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  1. Can you identify this car?

    Tires, the dual exhaust, and telescopic shocks, seem to indicate it's a lot newer than it looks, maybe a recreation.
  2. Do You Get Fixated On One Type Of Car?

    I would love to build them. BUT, I only have a '63 Fairlane in the stash (thunderbolt), and I'm looking for a Moebius Comet that is not priced like gold. I have all years of the Ford Galaxie between 1959 and 1966 tough. Have a '67, but it's a mint, annual kit that I'm not willing to build just yet. The '67 is a year I would buy several if eventually, by some sort of miracle, got reissued. Have a '70 also unbuilt. The '66 is my favorite tough.
  3. Monogram Ultimates 1/43 Cobra

    Looks pretty nice! Quite tiny in 1/43 scale. have the old, AMT '48 Ford in 1:43. Not built yet.
  4. Do You Get Fixated On One Type Of Car?

    I build all kinds of cars, as long as they are made by Ford and have a V8. Used to build GM cars too, but starting in 2016, I decided to only build a kit if it's a V8 Ford.
  5. Couple of Victorias.

    Thank you guys!! Very appreciated!!! Thanks!! I buy black paint by the liter, automotive enamel. Both of those cars were airbrushed. And I use a old Badger 350 single action. I only use a double action for small detail, like a floor pan overspray. You and me both. Never saw a car that is better looking than a '57 Fairlane 500 Club Victoria.
  6. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    '36 from the movie Maxie. 1936 Ford De Luxe Roadster by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr Christine. Fixing Christine by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
  7. '66 Fairlane GT

    It looks great!! The windshield columns need to be foiled, as on the 1:1 they are wrapped with a stainless trim, and no body color shows. That feature, the Fairlane had in common with the same period Galaxies.
  8. Couple of Victorias.

    Thanks guys!!! I'll take some pictures of the two '56 Hot Rods I built together. Thinking about building a '56 in two tone, and very stock looking, but with a supercharged V8 from the Fireball Roberts kit.
  9. Couple of Victorias.

    Thanks gentlemen. Very appreciated!!
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I'm a happy camper today. Managed to get another sealed '48 Convertible, another sealed '53 Crestliner, plus some new release kits, a display casing, and some paint.
  11. Couple of Victorias.

    Building a '53 Ford right now. Not having much bench time, so let's post new pictures of ancient builds!!!!! Hope I'm not boring you guys. 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1956 X 1957 Fords by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
  12. AMT 57 Ford

    Looking good. Front splash pan is painted Argent (aluminum) from the factory. Have multiples of this kit built, it's my all time favorite kit.
  13. 1956 Chevy Bel Air-Badman bash

    WOW!! And that kit is considered to have real bad proportions. I won't say it's perfect, but for sure can be built into a super cool model car, if enough care is taken. This is the case here. Awesome work.
  14. '48 Chevy Aerosedan

    Looks great, with nice color combo, and very clean execution. The interior looks great!! The rear bumper needs fixing tough. The rear splash shield needs to go in the backside of the bumper, and not on top of the bumperettes. Easy fix tough.
  15. Seriously??

    I agree 100%. Park a 1934 Ford side by side with that thing, and see both cars. Really take a good look at them. The only thing Ford there is the subtle hint given by the grille overall shape. Foose created a car, that is in essence a modern car, with all creature comforts bells and whistles of a high end modern car, but that is different from all modern cars you can buy at the dealer. That and the hint it was based on a '34 Ford (making it instantly into a hot rod), plus the craftsmanship involved into building such a car will make the guy that has the necessity of showing off to feel accomplished, to buy it in a heartbeat. The "hey look at me, look at what I bought, and you can't have one" guy will love it.