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  1. gtx6970 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Tasca Ford Thunderbolt.
    Having seen this actual car in person many many years ago. I knew someday I needed to build one in scale.   And that day has finally arrived. After doing a little research a couple years ago I found out that Tamiya makes the colors that gets me extremely close if not dead on to the 1/1 . TS11 for the maroon and TS21 for the gold .
    Having built the  Gas Ronda and Hubert Platt cars in the past . So I'm somewhat familiar with the  kit itself. And IMO , its one of Revells best in 1/25th scale . Nothing special really, its just going to be a simple box stock build to fill a hole in my display case .
    Painted it earlier this week, did all the decals a couple days ago. and while the house was all quite this morning, I cleared it.
    All the emblems were covered in bare metal foil before any paint or primer went on , then wiped off with a Tamiya Q tip and lacquer thinner once painted , but prior to clear coats.
    Interior tub is just Testors champagne gold . I masked off the door panels with bare metal foil and painted the white accents. ( still undecided if I want to attempt fate and do the darker upper portion of them or leave well enough alone and call it good ,,,my gut says stop now before I screw something up)  Tub was masked off so I could paint the floor in a satin black to look like the rubber mat in the 1/1 .
    I'm a big boy so comments or criticisms more then welcome

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  2. gtx6970 added a post in a topic The Little Red Camaro   

    This has gone way off the charts. But I am so gonna watch this come to life
  3. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Foose 67" Coronet   

    Are those the tires and wheels in this kit
  4. gtx6970 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Mail man dropped off both the 1mm and 2mm chrome pens. I ordered them off Amazon maybe 2 weeks ago and they arrived this afternoon . And the curious George that I am . I had to see what all the fuss was about.
    I practiced on some spare sprues and realized you better be careful as it looks like on  the 2mm pen the paint gets thick in a hurry.  Then I did a windshield frame for my Munsters Koach and I swear  it looks like it came off the chrome tree. I then used the 1mm version on some molded in hood pins on a a couple cars and WOW . Very nice .
    With that said only time will tell what it looks like in a year , or 5 , or 20 . But WOW, I'm impressed so far.
    Has anyone cleared over it yet to ck the effects if any ?  I did a vent wing frame on a body that will get cleared here in the next few days . So maybe I'm the guinea pig ?????
  5. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Vinyl Top Trim, What size Styrene Strips for 1/25 scale   

    I'll have to ck but I think it just says half round - .020 on the pkg
  6. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 59 Plymouth vert with some 3d printed parts   

    Thank you.
    I saved it and once i get some ink for my color printer. I take a stab at printing a copy on decal paper
  7. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Goodyear speedway blue streak tires   

    If you come up with an extra set . PM me, I could use a set of them as well . I wonder if there's a plan by round 2 to do these in a parts pack set
  8. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 59 Plymouth vert with some 3d printed parts   

    Interested in printing and selling me a copy of the seat decals . ? if so, PM me we'll talk
    I have a Johan 59 Fury build on the short list . And I've all but decided its going to be either a real dark blood red or black,,,but  with red interior
  9. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Vinyl Top Trim, What size Styrene Strips for 1/25 scale   

    I think i used .010 x .020 for the top seams 
    And.020 Half round for the surrounding trim mldg.
  10. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Funny Car Summer 'Cuda   

    I'll post these here in case anyone wants to do the right click save thing .
    This car is still extremely high on my want to do list. But the chassis building thing scares me off . Maybe someday

  11. gtx6970 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I picked up 2 packs of the plastic spoons over the weekend at the dollar store  at $1 a pack of 100 spoons per pack , I'm set for a while
  12. gtx6970 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got a set of original seats for my MPC 1969 Coronet from Ron Hamilton. Great guy .
    Thanks Ron, I owe you 1,,,or 2 actually .
  13. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Hard Top. 2/20, Foil is Done!   

    WOW,  I didn't think you could top the 62 Chrysler but you might just be headed there with this one bro.
    As you well know black is my hands down favorite color. To bad its a pain to clean ( or keep clean I should say )
  14. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Amx hood   

    Vince, I dont know of anyone doing anything  for a 1970 AMX . Thats one tough cookie to come up with in 1/25th scale.
    Ive got an unbuilt  69 and a stock hood ( Okie Spalding still has the stock hood for a 69 BTW )  I much prefer a 1970 and and havent had any luck picking one up,,,,,, yet.
  15. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 1962 Chevrolet Impala 409   

    Is the seat pattern decals ? if so are they in this kit or aftermarket ?