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  1. i bought 100 of these in prep of a cross country move https://www.ebay.com/itm/50-8x4x2-White-Corrugated-Shipping-Mailer-Packing-Box-Boxes/290784344841?hash=item43b418fb09:g:jxYAAOSwjL5ZME~Z edit, just double ck'd. The ones I bought are 11 x 4 x 3 . best i remember They were under $100 for 100 boxes , delivered ( bought them last year )
  2. Dodge Lil Red Wagon

    some dang fine iron in that shop
  3. I am looking for a 1961 ( will consider a 1962 ) Ford F100 pickup. Preferably complete and stock. No mint unbuilts please. I want a nice builder
  4. Clear glass- MPC 1966-67 Dodge Charger

    Agreed, When I bought this builder , I 'thought' I had an old mpc builtup. Turns out I do not ,,,,,,dang it So am hoping maybe someone parted one out . Glass should be the same from any MPC issue of the 66 or 67 Charger.
  5. Clear glass- MPC 1966-67 Dodge Charger

    Thanks, I just need a better windshield and rear glass for this.
  6. Recently picked up a clean original issue charger. Anyone have the clear glass they are not using I can talk you out of
  7. 1958 Ford, Corrected Stance.

    Its still ugly. You need to send it to me so I can save you the embarrassment of ownership lol
  8. What did you get today?

    Another set of the Modelhaus Howard mags for a future build. This makes 2 sets I have. Also picked up a second Dodge Thundercharger as I want to build both the car in both paint schemes it was seen in.
  9. Coca-Cola Show Rod - (Vending Machine)

    Looks pretty good though
  10. Ive done this with EXCELLENT results This one had some light scratches in it. Dipped it in Future and nothing else. I was impressed
  11. Love the color. I have a rebuilder 67 convertible I want to get to here soon,,,might get the thing on the bench for a this winter rebuild
  12. AMT 1957 Chrysler 300C

    http://www.chrysler300club.com/tech/Letter Car Specs (1).pdf
  13. AMT 1957 Chrysler 300C

    if memory serves me right, the 300 was only avail in a limited colors as opposed to the Chrysler full line. Although I could be reading it wrong http://www.chrysler300club.com/rcmstuff/colors.html 1957 A Jet Black 9000 F Parade Green (m) 41826 DYE-DDL 2205 w/less poly N Copper Brown (m) 21018 E-180 P Gauguin Red 70693 DYE-DDL 70618 little darker X Cloud White 8036
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Funny, I was thinkng the same thing. Even if ALL the current manufacturers closed there doors today. Odds are I still have more then I can a build in the time I have left here in anyway.
  15. Bentley

    Anyone know which is the better or are they the same kit ,,just reboxed ?