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  1. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Alternative to BMF/ Imitation Silver Leaf   

    Awesome tutorial! Do you have any photos yet of the silver leaf after you've finished burnishing it down? Would love to see it!
    I bought some size some time ago to try with regular foil, I had been wondering about using silver leaf but hadn't found anyone using it to see what it looked like and I found so many different techniques of people using it picture frames among other things on You Tube.
    Even if you use BMF or kitchen foil, silver leaf would still be useful for small things like door handles and the small clips behind the seats on the earlier Corvettes among other things that would be very hard to do with foil.
    Does silver leaf have a nice shine when it's finished being burnished down? I'm building a couple unlimited air racer's and their propellers & spinners, as well as the canopy on one were polished aluminum. The propeller and canopy I wouldn't have a problem doing but foil, the spinner would be harder to make it look like one piece of metal, silver leaf might be the answer? I wouldn't have to have it highly polished, shiny would be nice. Because of health problems, I stay away from the metal paints.
  2. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Pantyhose Seatcovers   

    Actually, there is a use for makeup :-) It can be used for weathering, there are some nice earthtone's, there are blue shades of eyeshadow that can be used for heat staining, and, I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen videos where they would take metallic eyeshadow and rub it on to the car after it was painted, adding layers until they get metallic look they want and then seal it with clear. It looks more realistic than the heavier metallics made for models.
  3. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Pantyhose Seatcovers   

    Interesting use for pantyhose.
    Back in my R/C airplane days in the 80s and knowing people that still do it now, pantyhose is sometimes used as a substitute for fiberglass, except where a lot of strength is needed. In other areas, it would add some strength, but have a lighter weight overall. And now with electrics since they don't need to be fuel proof, you can use white glue or carpenters glue in place of resin.
    On some various models, I have used it and even molded some parts with it. I didn't use resin because of the smell, but it probably would have hardened faster. I had a couple layers with carpenters glue, over a week or two, I would drop the part on the desk and you could hear a difference in sound as it would continue to harden, I could also tweak it a little early on, but not later.
    Fiberglass is nice, but cutting and working with it can get those little fibers everywhere which is not that great inside the house, especially with pets running around, or with cats, getting on the modeling desk. You don't want those little glass fibers on them.
  4. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Surface Prep 101 / The Dynamic Duo   

    Good thread! I use original Crest on bare plastic with good results, will be giving Comet a try.
  5. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Meyers Manx   

    Thanks much, I missed that link! I saved the pictures and text for future reference. I have some of that Martha Stewart sparkly paint in orange, I actually got it to do my dune buggy that I wasn't getting the best results, turns out I was missing the corresponding base coat color. Now I can't wait to dive into it as there are some other mild custom cars I would like to do with this kind of paint.
  6. slingshot392 added a post in a topic Meyers Manx   

    That's an awesome paint job on the dune buggy body as well as the motorcycle and the spoons. I have a Michaels close to me, what brand of paint is that? It really looks great and I've been looking for something like that for quite a while, especially if it brushes on.

    I have used some of the different craft acrylics brand's and found some different techniques that work, it always does seem to be somewhat of a delicate paint though.

    If you don't mind sharing, did you explain the technique you used to get that terrific smooth metal flake paint job please?
  7. slingshot392 added a post in a topic 1/16th Hot Wheels FED Prudhomme and McEwen   

    I have the Snake conversion, worth the money!