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  1. gtx6970 added a post in a topic AMT 1960 Bonneville Continental Kit   

    I got all of it., the spare and cover, bumper extension and all 4 pieces of the side skirts
    You have any older annuals parts ?  , I have a list of parts I need
  2. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Hi guys, looking for a source of these wheels in 1/25   

    I have 1 of the fronts and 1 of the rears.
    Gets you half way ... yours if you need/want them
    I MIGHT have more just need to ck the junk box in the garage  tomorrow
  3. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 1970 ELDORADO by Cadillac (JO-HAN)   

    WOW,,,,,especially the color. Love it.
    If you dont mind me asking. Whats it like to gets models. kits or supplies in Russia ?
     Do you have hobby shops or is everything mail order.
    Just curious as Hobby shops are rare around here these days ( only 2 in the area now ,,neither of which is heavily stocked in models. mostly either trains or RC stuff )
  4. gtx6970 added a post in a topic holley #4160 carb.??   

    I know there are some out there in resin,
    But there is a set in the Revell Thunderbolt kit that's not bad ,,,,,,you just have to cut them apart as they are molded together
  5. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?   

    Not sure I could put ' Delightful ' and  ' Tofu ' in the same sentence
  6. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    You sure about the body color firewall?  I know the fender wells and radiator support are black and thought the firewall was as well.
    I'll admit I'm not a GM guru in any way shape or form and most of my non mopar builds are old drag cars which are almost always black engine compartments.
    But I always thought the firewalll was black on GM cars of this era.
    Never mind. Found multiple images online,,,all body color.
    I'll shut up now.
  7. gtx6970 added a post in a topic The Dodge Boys , another long stalled project   

    Thanks , and yes. I bought them long ago to use on a Johan build that never happened.
    For some reason the pictures make them look yellowed ,,but in reality they are not ( or if they are its very very slight)
  8. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    Black is correct for this year and model
    duh,,,see revisions below
  9. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Max Wedge ?   

    Ok , curiosity go the best of me
    Ramchargers Dodge - Hemi with the  wide hemi hood scoop
    Mavericks Dodge - Hemi with the 2 lump max wedge hood scoop
    Color Me Gone Dodge - Max wedge with the 2 lump hood scoop
    Pettys 1964 Plymouth - Hemi - no hood scoop
    The Black 64 Plymouth - is the odd duck. it has a big block wedge with single 4 barrel AND the slant six ( didn't see a hood scoop in the box )
  10. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Max Wedge ?   

    I think the Color Me Gone and the Maverick kits do.
    I know the Ramchargers is a hemi car. Don't remember about any of the others. I have them all if you need confirmation
  11. gtx6970 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    The Dodge Boys , another long stalled project
    Actually got to spend a few minutes at the model bench this week . And again concentrating of finishing some long stalled projects.
    This one is the 1964 Dave Strickler driven Bill Jenkins tuned Hemi Dodge. I had painted this car nearly 2 years ago,,,After multiple issues painting the hood multiple times , I got disgusted and put it away.
    Well that all changed when I found the can I used to paint it * its a duplicolor rattle can . So in the purple pond went the hood and I tried again, with much better results this time around.
    Sprayed the hood, (thankfully it now matches the car ). Dug out some parts box pieces to throw a crossram  hemi 4 spd together . Plan is  work on it the next few weeks to get another one off the bench and in the case. On this one I put some spacers under the leaf springs and  I flipped the front spindles over and I really like the stance much better than the others I had built . , Just noticed I need to change the pedals to  reflect the 4 speed change
    Comments more than welcome. And thanks for looking.

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  12. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Judy Lilly   

    Thems some nice figures
  13. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Rags   

    Sure looks a lot like the rags laying on my shop bench at the moment,,,grease stains and all ( I had to build a Mopar transmission for a customer of mine this week )
    I saw a picture some time ago  where the builder used this method to make a green tarp over a car. Using a paper towel with a  green tinted glue /water mix. It looked EXACTLY like a tarp , texture and all .
  14. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Where to buy Model King kits?   

    The new Melrose Missle 65 Plymouth I assume ?
    My local hobby shop has them on order ,,,not aware of any special means to get them . If thats the kit in question
  15. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Where to buy Model King kits?   

    depending on what your after ,,,,,,some are considerably easier to find than others.
    Tried Ebay ?