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  1. I have a spare uptop thats off an early 61 or 62 Bonneville / or maybe its an early AMT/SMP Impala I think ( dont remember ) Its around here someplace. I tried it on my 59 or 60 Bonneville and it fits like a glove .
  2. Thats very possible, Ive never done any measurements to ck actual scale length
  3. I have a top around here from what I was told was a Revell 59 Impala. I tried it on a few old 58 annuals. and it was to big My kits are still boxed up from a move 3 years ago. SO I have no idea where said top is at right now to dig it out Ive never actually had an unbuilt 59 Impala kit ever. I got the top from someone here several years ago and thats what I was told it came out of . And it was to long and wide to fit the 58 Bonneville I wanted it for . So tossed it back in the box
  4. The revell 59 is 1.24th. Ive tried to fit the top from one on my 58 Pontiac or Buick vert kits. I tossed the idea. I think making one from scratch would be easier than all the cutting it would take to make one of them work and look right
  5. They arent hard to find or big bucks anyway. Do with it that makes you happy
  6. Dont forget . that rectangular plate behind where the power brake booster goes is supposed to be a low gloss black ps, if planning to replicate power brakes. All hemi cars the booster is also a semi gloss black
  7. Neat toy, But with the advancement in drones today. I'm surprised its taken this long for something like this to materialize. There is a small part of me thats fascinated by small manned / powered flight. I for one would love to take something like this up for a day . Just to see the earth we live in a whole different perspective. Myself, I wouldnt mind having one. But at $100k plus assy. Thanks but no thanks I already have an expensive toy in the garage
  8. Thanks for the pics.I was there with my Satellite. There were A LOT of cool cars
  9. If it matters and hopefully im not to late. BUT the stripe should be a lot farther back than that. Almost right next to the side marker bezel just an fyi
  10. From what I can remember seeing some had plates that blocked off the water pump openings in the block altogether ( maybe solid filled ) Some had some kind of piping that ran from side to side with a radiator cap on them to at least put some kind of coolant in them,,, maybe for between rounds cool down sessions I tried to blow up the ops pic but it gets to grainy to really such much detail
  11. Thats the fuel line ,from cam driven fuel pump to the fuel tank set inside the radiator shell I cant think of any altered that ran a water pump of any kind back then
  12. I believe there are 9 remain. And I think only 1 or maybe 2 are in private hands. https://turbinecar.com/where.htm
  13. I plan to here soon. I think there is a all mopar show planned for next spring. Or might get up there for a cars and coffee some weekend
  14. Best I remember its called Light Iris . had it mixed locally and sprayed it thru an airbrush. One of the few times Ive used and airbrush the past 25 years , But I wanted it this color
  15. Ive built one. and is one of my favorites in the case
  16. To answer the question. GA4 does in fact have a blue tint to it depending on how light hits it 1969 version A4 is lighter silver and has more green to it
  17. Vintage annuals. And even then pretty much only 1958 thru early/mid 60s time frame. With a bunch of vintage and modern drag car kits thrown in the mix. I havent touched anything model related in over 3 years. And am starting to give serious thoughts to start unloading some stuff. And I did sell off maybe a couple hundred last year But ,,,,,,,,,in the back of my mind retirement is a little over a year away. So maybe keep them ,,,,at the very least thin down to what I think I can actually build . decisions decisions decisions
  18. I say build it. I think it would look cool as heck.
  19. My new to me daily driver. 2012 Ram 1500 Sport, and I love it I think I've posted this before. But my cool car cruiser is my 1966 Satellite, 426 hemi auto
  20. I mean no disrespect. but on the 1/1. the head pipes go between the trans and torsion bars not outside of them
  21. You've gone this far keep it up. You might as well add the frame rail stub Revell missed AND Hemi cars have chassis re-enforcement plates added in addition to the toque boxes Rear spring hanger re-inforcements ( edit ---- picture is marked 66-67 , but 68 thru 70 are essentially the same )
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