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  1. If you can find a MAN F90 or F2000 wreck with a double bogle system it will match (it's almost the same truck)
  2. My first truck kit was the AMT-Matchbox MACK Cruise Liner. A kit that was given to me. Not a real success. Should rebuild it
  3. Here a progress started for at least 3 years (yes I'm taking my time ) It was interrupted because of a painting problem : the spray paint did not stay on the white curved parts beneath the cab. Finally I used brushes, and, it worked !
  4. Sorry, I'm not Pavel but I can answer this question, because it's one of my favorite truck manufacturer : it's a "Berliet" (I'm putting comas, because in fact, Italeri took it's Renault R360 moulds, but it's not a "critic", this model wasn't reissued for years and it was one of the most wanted reissues of Italeri I think in Europe.....People even said that the moulds were broken...) To be a real berliet, this model needs surgeries on the cab and chassis. Indeed, the cab has not the openings for the glasses on the both sides and on the back. You need to create them. The art box lies !! Here an example Berliet no longer exists and belongs to Renault Trucks, but this cab created in the 70's existed till the late 90's !!!
  5. You can get this kit only at this shop : http://www.modelmakershop.com/modelmakershop/ because it's a limited edition (1000 kits) created by and for this shop : the kit costs 150€ (shipping cost excluded) Send them an e-mail asking them if the kit you want is always available, because, it still doesn't appear on their site I think (there is only one person to handle reception, order and shipping) EDIT : I've not written quickly enough ! lol
  6. there's only 1000 kits, half are already sold I've read and the price is 150 € (shipping cost excluded)
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