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  1. tonye66 added a post in a topic T.V./Movie Cars (show em')   

    My most recent. I'm in the process of rebuilding my general lee that was damaged in my move so this is technically the only movie car I have built. It was a lot of fun. I built one with my dad in 89. It was the very first kit I ever built and it's what got me into the hobby. 

  2. tonye66 added a post in a topic Anyone know where I can get a front drive axle for a 1/25 scale semi?   

    I fourth that... see Dave at AITM. Has everything you need......
  3. tonye66 added a post in a topic Double-Take Replicas   

    Those Kenworth printed grilles are beautiful. I just got my early style K123 grille and I must say, its superb. Crisp detail and looks like it'll fit perfectly. I can't wait to see what KJ comes up with next. I hear there might be spoke wheels in the near future.............
  4. tonye66 added a post in a topic Trailer connectores   

    I had heard someplace that on modern trucks, one of the lines going to the trailer has something to do with ABS brakes? 
  5. tonye66 added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    Lol. The addiction is bad too. I've never bought many resin and aftermarket parts until the trucks came along. The cars were the gateway drug. The trucks are the hard core junk....
  6. tonye66 added a post in a topic What was your first truck model?   

    Ive been a car builder for most of my life. Ive had 2 and 3 of seemingly every car kit imaginable. I finally got bit by the truck bug about 2 years ago. I built a K123 and loved every minute of it. Have been buying strictly trucks ever since.....
  7. tonye66 added a post in a topic All of your Unfinished Builds for 2015   

    I started a few this year, but not much. Ill get pics when I get home.
  8. tonye66 added a post in a topic Low bridges   

    There is a bridge on the west side of Ohare airport that had been under construction that is on a major truck route. There were some 150 signs put up to let trucks know that the clearance was reduced and to follow a detour. Within 2 days they had to close the road to all traffic because they had about 50 truck accidents....
  9. tonye66 added a post in a topic Whats new for 2016?   

    I, for one, am ecstatic to see the Papa truck coming around. Ive been wanting a K100 but refuse to pay the fee-bay prices. With the news of the rerelease of the WWS, then there's some remaining hope that we may see the R model again. I missed the boat the last time and I sure do regret it. I dont have the heart to break into my one and only red R model without hopes of a return....
  10. tonye66 added a post in a topic Need help converting the 1980 F-150 to a F-350.   

    The 77 GMC Plow kit has a leaf sprung solid axle, but not sure exactly what its supposed to represent. Its 1/24th scale so it'll match up well to the Ranger and 250/350 kits.
  11. tonye66 added a post in a topic AMT Kenworth W925 parts needed   

    I thinks Im good.....
  12. tonye66 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    AMT Kenworth W925 parts needed
    Trying to restore a Movin On kit my dad built when he was a kid that I destroyed when I was a kid. I have about 50% of a kit to work with. I have a T600 for the suspension and drivetrain parts, but I need a hood, grille, headlights, and a front bumper. Gluebomb and used parts are just fine.
    I have stuff to trade like a stake bed and van body for the C600 kits, a set of Moebius wheels and tires, a sleeper for the 4300 transtar (new), a mercury sleeper (painted and assembled but in good shape), and I think I have a spare 60" sleeper for the can-do wrecker kit. I have other kits and parts to trade for the right parts or a whole kit, just ask....
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  13. tonye66 added a post in a topic List of big rig truck engines in kits   

    I didnt see the Ertl 4300 Race Truck listed. Is this the V800 also? Just curious....
  14. tonye66 added a post in a topic What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?   

    I just spotted this old guy a few days ago. many thanks to our resident peterbilt expert Tim for helping identify it. It's a mid 80s Pete 349

  15. tonye66 added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    Just scored an AMT Kenworth T600a sealed for $20 off the bay. Cheapest I've found. I refuse to pay a lot for it knowing the work that has to go into it to build an accurate version....