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  1. You've gone this far keep it up. You might as well add the frame rail stub Revell missed AND Hemi cars have chassis re-enforcement plates added in addition to the toque boxes Rear spring hanger re-inforcements ( edit ---- picture is marked 66-67 , but 68 thru 70 are essentially the same )
  2. This past Saturday afternoon. We were in Las Cruces NM area having lunch when I saw a white 1970 Dodge Challenger TA . Went by to fast for me to grab a picture
  3. Pretty much any / every Mopar B or E body kit has a dana in it. pick your preference
  4. Some one got EXTREMELY lucky And uncut hood alone is worth more than that
  5. No way would I buy a so called factory sealed kit online unless it was dirt cheap
  6. I think your best option is find an original MPC annual. Not terribly difficult to find and if patient,,,, they can be found reasonable priced
  7. Ive done that exact car using that exact method Also did a similar job many MANY years ago, same basic method,,,just no box. Both done with nothing but rattle cans
  8. If nothing else, this thread is proof . drugs are bad for you. And it seems dont mix well with fiberglass resin
  9. Great pictures. That show always seems to co-inside with the Chrysler's at Carlisle show. We used to pass a lot of them going to and from Im planning to go to the Goodguys show in Phoenix this November with mine
  10. So does this tell you its a real 67 Z28 ,,,,If so thats one rare bird , even back then
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