Nope, Not me. Ever that I can think of. And no real desire to
  14. Cool picture, And even though These cars in general dont do much for me. But I have a huge amount of respect of the fellas that drove them ( then and now ) Them boys had knads of steel to strap there arse in there
  15. Wanted 58 Ford Parts

    I'm glad I bought one a couple years ago. Ive actually tried to buy another one since. But just about every one goes well above what I paid for mine ( about $75 )