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  1. As far as i know . The wood grain door panels and dash trim were standard on the GTX trim level.. Question is......was Daisys car an actual GTX? I seriously doubt it. . Most likely a car thrown together from various sources.
  2. gtx6970

    427 cobra

    I dont believe that is Jay Lenos actual car. I think its there to store while the ca wide fires were going on a while back . he did a show on while it was there
  3. If you need closeups of anything for the engine. Pics are as close as my garage
  4. Ive done this method using both air brush and rattle can paints. Key is VERY light touch with the swab. Best to use it under a lighted magnifier
  5. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/finishing/craft-cotton-swab-7/
  6. foil under paint. I use those real small Tamiya pointed swabs dipped in laquer thinner to remove the paint
  7. Steve, if Az is on the short list My personal opinion is avoid Phoenix ,,,,,FAR FAR to much traffic and never cools down enough in the summertime , at least not for me . BUT there is much more to do and see in Phoenix if thats your preference. I settled south of Tucson. but can be in Phoenix in about 2 hours if I feel the need to visit and I dont have to deal with the traffic or heat unless I visit
  8. Ive built models off and on since about the age of 6 or 7 . Ive owned all kinds of Mopar muscle from wing cars to Convertibles and a few Hemi cars. Sold my last one about 15 years ago. Ive built several cars for other people over the past 12-15 years So I have been pretty much 'car less ' of our own for a while But got the itch BAD about 2 or 3 years back to get back into vintage Mopar Muscle. But felt a project was of zero interest. SO,,,,last fall I finally made a deal and pulled the trigger on my current car. 1966 Satellite , Hemi auto. In MY dream color combination of black with red interior. Im planning to retire here soon so am hoping to get back to building the smaller scale .......just right now to much fun with the 1/1 hotrod
  9. Steve, the air cleaner in the 67 GTX depicts just the base not the round chrome lid ,,,I think ???? maybe I better double ck
  10. So far so good . Just my 2cents. But the intake manifold from a Johan kit is much more accurate than either the AMT or Revell version . I have several spares if you want one or 3
  11. Dude, you should have let me know you were gonna be that close. Im 2 hours south of there and would have drove the hotrod up for a spin
  12. Ive seen the restored 65 AFX car in person. And I dont remember it having any kind of orange tint to it like Fords Poppy red Its been a while but best I remember and would dare a guess maybe something like Mopar PP1 or R4 or MAYBE R6 red at the darkest . But IMO I would lean more towards the lighter color
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