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  1. OK, I have it all. I also have a grille and the rear bumper Bill
  2. I think I have these. Getting ready to leave for the day,,,,,,,but will ck later today or in the morning
  3. Fyi. Go mango isn't even close to that. Flaming orange has a lot of big metallic in it. This is flame orange
  4. Im personally not much of a fan of the 63 . My vote is 64 ,,,although I may be slightly biased
  5. I've seen several pictures and articles on this car. Best I remember.......And I think the chassis was a real light metallic blue
  6. Is this air cleaner in the Jenkins nova kit ? If so. I may have one
  7. Going thru some kits today and realized I dont have the interior tub for this kit. Thats all I need as I have everything else
  8. What engine for the Dodge and Plymouth ?
  9. Which ones were auto ? As far as I know Both Paper Tiger 1 and 2 were both 4 spds. 1 is hardtop, ,,,2 was sedan . The hardtop has never been found btw
  10. Same here. Im pretty much to the point sell off al my modern kits ( kits made in the past 25 - 30 years ) And concentrate on my older annuals and drag kit builtups from the late 50s to early 70s This is just the old shelf. Pretty much everything in this shelf was made prior to approx mid 70s time frame. So I think I have more than enough stuff to build in here alone
  11. I used guitar string to make park brake cables on this . And they sure look the part. BUT IMO. They are far to rigid to use as underhood wiring . This same car I used the smallest detail master wiring I had. Wound several strands / colors together and painted them black . Leaving the different color ends exposed I did this car maybe 25 years ago. One of these days I'll update the ugly kit blob they called a carb
  12. Should be simple decal change. EXCEPT ....This kit appears to be an auto trans. Where as the Leal car was a 4 spd if memory serves me right
  13. Ive got the hood. been painted flat black . But no scoop pm with an address and its yours
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