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  1. I liked it a lot. Also Kool are the slicks on the back.
  2. Here we have the third replica I built from a car I sold. Back on the shelf, a black '56!!! Didn't do any of the panel separation lines, as the original car didn't have them. I think I'm getting the painting mojo back.
  3. Very very nice!!! Great build of a great car. Engine is dark blue tough.
  4. Really nicely done. Great color choice too. I have one stalled since 2019... Body is painted, and mechanical parts are painted, but all the rest needs to be done.
  5. LOVED it!!!! Will buy one for sure. I wish they had the '56 and '55 Scrubs too. Just like detailing a Promo. My kind of build.
  6. Have one stalled since 2019...
  7. That's the fun of being a factory stock builder. You have to research the car and obey what the factory would do or not. I want to build a replica of a car on the dealer showroom. But wait, I already have a kit to build a pretty fast hot rod from.
  8. Just started this one. Finished yesterday a replica of my solid black '56 Ford, and I'm in the 1956 theme I guess. I have a doubt about the color. Wanted to do something Christine like, with a white roof, and red body. Went to my Ford books, and this color combo was not available on Fairlanes... Fairlanes could be single tone, and Style Tone two tone, but not the simple two tone. Soooo I'm thinking on a Meadowmist Green and Colonial white car. Not decided on color yet. Started the build by deepening the shoot line on the trunk, ans adding the separation lines on the cowl, and lower front fenders.
  9. This Vicky is the most accurate I could get in replicating a model car I sold back in 2019. Hope to build more replacement cars for my almost empty glass display.
  10. This one I got built. It had some laundry company decals, and was in poor shape. I could save the white paint, redid the side chrome, and had an idea to turn it into a second Ghostbusters car, kind of an back up vehicle. Here it is. I liked it, and had a lot of fun rebuilding this Ford.
  11. Just "fantástico" And that is Portuguese for Fantastic.
  12. Thanks!! For some unknown reason, YouTube is not sending me notifications. I have to look video by video to see if some new comment was posted. John, just tell me what video you commented on and I'll respond. Really sorry about that.
  13. I'm the factory stock guy, but I really liked this one. The front end has a '56 vibe to it, and the rear has a lead sled vibe to it.
  14. Another one I was able to buy back. The model car collector that had it installed red wheels and wide whites. I liked that. Decided to leave as it is. All weathering was done by brush over a flat black base. This car is made out of parts I was going to trow away, so it's kind of a mix. AMT body and frame, Lindberg fenders and interior.
  15. The Red and Black Ford, I never sold. Still have it.
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