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  1. I dont have any pics of it, But I did a test iwth a chrome grille I had laying around. I dropped a dab of thinned aluminum paint on the molded in headlight , , once that was dry dropped a dab of clear glue on top of that and I think they looked pretty good .
  2. Thats the short one, and just ckd. I do not have any of them in my spares box
  3. Thats nice and is EXACTLY what I want to build I have most of a Cougar kit and a stock wheelbase AMT Comet kit I will part out.
  4. Look at chryslers hemi orange. It has a slight red cast to it . It was / is available in testors spray cans
  5. What style shifter you looking for. E or B body , bench seat or buckets ? there are a few different versions I think. I may have some spares, will have to ck though
  6. Snake, thats gonna depend on just how soon your planning to start this . Mine is at least 6 months away. If im lucky PS, what or is there a difference in the Cougar frames from say one of the older Model king issues for the STP car , versus the current Dyno Don kit,,,besides decals ?????
  7. Thats the biggest issue with the 67 Coronet n kit. the whole back half looks like its sagging a bit
  8. Im planning this build right now actually, Not sure if I will use the revell chassis or maybe a current Polar lights chassis
  9. Kit is cheap on the ebay
  10. In one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, IMO A Ferrari 250 GTO
  11. Sweet, Some cars made here I wasnt aware of. I have the Missle Duster, and I think I have the S+M Duster. But none of the others . Maybe I need to look around in hopes to change that
  12. When I did my Daytona. I shaved the HEMI badges off the door of the MPC 1969 Charger 500 Might be an option or make a copy and cast them if you dont find something.
  13. You happen to have the tail light lenses and bezels for that 61 ? Im in need
  14. Im looking for the underhood AC pieces and the dual snorkel air cleaner out of the recent AMT 1971 Charger kit
  15. Thought I had ya covered. But my extra rear bumper is for a 1962
  16. Welcome aboard. Im also In Tucson. relocated here about 2 years ago from Northern Ky
  17. The Gold one is one of I think there were 3 , maybe 4 known Dodges I believe there are a red, this gold and a white one,,,for some reason I think there is another red one now known .????? Also I believe there is verified to be a dark blue 1966 Plymouth that was in Finland ( car was stolen long , long ago) This gold one. Belongs to a guy I know in Elyria Ohio
  18. A few days ago, received this one from a facebook forum I follow. Been casually looking for one for a while now. Just never could get one I felt was reasonable. Got this one just as you see it for $45 postage included . I couldn't pass it up, and its the color I was looking for
  19. To many bolts along the lower edge to be small block chevy
  20. I have an original uptop for my 61 Sunliner, I will pull it out and see how it fits on the 58 convertible Actually,,,I have several different cars with the up top. I'll see if any of them fit decent
  21. I will look around this weekend . Just to confirm this is a Johan body correct ?
  22. Im afraid the RR hasnt chsnged. And doubt it ever will . One day I'll build one a little more accurate . As to when, I have no idea Since we moved 2000 miles across country almost 2 years ago,,,, Ive not touched anything model related other than a few purchases Im in process of trying to buy an old car and if it happens. I might consider selling off some more of the pile to really thin down. Sold about 65 kits a few weeks ago
  23. Snake, I sure I have a spare rear bumper. And I may have parts of one But pretty sure I do NOT have a complete wing.
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