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  1. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama   

    Thanks Charlie. A lot of people told me that it was their favorite thing in the whole show. Which really made me feel confident.
    Thanks Carl. I wondered if that was the issue for a lot of people.
  2. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama   

    Thanks Rick. I understand that issue. I was wondering if that was the thing fro a lot of people
    Thanks Lance. This isn't my first diorama, it is however my first successful weathered diorama. I'm currently working on a 72 Chevy Nova that I'm researching out the proper rust spots and etc. that you mention. This car was honestly built in like 3 days total time, with half of it taking place at my school in the art room, away from most of my tools and weathering gear. I literally built the diorama in one evening just as something to showcase the car in.I din't have my preferred rusting solution, so as you pointed out the weathering is indeed brushed on. I was out of what I would've preferred to use for a tarp on the 40. That was the plainest paper towel I had on hand. I appreciate your feedback, and am glad that you were honest with me.
    Thanks Dan. The diorama was in my high school gymnasium. I wish my work space was that big. lol
    Thanks again Dan. Didn't realize you had commented twice. lol
    I understand what points you are making Cal. I tried to mismatch the rims to a point, like some are falling off of the tire, some are missing trim rings, hubcaps, etc. It just doesn't really show up in the pictures. I felt that the foliage looked out of place myself. My ground cover reminds me more of a beach, rather than a Farmer's Market in Illinois or whatever the decal I used on the 40 says. lol. Like I said I built the car in a few days time without access to my normal tool collection. Same goes for the diorama. I built it in one evening just as a way to show the car. I appreciate your feedback. 
  3. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama   

    Thanks David. I was wondering if that was the problem for a lot of people. I use the view new content button so I see posts and topics from every section of the forum.
  4. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama   

    Is this that bad that nobody has said anything about it in 2 months? Or does nobody even check the diorama section of the forum or what? I'm happy with how it turned out, and would be open to any and all feedback, good or bad. I want to improve my skills but really can't when I'm not receiving any input on things I can improve on. 
  5. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Dale Earnhardt 1977 Monte Carlo WIP   

    Gotta love Dale Earnhardt cars! Especially when they're done as nicely as yours. Great job!
  6. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1972 Chevy Crew Chief - "Smokey Bear"   

    Cool! I really love the gear in the back.
  7. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 69 nova revell > barnfind > fully detailed engine bay   

    I swear I've seen that car in my local junkyard. I think it would be a neat idea to make it look like it's still somebody's daily driver. I'll be keeping a close eye as I planned something similar with the AMT 72 Nova that I have.
  8. wrecker388 added a post in a topic ’98 Corvette   

    Nice Vette Mark! How many awesome cars do you have in 1:1? The subtle road weathering looks perfect!
  9. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Chevrolet stepside   

    Sweet truck Dan! I always love seeing your 4x4s. I especially love the big mirrors, bumper mounted spare, and the old Thriftmaster. Great work!
  10. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 69 nova revell > barnfind > fully detailed engine bay   

    After a few minutes of hunting, I found this online. Hope it helps.
    *I just realized this was a 66. It might help anyway though.
  11. wrecker388 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Here's an updated pic of my 1990 Chevy  Astro

  12. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    I finally have an update on the F-1. I decided to go with a Pre-Runner style as the 97-03 truck I used for a donor is known for their use as such. I will be attempting to create a Currie Enterprises 9 Inch rear end and a Lovell 357 Transfer case. Notice I didn't say scratchbuilt from styrene . I'll reveal my secret in my next update. I've decided to swap  the Triton 4.6 to the 302 from the Revell 32 Coupe. I chose this because I actually know the 302 in my Thunderbird whereas I don't know squat about the 4.6.  

  13. wrecker388 added a post in a topic 1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama   

    I should probably mention that the Charger is an old build that I used for a temporary space holder. Not sure what ends up under the carport yet.
  14. wrecker388 added a topic in Dioramas   

    1940 Ford Coupe Barn Find Diorama
    This is the Lindberg kit from the L-700 Combo. I built the car at school during my art class. I built the diorama in one evening so  I could display the coupe in it during my School's annual art show. They have a tradition of letting senior artists display all of their work on their own table, and since I'm less than great at non-modeling mediums, I chose to display some of my other models, including my shop dio, as well. My art teacher liked the Coupe Dio so much that he offered to buy it. I told him that I'd rather replicate the Patina'd 51 Chevy truck he has instead. There are more pictures of all of my art show stuff in my Photobucket if you're interested. Thanks for looking. Any comments good or bad welcome.

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  15. wrecker388 added a post in a topic Wrecker / Rollback 'steel' cable ?   

    I forget what this was called but I think it comes pretty close. It's some type of metallic thread that I think came from Jo-Ann fabrics in the clearance aisle. I think it was packaged with gold and silver. Here's a picture of it used on my 34 Ford Tow Truck. I wish I remembered the name so I could be of better help.