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About Me

I'm a Civil Engineer, car freak, and writer. My favorite cars are Fords and Volgas, but I like Chevys and Pobedas too. A Soviet car will always be my first choice.
The cars made by the GAZ factory are among the nicest ones. The ones from VAZ are nice too.
I love my family (including my 7 cats), redhead girls, cars, steam ships, airplanes, and submarines, in that order!!!
I read a lot, about a lot of things, cars, airplanes, ships, politics, history, and I'm a compulsive Stephen King reader.
I'm a protestant Christian, and a socialist of extreme left thinking.
There are some persons I admire a lot, even tough they didn't think alike.
On the technical side, I admire Thomas Andrews, Henry Ford, Carrol Shelby, Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov, Semyon Alekseyevich Lavochkin, Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev, and other great engineers.
On the political side, I admire Karl Marx, Engels, Wladimir Ilich Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Nicolas Maduro, Leonel Brizola, President Lula, and President Dilma the actual Brazilian president. All people devoted to the people.
Things I hate are violence, and extremism. Trying to impose my form of thinking is not what I want. I just talk, about Communism, about my political view, and my work is done. if you want to believe, good for you, if not, hey, we live in a free world.
If you never had found a Christian Socialist, here I am.
I don't like euro cars very much, and really love American cars, American airplanes from The Great Patriotic War, Soviet submarines and Soviet airplanes, from all time, from the Great Patriotic War, trough the great MIGs that liberated Vietnam, and the state of the art MiGs and Sukhoys of today.

Just to be 100% honest, if a Third World War had happened, between Soviet Union and the rest of the world, I'm sorry guys, but I would have fought along with my Soviet Comrades. Slava CCCP!!!! Za Lenina!!! Za Stalina!!!

Today, I'll fight along with Russia and Vladimir Putin against who ever it's necessary.


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