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  1. 1969 dash is thicker all the way across and less pronounced point in the center
  2. 1968 dash is thinner and come to more of a point in the center the actual plastic dash frame in the kit has the correct shape , just not the thickness
  3. I just hope i can build maybe 1 ...or 2 Im having fun with my 1/1 toy to worry much avout model cars I plan to retire this fall...so maybe it will change
  4. Real 300 ? As far as I know. They were only avail in 3 colors, Black, red and white
  5. I REALLY wish you could find someone to duplicate these in resin. I'll take 2 sets NOW
  6. I would just like to be able to delete pictures Ive uploaded here. Some are in threads years old. Most others are in trade threads . Some Ive inadvertently uploaded multiple times. either way its makes it horrible to wade thru to find the one I want. So much I'll avoid uploading pictures here at all costs anymore
  7. And once posted here It cant be deleted by the one who posted it either .
  8. Search ebay. Someone is 3d printing a lot of the old hood and fender ornaments
  9. Them boys got much bigger knads than I ever dreamed of having. But I love to watch it
  10. Same here. I have 3 and in reality. Could easily use 2 more.
  11. I don't think I've bought a model kit in over a year, maybe closer to 2 years now. And in all honesty. I dont have much desire to buy either. Ive actually sold close to or even over 100 kits , both builders and unbuilts. And this trend will most likely continue. My newest garage toy will take my free time for a while Retirement is just under a year away. And I hope to get back into building some models afterwards . But I honestly cant say that I have the drive for them like I did in years passed
  12. Two very nice examples of one of the very best Ford ever produced. Beautiful cars they were / are
  13. Subject matter..period Imo. Anything else is secondary. Cost is a factor. But if the subject matter interests me. I will pay yp to own it.
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