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  1. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1998 S-10 Champ98, 1:43   

    Thanks guys!!
    Champ is just the special series name. Just 1200 trucks. Usually they were called just S-10 for the bare bones work truck, with all vinyl seats, rubber "carpeting" no a/c, no power anything, and basic four banger engine, S-10 Deluxe for the trucks with all the amenities plus the option of the V6, and Executive for the four door crew cab, with leather seats, automatic transmission, and faux wood on the dash.
    Those are quite easy to find here. The genuine GM stuff is less easy, but still available.
  2. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic "Christine"   

    Shouldn't this be in the drag racing section? The other day I posted here a pick up truck and it was promptly moved to the correct section.  
  3. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1964 Cadillac De Ville convertible(JO-HAN)   

  4. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 55 Crown Victoria   

    if it's anything like a '57 Fairlane I got from them, it's really bad. There is a odd texture all over, the trim is different from side to side, and there are spots where the resin is so thin you can see trough, while there are spots where it's so thick extensive sanding has to be done. Also, my body came ok, and warped after a few months. Still have it, but it's just too bad to use. It will be a lot easier to convert a AMT body into a Fairlane, than to fix the issues with the resin body. The '55 is a little more complicated, but can be done. Thank God I like the '56 better. Also bought a 1948 Ford tudor sedan conversion body from e-Bay, and it's rubbish. It looks like a styrene body that has being stripped about 10 times with lacquer thinner. I don't have the necessary skill on body work to convert a coupe into a tudor, but i'm thinking about trying. The second time I get a resin body that is bad. 
  5. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    If one would really analyze the U.S. model car market, one thing has to be known.  
    For ages, the hardtops and two doors were made, by the manufacturers, into the most desirable models. This way of thinking got into the car buying public in the U.S. conditioning the buyer. It was the "glamour" thing already mentioned, that would actually sell the other models. The two door hardtops were simpler to manufacture than the four door sedans, and could be sold for a lot more cash. Bigger profit in a less volume car. Less profit on a high number car. 
    Why did Ford build the retractable top Skyliners? Because it was more practical, because it was super profitable? No, they did it to attract buyers, and not to the expensive Skyliners with a tiny box for trunk. 
    In other countries that didn't happen. In my country, for example, the most expensive versions, the most desirable versions were the four door sedans. The Opala Diplomata from GM, The Galaxie Landau from Ford. The Dodge Le Baron or Gran Sedan from Chrysler.  The two door cars were the GT versions, or the bare bones versions of the most expensive cars. The status symbols were the four door cars. In a much smaller market than the U.S., the cars that costed more to make were the most expensive ones. 
    Even tough I think the American cars are the most beautiful around, and I'm not a fan of European or Japanese cars, I grew up with a two door sedan Maverick and a four door sedan Landau, so I have way more intimacy with those versions than with hardtops or convertibles. I will buy what I like the most, so I would buy the four door over the two door if available.
    The only two door car I have is a pick up truck.
    But i'm among the vast minority when buying models is the subject.
    From what I can see of forums and boards, the majority of models cars is built altered in a way or another. Less people build them as factory stock replicas, than hot rods and such, and a four door hot rod is seldom seen. 
    Also, who buys my kind of car, the big beautiful cars of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's is not the young guy getting into the hobby. Around here the young folks get kits of the Toyotas, Nissans, and Hondas they have parked in their garages.The buyer for my kind of car is getting old. And the buyer grew up being conditioned to like two door hardtops, and to dream about convertibles while riding on the back seat of dad's four door sedan. It was all over the media, from dealer brochures to movies. 
    In a nutshell, there is a market for making new tool on four door sedans, but not the four door sedans I would buy. I don't want a Mercedes, or a Lexus, I want a '57 Ford, a '32 Ford, a '36 Ford a '46 Ford, a '66 Ford. If in four door versions, well that would be even better. 
    Being realistic, the model car makers would have problems selling a big number of Four door sedan '57 Bel Airs (I would buy one as fast as I could get my hands on the kit) or even a four door 210 or 150 for that matter. 
  6. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    I would buy a four door sedan in a heartbeat. It's my favorite body style. Would buy multiples.
  7. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic What is your favorite car chase scene in a movie   

    Go Biff, get the little BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH!!!
  8. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic What is your favorite car chase scene in a movie   

    Two girls smashing a Galaxie and a Dodge.
  9. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Italeri (Esci) Ford Transit mk2 van   

    Watched the build on youtube. She looks great for sure. 
  10. Lovefordgalaxie added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1998 S-10 Champ98, 1:43
    This one started as 1:43 scale diecast replica released by Salvat.
    I turned it into a replica of my 1:1 '98 chevy. 
    It only took an afternoon 
    Took her all apart, painted the interior (it was black) painted the chassis, eliminated a non stock running board (step?) and made some custom decals to replicate my S-10's  special series decals. 
    It helped a lot she was already the right color. Just had to polish out a few little flaws. 
    I'm planning to modify the wheels to match mine, but still thinking on how to do it. 
    1998 S10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    1998 S10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    1998 S10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    1998 S10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    1998 S10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    The 1:1
    Chevrolet S-10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
    Chevrolet S-10 Champ 98 by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
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  11. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1939 Ford Deluxe Tudor   

    It looks cool, for sure. 
  12. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic Renault Dauphine   

    The Renault Dauphine was made here in Brasil during quite a while by Willys under Renault licence. They were rebadged as Renault Gordini after the first series proved to be fragile when compared to the VW Bug. The water cooled Renault rear engine was prone to everheating, warping the head, and mixing oil and coolant. The car got a bad fame, but I always thought it was more Willys's fault, for not adapting the car to the tropical climate, than the car itself. 
    The model looks great, specially when one knows what you started with. 
    It would had looked great with the moon roof on the unpainted body!! 
    People here doesn't hop up them with motorcycle engines, but with Ford Corcel engines. Withe the Aerostable rear suspension is kind of suicidal, but it ought to be fun!!
  13. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic AMT Ford Galaxie - Minnesota State Patrol   

    Great job!! 
    I'm a little suspicious to talk about Galaxies, but yours really look great. 
    Have to build mine. 
  14. Lovefordgalaxie added a post in a topic 1950 Cadillac - Class of '50 - Graduate #1   

    It for sure looks great. 
  15. Lovefordgalaxie added a topic in General   

    Found a online ad for a Union kit, 1948 Ford Convertible. Pictures are bad, and the guy has no clue about Ford Cars. 
    It's a cheap, and the kit is sealed. I'm thinking about scoring it. 
    Question is:
    Are the parts for the '46 model year included in the kit as they were on the Testors kit? On the box it says yes, but I would like to confirm with someone that has the thing. 
    Thanks in advance folks!!
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