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  1. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1962 Ford Thunderbird   

    I think all remarks were already done. The car looks great, very clean. This kit is a little tricky to final assemble, and this one looks perfect.
    A search on the parts box for a mirror is needed, at least to avoid certain remarks of certain moderators that have a disturb called nomirrorophoby. Every time he sees no mirror he has terrible pain... you know where
  2. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1970 Torino GT   

    I for sure like it!!
  3. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1964 Ford Fairlane Sleeper   

    Yep, the Scrub-o-let drivers will have a nice view of that round beautiful Ford taillights.
  4. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic My Last 4 builds   

    Love the T. The others are not my cup of tea.
  5. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1936 Ford   

    To what Mike and All already said, I'll add the wrong door length for building a stock '36 Roadster. 
    Built one myself as a bone stock '36, and had to rescribe the door lines. The roadster doors are shorter. 
  6. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1936 Ford   

    I like it a lot!! Great to see the once vanished trunk lid there
  7. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Buick Custom   

    Yep, like I told you before Mike, this paint job for sure looks great. 
  8. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Pro Street 49   

    BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH!!! I'm afraid of that thing!!
    It looks evil. Eats Chevys for breakfast and pees Hondas!!!
  9. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Custom Cobra... Done ! Cobray ????   

    That's something for sure!
    I liked the styling. The execution is also great. 
  10. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    I'm a disturbed individual since young age. 
    When I was 18 and was getting into college, my mom had my father to buy me a car to commute. Sooo they both went into a Chevrolet dealer and got me a then new 1995 Chevrolet Astra. That car was an Opel Astra four door hatchback, just like the ones sold in Europe. Ours here had the chrome V shaped Vauxhall grille and the 8 valve 2.0 liter engine. About a month after getting the car I traded it. Saw a newspaper add of a 1982 Galaxie Landau, with low kilometers, and original paint. Got out of college on Saturday morning and drove 360 km to the city the guy was. Getting there, I saw the Landau in first hand. The car has 33.000 Km on the clock, all around original acrylic enamel metallic paint, from the factory, the spare had never being used, the four factory tires were still there, and the interior still had a slight new car scent. The guy wouldn't accept the Astra, so I went to the local Chevy dealer, sold it, and came back with the cash. Got back to college driving the Landau. 
    I got into some trouble for doing this... But I just hated driving that pos Astra. I was used to drive my father's 1973 Chevy Veraneio, a car he only used as a second or back up car, or his own Galaxie up until he started getting Mercedes cars, that I hate from the bottom of my heart.
    During college I put some more kilometers on that Landau... about 40.000 more, and I took care of her so she wouldn't get beaten. I still have this car today, she still is all original, and I had only to replace the tires. Like the '82 came from the factory with 215/70SR15 radials, I replaced the original tires with the same size radials, even tough I was tempted to install some G70-15 Wide Ovals.
    Here she is last year when I did a video of her:
    The year I got out of college with my Engineering degree (2000), I bought the '74 Galaxie, that I repainted, and rebuilt the engine, to be my daily driver. She still is my daily driver.
    The sound and feeling no new car can give you:
  11. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    New tech can be fun:
  12. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    That was a great one!!!! Talk about nailing something!
  13. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    If I cared about what new cars can do, I would own one. I don't give a shait about what people do want from cars now. Couldn't care less. I don't even have friends that are not car guys. The conversation is not worth it. 
  14. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    I'll be honest with you, I don't know why I opened this thread, but I think I had slight hope to see what Fiat would do to the Barracuda. 
    The fact is:
    I drive a 41 year old car, a 1974 Ford Galaxie 500 manufactured in Brasil, and the car is a 1966 U.S. Galaxie for all that matters, even for buying parts online. She has a 292 Y-Block V8, a four barrel Autolite carburetor, a frame, points, condenser, four bias ply Wide Oval tires, cool dog dishes all around, and it's a car that can be trusted to never let you down. If something do happen, like a miss, or another little problem, you can solve it with your home tools, and maybe a new set of points.
    I don't look at new cars sites, I don't read new cars magazines, I don't watch TV shows related to new cars, I don't pay attention to them on the street.
    I just know I have two tons of car on my garage, that will fire up, and drive me to the place I want to go. She even has power steering, power brakes and air conditioning from the factory. What else do I need? Nothing.
  15. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic My 57 Del Rio   

    Lee, your engine is looking great. You have to fix the air cleaner tough. That air intake hole on it faces the inner fender, and not the hood. The way it is you may have clearence problems under the hood. Easy fix tough. 
    Another detail, that you didn't show yet, but it's wrong even on the box art model. The gravel shield or splash pan behind the front bumper is not body color, it's argent (flat aluminum).
    The engine on my supercharged Custom Tudor is not as detailed as yours, but the air cleaner is on the position it is on 1:1 cars.
    1957 Ford Custom Tudor Inca Gold by Túlio Lazzaroni, on Flickr
    The splash pan:
    1957 Ford Custom Tudor by Túlio Lazzaroni, on Flickr