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  1. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 'Pro-built' from France...   

    If that guy is considered a pro I'd hate to see what 95% of this forum classifies as. I don't think I've ever seen a build on here with that much orange peel. I haven't even gotten that much orange peel before, and I consider myself mediocre at best. This guy would shoot flaming projectiles if he saw the work of people on this forum.
  2. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Nissan Sunny pickup for track days   

    Sweet concept! It kinda reminds me of the Mazdarati from Roadkill.
  3. wrecker388 added a post in a topic The Roto-Pacer   

    Neat! Nobody would ever expect to see a Wankel Rotary in a Pacer. You have crazy cool creativity Chuck!
  4. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    I picked up the last Exterminator mine had today. I don't know if they even had any other ones to be honest.
  5. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Dale Earnhardt first Winston Cup win car   

    Awesome! I somehow missed this moving to under glass. Really loved watching it come together. It's really cool to see one of Dale's lesser-known cars be built.
  6. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Project "cruster" 71 Plymouth Duster   

    This should be wicked if it turns out anything like your Cuda! 
  7. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Find of a lifetime?   

    Here's a pic of the kits. I would've paid $5 for these boxes alone. lol. New to fotki, Photobucket has been slower than molasses uphill lately. I'm going to see if Fotki works any better.  What are your opinions between the two?
  8. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Find of a lifetime?   

    I actually built a stock 67 Charger a few years ago from the kit that this tooling is shared with. I was going to probably build it either way but wanted to hear some opinions on the matter. I think this body of the Charger looks really cool as a drag car, and even cooler as an AWB! I'll have to track down a set of reprints for the decals of course. Even if I had the originals they'd be disintegrated by now. lol
  9. wrecker388 added a topic in General   

    Find of a lifetime?
    Ok so my hometown of Barnesville is host to the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival every ear. There are multiple flea markets set up around the festival, and they often have incredible deals. I found two kits, and both were in good condition. One is built, the other is started. The two kits are a Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury. It's built stock but done fairly well. I've already started disassembling ti for rebuild since it isn't crazy rare. The other kit however is a horse of a completely different color. It's an MPC 1967 Dodge Charger "Color Me Gone" Funny Car. It has a few pieces attached to the frame and the base engine is built. I've seen on Ebay where that kit will go for over $100. Now the real kicker? Each kit cost me $5. Yes you read that right. The Fury doesn't bother me in the least to rebuild, but I have this nagging feeling about the Charger. I know that they are meant to be built, but I just have this odd feeling about it either way. Thanks for looking. All comments welcome.
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  10. wrecker388 added a post in a topic PayStar Service Truck My Way..   

    Very nice! Great attention to detail and I especially like the  under-hood weathering.
  11. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 54 Chevy Sedan Delivery-Street Demons Revamp   

    Beautiful work Joe! I watched the build all the way through. I don't recall if I ever commented because I was speechless at the quality of work you put in. Great build!
  12. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1959 Cadillac Gunboat   

    I love it!
  13. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Thought this was pretty cool- 1950 Chevy rollover test   

    Lol Bill. I had the second oldest vehicle of anyone at my school. Needless to say my 1990 Chevy Astro doesn't have too much in the way of Sat-Nav or rear view cameras. You can't dare be distracted from it while driving. She seems to be pretty overdue for an alignment. She tends to walk all over the road if you don't use both hands.  Needless to say she's taught me how to drive! Can't say that for many others of my generation. 
  14. wrecker388 added a topic in General   

    Thought this was pretty cool- 1950 Chevy rollover test
    This is from Hemmings from around this most recent Christmas. It's a video ad from 1950 showcasing the build, structure, and strength of the new Fisher body Chevrolets I though it was a pretty interesting watch. Kinda interesting to see how different the market was back then. They wanted as much visibility as possible. I can't see out of the windows of nearly every late model sedan, truck, or SUV I've ever sat in.
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  15. wrecker388 added a post in a topic five-0 diorama   

    You play as a detective in 1947 Los Angeles. It's made by Rockstar games, the same people that make Grand Theft Auto. It's one of my all-time favorites.