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  1. I added 7/8” just between the back edge of the fuel tank and ahead of the front spring perch.
  2. Just like I’m doing here. I’m adding a set of Fireballs rally wheels and some 33”s
  3. I had a Yodel Fury (taxi I think) many years ago. Probably packed up in my parents house somewhere still. I remember it being a very enjoyable build that looked great in the end. This one will be over the top. I love the progress. The car looks great
  4. I think it looks great! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Can’t wait to see more
  5. I think I saw the Fruehauf van is coming back with Coca Cola decals too
  6. I can vouch for Dave’s stuff. Just got one of those 4000 series internationals a couple weeks ago. Top notch
  7. Almost looks like the old Entenmanns delivery vans. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!
  8. The AITM kits aren't cheap, but they are really clean castings and build out beautifully. I recently bought an R700 and its one of the nicest resin conversion kits Ive ever bought. Absolutely worth the money.
  9. AITM has larger tanks, the step toolboxes, as well as the correct hood and grille
  10. That Holmes bed is awesome. Picked it up at a show a couple years ago. Was building a 70s Dodge wrecker but got stuck on some issues with frame width and I put it on the back burner
  11. I'm not really sure I care what is on the box. Could be a plain brown packaging and I'll be totally fine. I just need to get like a dozen when they come out. Have many plans
  12. All three I bought have perfect cabs and chrome. All three came from different places (my LHS, one from Tower and one from Mark Twain Hobbies) and all three were fine. I wouldn't be swayed from buying another. Just make sure the box isn't crushed
  13. Great work! I'm interested in doing something similar now having seen your work. Gives me an idea for what I can do with a stalled Ford project I've had on the back burners for several years. Regarding the spokes, certain versions of the AMT Mack come with 6 spoke steers and 5 spoke drives. sure it was common at one time
  14. Glad I bought three. It looks like a much nicer build than the AMT KW cabovers
  15. I agree. Ive bought a number of Mack R models over the years. I have already built one stock so recently I picked up one of those R700 conversion kits from AITM for an original issue kit Im working on. To say the least, they are beautiful, clean castings and come with a bunch of nice parts. I cant wait to get mine worked on. I plan to buy many more as soon as the reissues hit the shelves.
  16. http://www.aitruckmodels.com/pages/ck123mackr700westcoast.html This is the one I think you're after
  17. AITM has several nice conversion kits for the r700. I just bought one. Well worth the cost. Going to get another once the R model kits are released. I can't wait
  18. Tha half cab, roadster doors, shaker hood, and flares are presently on ebay right now. I couldn't wait to snag my half cab conversion. I wanted to do one since I first heard of the release of the kit
  19. Scored me an original t501 Pete for less than $20 on the bay.
  20. Oh man, almost fainted when I read that. I've never been so excited for a re release. Going to run up the cc when that comes out...
  21. Where did it say this? Ive been looking all over all morning to verify this.
  22. Any word on delivery of the K100? Dying to get my hands on one for a friend for xmas.
  23. Too many to think about. At least a half dozen truck kits and probably 30-40 cars in various states of assembly. Even half my "completed" kits need a few more final touches to be considered done. I have add something fierce
  24. Cool idea. Can't wait to see how it turns out
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