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  1. If eric doesn't have. Shoot me a pm. Im sure i do
  2. ps, I DO have a spare Altered WB chevelle though
  3. I thought I could make your day. I thought I had a spare 63 convertible. Guess I sold it over the winter. I have all the Mercurys from 1959 thru 1964 in convertibles. and both 63-64 hardtops
  4. I may have a mostly unbuilt AMT 1958 Chevy Impala hardtop I may even have one of the 56 Fords. will have to ck that one
  5. Looks cool. Just my 2cents. But I would trim those boots where the plug wires at the dist cap down,,,way down
  6. The 63 Fords are everywhere . so figure maybe $30 for the hardtop,,,if your lucky less for the vert with the broken windsheid frame the 62 Dodge if it has the uptop ,,,can be a good one mainly for the top. the car by itself is maybe $20-25. the top is worth easily $10-15 by itself edit, corrected comment on years of the Fords
  7. The 68 charger and 65 falcon are probably the best of the bunch. At least based on what i can see. Falcon somewhere in the $60 range Charger can pull $75 range pretty easily. Just as an example. I just bought a 63 Mercury hardtop. Maybe 4 months ago. Never painted $60 delivered .
  8. Sorry. Dont have any extra 64s to cut loose
  9. I know for a fact the 396 was in the 1969 pace cars. Back about 1979 , or maybe early 1980 . there was one parked by an old appt bldg in the small town my parents lived ( Walton Ky ) behind that bldg was this white 1969 camaro conv with this god awful ugly orange interior. And on the front fenders it had 396 badges. Being the gear head that I am ,,,,I just had to pop the hood to ck , . Sure enough it was in there . I treid for months to find out who owned it, finally gave up, the car disappeared sometime a few months later. No idea what happened to it
  10. WOW, I could maybe use a few of those
  11. Ill ck I may have an extra 63 Galaxie unbuilt
  12. I have a couple builtups of this one...but no unbuilts
  13. Isnt the hubley kit a multi-piece body ? or am I thinking of something else. There was a time when I was actually looking for one of them. NOW.,,,,,, Not so much. Ive come to realize I have more then enough to keep me busy for years to come
  14. I know Mopar / Johan was still using accetate for the 1963 promos. Not sure if Ford was or not
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