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  1. Your comments are very welcome. For sure a confidence boost.
  2. My last build for myself in January 2019. Think I posted it already, but not in my new restored diorama...
  3. Fantastic, looks like the real car. Even better.
  4. The original for this one was destroyed by water. Just finished a new one.
  5. It's being so long since I posted something, I thought to reintroduce myself. So many new faces around here, what is great. More people to keep the hobby alive and well. My name is Túlio Lazzaroni Spósito, I live in southern Brasil, and I'm grandson of Italian immigrants. I can understand and speak Italian, but for some reason I tend to write very badly. I also speak Russian a bit, and I'm learning Spanish. I'm a civil engineer, and in February 2019 I lost my job, and had a flooding in the house. That took me to a very bad depression, and I'm getting better just now. 2019 and 2020 were very hard years for me. Now, I'm working on Ford V8 cars (mostly Mavericks and Galaxies, with a Flathead era car once in a while), and building models under commission. Have two Galaxies (Brazilian), a 2001 Ford Focus I love, and 8 kids of the feline kind. Will try to keep myself active here, but working on cars during the day, and on model cars during the evening, I believe I wouldn't be as active as I once were.
  6. Another commission build, done for the same client that ordered the '48 Ford Convertible. Again, sorry about the cell phone pictures. The four doors do open, the tailgate open, and the engine covers open, but I didn't take pictures of that, sorry. The build itself was a nightmare, as almost all parts had severe flash, and were warped. This kit is not for the faint of heart.
  7. Hello guys, long time no see. I'm battling depression, after some serious house problems, and being persecuted by the government, what caused me to loose almost all my income. Have being building models and fixing old cars for a living. This one is a commission build. The client choose the color of the body (Monsoon Maroon), and interior. Box stock build. Sorry about the cell phone pictures. Hope you guys like it.
  8. Thanks!! That's a cool color combo isn't it? I've got a brochure with this very color combo, and ever since I wanted to build one like it. It's my favorite for 1956. I bough my last new car in 1998, and sold it a few years latter. If car companies depended on me to survive, they would all go out of business. That, or start making 1950s and 1960s cars again, and not look a likes with the modern trash on them, I mean real cars, with bias ply tires (with whitewalls, please), points condeser, carburetors, full frames, and real chrome plated steel. The kind of car a millennial would call a death trap.
  9. Looks great!!! The perfect color for a Mini. Don't know if you will pass the MOT without a front plate lad.
  10. Built two of those, and I know the front end assembly is fiddly to say the least. Great color.
  11. looks cool. Will try to grab one of those, but I'll build it stock.
  12. Thanks guys!!! Hummm. I don't think even nice colors can save modern cars. All butt ugly.
  13. Thanks guys!!! Very appreciated!!
  14. EEEWWW! That's bad. For sure the top coat reacted with the primer. Mixing brands is always a risk, as the manufacturers use different materials. I had something like that to happen when I was using general purpose spray paints to finish my cars. Usually I didn't test the combination of brands before using on the car's bodies, and that was the mistake. Now, if I'm going to use modeling paint in spray form, I only use Tamiya. Usually, I use 1:1 car paint tough. I know what brand of primer will work and what won't, but I do tests every time I get a new can of primer, just in case they changed the formula, and the automotive paint reacts badly with it.
  15. My first completed car in 2019. AMT 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria. Built box stock. All detail is paint, foil and decals. The only parts that didn't come in the box, are the tires, that are also AMT, but from the parts pack. I painted wide whitewalls on the side of the tires where the Firestone name is, and mounted them with the tampo printed whitewalls facing inside. Was going to remove the printed whitewalls, but they look kinda cool there. The colors, are Fiesta Red, and Raven Black, mixed in automotive synthetic enamel. Here are a few pictures, hope you guys like her:
  16. Well done!! I like the purple one better, but both are fantastic builds.
  17. Awesome job!! Big Daddy would approve.
  18. Most excellent build!! The '58 version of the Belvedere is the only Mopar I would seriously think about buying in 1:1 scale.
  19. Beautiful car. The panel lines are quite shallow tough.
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