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  1. I believe it was MCW made them for this car as well. ( no idea if accurate or not ) BUT it required a resin body purchase to get them , I said no thanks. I'm still wanting to know what the decal on the decklid said . Ive never found a clear picture to show that area If you find them to do either the 1964 max wedge hardtop and/or the Hemi sedan , PM me. I would like them as well ps, I "THINK ' the decals you have would work for the 63 Plymouth . Ive yet to find a color picture of this car but IMO the letter is all white
  2. Modelhaus used to. Ive seen it in resin elsewhere....just cant remember who or where . I " might" have a spare grille. But dont want to say for sure. Will ck this weekend
  3. yes it does. I have a built Chevy2 and compared it to a builtup Chevelle I have here I almost think the chevy 2 interior tub will work in the malibu body. Might have to do some work on the pkg tray area at the most wheelbase between the 2 is dead on identical
  4. In 1.25th scale the difference will be minimul at best...if at all. I would take a look at the amt 1969 gtx conv kit.
  5. If I see a build that appears well done. I'll comment . If I see issues , especially blatant ones . I just keep any and all comments to myself. No worries about said slippery slope so to speak. Even though I think most people can and are willing to accept minor critiques. Momma always told me, cant say something nice, say nothing at all
  6. Looking good so far. I had a decent original mpc 1970 ...but decided i would never build it. So i sold it a few months back
  7. Looks killer. Ive been wanting to build this car myself. Never thought about using thw cougar chassis and stock amt body. You given me an idea i cant get out of my head . Ive no real interest to build a stock comet. And have a bunch of amt cougar funnycar kits i can use for chassis . Did you use the cougar int tins ?
  8. gtx6970

    70 Challenger annual

    I dont need it. Pm me. We will work something out
  9. Conversion kit to change the Revell 67 GTX into a 1966 Satellite Conversion kit to change the AMT 1957 Chrysler 300 into a 58
  10. I had thought about replacing the decals with after market. But.....just cant bring myself to pull it apart. I've got maybe 4 or 5 more builds. Similar condition that will most likely remain as is(all old drag cars ) My appologies to the op for taking the original post way off track .
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