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  1. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Exhaust setup_Polar Lights `65 Coronet   

    Just my opinion, But I think the fact these kits are cheap ,,,and it keeps many casters from even thinking about it.
    I bought 2 or 3 of them at a local model swap meet last april and I dont think I paid more than $15 for any of them . Buying one off the net may be cost prohibitive though just to use it as parts. ( sorry I bought mine basically for parts )
  2. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dart 440 dash   

    I have 3 of  1963 Plymouth kits, 2 each of the 62 Dodge and Plymouths and they all have the exact same dash ,,neither of them look like either of these shown here
  3. gtx6970 added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Although I do enjoy looking and following along on all the super detailed builds. But for me personally I dont have the drive, inclination or patiance to do them myself anymore. And I dont do contests so my builds are for me and me only .
    About as far beyond box stock I go anymore is carpeting (in a convertible only )  and some underhood wiring ( spark plug wires and battery cables )
    On a funnycar build I MIGHT add some  fuel lines bacause they are so visible  ,,,but thats rare
    On a side note I am not above buying a kit already built if the subject is someting I like . But I'm a tight wad so its rare this happens
  4. gtx6970 added a post in a topic polar lights mustang funny car body   

    Not to mention the wheelbase is off slightly on the body compared the  chassis .
    Otherwise I think they're pretty close
  5. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dart 440 dash   

    I've 2 or 3 of these
    I will ck mine this weekend
  6. gtx6970 added a post in a topic What are the best kit Magnum 500s with trim ring?   

    Johan 1969 Roadrunner kit . hands down
  7. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Sources FoR_426 Stage II/Stage III "Max" Wedge   

    I thnk the Lindberg Maverick and color me gone are both max wedge cara
  8. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 1965 Dodge Monaco. Update, 2/2 Chassis   

    Done yet? Come on now, chop chop. Times a wastin.
    How about I send you my convertible and you send it back to me done as nice as this one . All just because your such a nice guy.
    No rush take your time if you want to think about it . I doubt I'll get to it this year ( or next for that matter )
  9. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Big John Mazmanian - Clear body Cuda AA/FC   

    Thanks for the kind words.Its one of my favorite cars.
    The parachute has since been added to it.
    But, and the more I  look at it, the more I dislike the gold rear wheels. in 90% of the pictures I have of this car it has chrome wheels all around. So they will probably get changed here soon
  10. gtx6970 added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '63 Corvette   

    Thanks I got a little chuckle out of that one. Got my day off to a good start
    I have always liked the split window Vettes. I may have to pick one of these up here soon . Thinking black ( or silver ) with red interior Fuelie small block 4 spd.
  11. gtx6970 added a post in a topic 1970 Challenger T/A   

    looks pretty good in my eyes
  12. gtx6970 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Its a picture from the ebay listing
    It does have an interior but i havent taken it apart to really ck it over yet. 
    Its in the case till another day.
  13. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Jo-Han 1970 Cadillac Eldorado   

    Agreed, to some degree .  Rare doesnt always equate into valuable .
    But when it comes to Johan kits , they are / were the only game in town for a bunch of subjects  back then . I personally dont ever see getting a new tool 1970 Cadillac at any time in the future . This why I said at $30, IMO its a no brainer
    To me about any Johan kit is worth upwards of $30-40 range  and most can/will easily climbing into tripple digits on a regular basis . Even some builups are climbing near tripple digits consistantly. Just today I bought a builder 1960 Dodge Polara kit, and it cost me almost $80, not including postage .
  14. gtx6970 added a post in a topic ROUND2/AMT 1969 GTX QUESTION......   

    Sorry but you better ck your source. No air grabber hood avail on anything Mopar in 1968 .
    Unless you count the 1968 Hemi Dart and Barracudas which is a forced air fiberglass hood and scoop
  15. gtx6970 added a post in a topic Decal Setting Solution for use on lacquer???   

    What he said,
    I've used Micro set on just about everything with no ill effects