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  1. Dont forget .

    that rectangular plate behind where the power brake booster goes is supposed to be a low gloss black


    ps, if planning to replicate power brakes. All hemi cars the booster is also a semi gloss black






  2. Neat toy, But with the advancement in drones today. I'm surprised its taken this long for something like this to materialize.


    There is a small part of me thats fascinated by small manned / powered  flight. I for one  would love to take something like this up for a day . Just to see the earth we live in a whole different perspective.


    Myself, I wouldnt mind having one. But at $100k plus assy. Thanks but no thanks

    I already have an expensive toy in the garage

  3. From what I can remember seeing some had plates that blocked off the water pump openings in the block altogether ( maybe solid filled )

    Some had some kind of piping that ran from side to side with a radiator cap on them to at least put some kind of coolant in them,,, maybe for between rounds cool down  sessions


    I tried to blow up the ops pic but it gets to grainy to really such much detail

  4. On 11/26/2021 at 9:36 AM, Ace-Garageguy said:

    The car in the photo below appears to have a water line coming from the front of the block, to what appears to be a small fill/expansion tank under the blower drive gear housing (and presumably a similar line going to the other side of the block).

    There is also what appears to be a coolant drain fitting low on this side of the block.

    Vintage Drag Racing - Altered | Drag racing cars, Drag ...

    Thats the fuel line ,from cam driven fuel pump to the fuel tank set inside the radiator shell

    I cant think of any altered that ran a water pump of any kind back then

  5. On 10/6/2021 at 1:38 PM, StevenGuthmiller said:

    Eureka! I think I have it! :D


    Thanks again to everyone that continues to contribute their expertise during the course of this project.

    As you can see from this particular example, I'm always open to suggestions, and very often, those of you that contribute, will often save my bacon! ^_^


    Thanks again Bill, for getting me thinking about it again.

    Sometimes that's all that's required to help me get back to the bench to try another approach.












    much, MUCH better.

  6. Vintage annuals. And even then pretty much only 1958 thru early/mid 60s time frame. With a bunch of vintage and modern drag car kits thrown in the mix.

    I havent touched anything model related in over 3 years. And am starting to give serious thoughts to start unloading some stuff. And I did sell off maybe a couple hundred last year

    But ,,,,,,,,,in the back of my mind retirement is a little over a year away. So maybe keep them ,,,,at the very least thin down to what I think I can actually build . decisions decisions decisions

  7. You've gone this far keep it up.

    You might as well add the frame rail stub Revell missed


    Hemi cars have chassis re-enforcement plates added in addition to the toque boxes


    Rear spring hanger re-inforcements

    ( edit ---- picture is marked 66-67 , but 68 thru 70 are essentially the same )





  8. On 7/21/2021 at 3:24 PM, dodgefever said:

    I missed a built up '68 R/T on Ebay last month - buy it now of $20.  Somebody got lucky.

    Some one got EXTREMELY lucky


    And uncut hood alone is worth more than that

  9. 5 hours ago, TooOld said:

    So I stepped away from this and spent some time thinking about my next step .  I really wanted to replicate the see-thru speedometer of the Dodge but once I remove the speedometer from the JoHan dash I'm committed to it , not to mention that I've ruined a really beautifully molded dashboard and this model would never be displayed with the top down .  I decided to proceed by making a mold and using some Clear Casting Resin make a copy of the speedometer .  While the casting itself turned out great it didn't look like I wanted , but it could always be used to repair the JoHan dashboard if I screw up .

    My other option was to make speedometer face out of clear sheet and print a decal for the numerals , so I created some artwork using a photo of the Dodge speedometer as a guide .

    88 - Speedo Image

    Here's the actual printed decals (I always print extras).  They lost some resolution because of the inkjet printer but not nearly as bad as a photo would .  The printed border will be removed when I cut out the decal . They're printed on clear decal paper which is clear on a painted surface but when applied to the clear plastic it should have a slight frosted appearance just like the real speedometer .


    Next I cut the clear face from some .030" sheet  and after several attempts I settled on this one . If you've never cut clear sheet it's much more difficult than regular sheet styrene . I used some .010" x .040" strip for the top .


    Now I could remove the speedometer from the JoHan dashboard , I worked slowly taking several breaks to make sure I didn't remove too much material . Also removed the molded on compass , it was an option that my Dad's Dodge didn't have . With some finish sanding and some primer it looks pretty good !


    And here's the new See-Thru Speedometer !  The shroud still needs to be lowered a bit to look correct but I'm very pleased with how it turned out .  Now I can get back to work and hopefully finish this build soon !


    THAT is to cool

    Well done

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